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4. Among Her Stillness Was A Pounding Heart

She walked into the coziness of her small flat and reveled in its warmth. The weather was cold outside and rains had made her tremble. Dropping her bag, she changed and sat on the floor, by the bedside table, where her Kanha stood.

"I made a new friend Kanha. Her name is Antara and she is sweet."

The mention of Ana brought back memories of her brother and she cringed. She thought he was chivalric but too flirty. She thought of her college and then the detention and quickly looked at her smiling Kanha.

Something good always comes out of the bad.

She learned today that suddenly the "good" seemed to misfit in her life. She had lost her mother, her father and her first love! She was all alone in a huge city and there was no one to turn to. Suddenly, she was a tiny blip on the face of the universe, surrounded by bigger blips that overshadowed her presence. She felt the silence of the house today and the laughter of her dad echoed. He had been everything to her. And then there was Pooja, her best friend but she felt so distant today.

Shrugging all those thoughts, she opened her bag and took out a chocolate bar. Smiling, she placed it by Kanha's feet and gave him a naughty look.

"You know you had been mean to me today but it's okay! I am a kind person."

She took out another chocolate bar, peeled the wrap and tapped it on Kanha's Bar.


She finished her chocolate, brushed her teeth and went to sleep.

What she didn't know was that Kanha had already played his cards through Kishore Da! Did he even enjoy his music?

Something good always comes out of the bad!


She hummed a tune as she cooked herself some pasta for her dinner. It was Friday night and she had stayed up late watching a movie. She spread a large amount of grated cheese on her hot pasta when her phone rang. Home' it read and she didn't know why but she didn't like how it sounded. It was another thing that people back in London loved her but she longed of someone whom she can call her own!

"Geet beta, how are you?" Pooja's father was on the line.

She watched her cheese melt in the heat of the pasta while she talked to everyone. They asked about her college and her new friends and that of she was doing well. She slurped her dinner and licked the cheese on her lips when the mention of a guy ruined her mood. Apparently, they wanted her to meet a guy in New York. He was a family friend but she knew well what hidden meaning it held. So, she was a burden now that they are desperately trying to do away with? She felt choked with emotions... if only her father was alive! If only... but when did things happen when you wanted them to happen the most? She made an excuse and disconnected the call.

The food that had looked so delicious sometime back now looked so bland that she lost her appetite. She refrigerated the remains and fell on the bed, looking blankly on the ceiling. She had been trying hard to be okay, she was trying her best but things like these always pulled her back to the dark abyss that she had been trapped in, all these days. She was calmness personified, but with a storm raging within her.

She never realized how long she cried; she had unleashed the rains that clouded her heart and she never realized when she had slept off. It was Ana's call that woke her up the Saturday morning.

"Geet, were you sleeping?"

"umm..." she spoke groggily.

"Come on, get ready. We will go for a girl's day out."

Geet smiled. Her new friend was always so energetic. She had once been like that, like a flowing river down the mountains. But she was calmer now, like the river now approaching its ocean!

"it's so early."

"Its 10am woman! Wake up. I will pick you up from your place. We will go for a movie, then lunch and then shopping!"

As planned, the girls took a taxi and went for a movie, then lunch and then shopping. The sun had already set when they were done. Geet didn't buy a lot of things but Ana's hands were full.

"How will you go home with so many things Ana?" Geet laughed. She never had so much fun in all these days.

Ana smirked, "Don't worry. Mr. Kabir Khurana is on his way. We will drop you home."

The mention of Kabir made Geet flinch a bit.

The sleek silver Jaguar stopped in front of them in no time and Kabir rolled down the window, "Hop on Ladies."

Geet noticed, that just like the last time, he was impeccably suited up and his thick mesh of curly hair, well gelled. Even on weekends, these people dressed like this?
Ana dumped all her bags on the front passenger seat and hopped in with Geet, behind.

"Always the driver!" Kabir complained.

"You deserve that!" Ana teased.

"Wait, till we get to Maan bhai!"

Ana's eyes widened in surprise, "We are going to Maan Bhai?"

"As a matter of fact, yes! He had asked me for some files. So, we will just stop by office, quickly be done with him and I can drop you both home."

"Ohh thats why you are in formals!" Ana teased.

"Yeah. He is in a very foul mood today!" Kabir trembled.

Geet only knew of them passing by the Khurana office. She got whatsapp messages from Raj and got busy telling him of her activities.

The entire office was done royally! She was amazed at the decor and the ambience that oozed out of it. She was on the 10th floor of the huge building, with Kabir and Ana and marvelled at the way things were kept.

"You guys sit here, I will just be done with this file and come back!" he rushed to the cabin in front.

Ana watched Geet who had so many questions on her face.

"Oh Maan Bhai is a workaholic Geet. He even works on a Saturday! Can you believe it?"

The girls talked and Kabir took longer than he said. Ana got a call and went off to the other side of the lounge. Geet was left all alone and even Raj had stopped texting.  She got bored and thought of pacing around a bit when she heard someone fall. She quickly turned back to find a cute guy with specs, sprawled on the floor with some files. She quickly rushed to him and helped him stand. For a man, he was clearly embarrassed.

"I...I.. I am so..sorry. Actually, I just tripped on my shoe laces."

"It's okay. Happens." Geet collected the papers and handed him over.

" you.."

"You're welcome." She smiled.

He was about to rush when Geet called him back.

"Excuse me, erm, can you tell me how long will it take for Kabir?"

"he...he...he... si...sir is busy. Maan Sir has handed him this overseas call. It will take time. May I know who you are?"

"Ohh..yeah am Geet Handa. I came here with  Antara and suddenly everyone got busy."

"he he he.. I am Aditya and I work here."

Geet nodded and he scurried away.

"Kanha, am so bored." She mumbled to herself and started playing in her phone. Aditya seemed to be a very nice person.

"Ohh Nooo!"

She heard Aditya and looked up. Even behind those huge spectacles, she could see that he was about to break down.

"everything okay?"

He looked here and there and then looked at Geet, "Can you please help me Geet?"

"Yeah I guess I can."

He handed her half of the files that he was carrying, "Take these to Maan Sir. I have got some wrong files. Thank god I remembered it now else I would have been fired!"

Before even Geet could reply, he was gone! She looked at the closed tinted glass door and then back at the files. Aditya looked really serious so the files must definitely be of some utmost importance. She approached the door and knocked.

No Answer.

She knocked a little harder.

"Come in." 

The heavy baritone of the man made her gulp.

She held the files and slowly walked in. The room was huge and the contemporary decor just blew her mind away. Colored in dark brown and silver, the entire room was intricately and tastefully designed. The wall to her left held laminated frames of awards and certificates...too many of them that it filled the entire space. The right wall held rows of bookshelves, arranged so perfectly that she couldn't even find space for one more book. A huge dark wood table remained in the front and behind that stood the floor to ceiling glass wall, giving a
spectacular view to the city.

"How long do you take to get me the darn file?"

She jumped with his sudden voice and found the source standing against the glass ceiling, looking at some file, facing away from her. She didn't know what to say and stood rooted to her floor.

"Adi, just don't stand there and give me the file."

She looked around and wished for Mr Aditya to come back soon. The man in front of her seemed too intimidating and his tone held such authority that she felt her legs move towards him on their own will.

He heard footsteps behind slow and rhythmic. Maan Khurana had sharp senses and he hated Adi for being so slow, which was so unlike him. The deal had been taking a toll on him and Adi taking so much time was not helping at all. He turned back in a jerk to give him a piece of his mind but then he stopped!

She had just extended the file to him when he had turned around, shocking her.

She stilled. And perhaps, time stilled too.

Their eyes met and they remained frozen for a few seconds to grasp the rendezvous with a stranger all so suddenly.

Brown eyes met the dark black ones, stilling the flow of time for a few seconds.
Maan recovered quickly. He had not expected to find a woman in his office, a stranger at that, out of all the things.

"I'm sorry but do I know you?" he twitched his brows at her.

She felt intimidated. She gulped down to relieve her parched throat. His eyes, his aura, his mere presence just seemed to so overpowering. Never in her entire life had she felt this intimidated just with an eye contact.

He waited for an answer and found her curling into herself. Who was she? He hoped she was not someone trying to get his attention. He had had too much of them. And if she were one of them, then gods save her. He took a step ahead and she took a step back. For reasons unknown, she felt scared.

The door flung open and a sweating Adi stepped in, ", here is the file you asked!"

He quickly took files from Geet's hands and handed it to Maan who still kept
looking at Geet, waiting for her to justify her presence.

Adi sighed in relief that his boss had not flung away the file and smiled at Geet, "G..G...Geet.."

"OMG are here...", Ana barged in, screaming, "I was worried that you went off home alone! What are you doing here in Maan Bhai's cabin?"

The presence of Ana was a much needed relief for Geet who took her first breath of air perhaps, after meeting that man.

"I...I just came to give the files..." she finally spoke to Ana.

It amused Maan that the woman in front of him could speak. He'd have thought otherwise had she not spoken for a few seconds more. Judging by Ana's words, he realized she was his little sister's college friend that she had kept talking about the whole week.

"Adi, what was she doing with the files that you were supposed to handle?" he zeroed his gaze on Adi which suddenly made Geet sigh in relief.

"Si...sir, I just went to get the file that I had missed..."

"Bhai, its done. They would visit us the next week." Kabir entered with a smile and turned to the ladies, "Come on girls, I will drop you home. Sorry to keep you waiting."

It was then Geet noticed the two brothers in a single frame, standing side by side. Both were impeccably dressed in formals with jet black curly hairs and almost the same height. But one thing was different though. if Kabir had soft features and was handsome, Maan had sharper ones and he was...Beautiful, if you could call him so!

 "Maan Bhai, you are not coming home?", Ana asked cutely.

He thought for a while and contemplated his thoughts.

"If you guys could wait for a few minutes more, we all can go home together. Your friend here can join us for dinner." He directed at Ana.

Ana beamed in joy and held hands with Geet, "Yes Geet. Join us and see this invitation has come from Maan bhai which is so rare. Please mana mat karna...please please pretty please..."

"yes Geet, stay. We can drop you home too. You needn't worry." Kabir assured her.

"ahh no..its okay.." Geet tried to protest but Ana's pleading melted her and she half-heartedly agreed. This certain man called Maan just didn't help her at all. His mere presence just made her cringe for no apparent reason.

Maan watched the trio go out and wait in the lounge and he kept looking at the woman named Geet. She seemed so timid but the brief eye contact that they had, he knew she had more to her than what she showed to the world.

They walked out and she watched Kabir made a baby face when Maan insisted on driving.

"But Bhai...its my baby!"

Maan shot him a glare; just one glare and he quietly slipped into the passenger seat.

"What was that about?" Geet asked Ana, amused.

"Ohh don't worry. Maan Bhai loves speed." And she winked and slipped in the back seat.

"Oh" Geet just remained still for a while when her phone rang.

Raj calling.

"Geet..hurry up." Ana called out.

"Sorry but I need to take this call. 5 minutes please."

Ana slid back into the car while she stepped ahead a little and took the call.

"Enjoyed your visit?" his ever playful voice made her heart flutter.

"If you want to chit chat then not now Raj. Am with friends." She spoke firmly but her heart sank.

"Just look to your right Miss Universe."

And she did.

Her jaws dropped, literally! There he stood, Raj, on the other side of the road, leaning back against his car, smiling at her.


"OMG... you are here???"

"Now, close your mouth and come over. Lets go for hungry."

She felt a gaze piercing her back and turned back to find three pairs of eyes looking at he, intently. But a certain gaze just burned her. the gnawing feeling returned with vengeance.

She looked back at Raj and then at her friends; if she could call Kabir and Maan as friends and then back at Raj.

Among the stillness, she held a pounding heart that still beat for the person standing on the other side of the road. And she melted. Her resolve weakened and she felt being pulled towards her heart with such a super magnetic pull that she couldn't fight.

She turned back to Ana and gave her an apologetic smile, "Am sorry Ana but there is someone from my family and he is waiting for me right now. I know its mean but can I please join you people some other day?"

She watched Ana's face fall but then the next moment, Ana had her smile back on.

"Its okay Geet. He is your family right! Go on. We can enjoy some other day."

Maan and Kabir knew Ana was could they not when practically she was their baby? But then you cannot control destiny.

Ana knew Geet stayed all alone and she had come to realize that she missed her family. And so, she let him go. Geet was the only friend she had now but that was okay. She had her life to live too.

Maan watched her run across the road, without caring for the vehicles and hug a guy, without caring for the world. He hated it. He had always hated Public Display of Affection and this woman just made him shudder with that nasty feeling.

Geet couldn't be happier. She hugged Raj and he just lifted her off the ground, twirling her around. She had never in her dreams thought of finding Raj, here in New York, far away from home. As he drove her towards a restaurant, she couldn't help but steal glances at his handsome face and derive pleasure in admiring his features that had turned even more alluring from the last time she had seen him.

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Lovely update
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Nice update
Geet seeing maan...
dinner with ana n brothers
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Awsm update
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Beautifully penned
Geet was feeling desolate and was refreshing the days happenings!!
She was feeling forlone in the world yet kanha was her only companion to her 
Ana planned out girls day out with geet and kabir had to become driver for them
Geet came face to face with maan !! Both were enticed to each other
Adi playing Cupid role in maaneet's meeting
Maan invited geet for dinner at their place
Though geet was reculant but gradually agreed for Ana's sake
Geet was amazed to find Raj and was in dilemma to choose btw ana and Raj
Geet's heart desired to go out with Raj and ana obliged to it!!
Raj and geet's hug didnot go well with Maan !!
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Part 3 - Oh...So it was kabir...Koi gal nahi...Abhi isi se kaam chala lenge. Kabir is lattu on geet in first meeting only. Ana is already behaving like best friend. Geet was little hesitant with her best friend attitude but she was glad she got a friend.

Maan so much enjoying watching geet's antics in the rain. Sure that he will not forget her anysoon. Liked the way you described. I thought kabir will come and give lift to her along with maan & dadi.

Waiting for next.

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