MG FF: Someone Like You THREAD #1(Page 16)

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Sometime we need our own tym ... 
Plot super ... I could visualize Simla scenes 
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the first part was beautifully written...especially geet's feelings and maan''s irritation of the captured photo's of continue the story soon.
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beautiful update
good start to the story seems like a carefree story or may be a painful one
want to read it more
continue soon
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Fabulous start. Geet loves Raj but he loves Pooja. Geet came to Shimla to spend time alone, got captured in Maan's photos. Maan got irritated to see her in all the frames. Interesting. Would love to read more. 
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Maan n his siblings in smile
Geet want free herself went to smile
Maan captured geet in pictures unfortunately 
Nice update 
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2. A Friend Found in the Wilderness

"It doesn't matter. You are what you are. I am what I am. We are the same-when you take the time to remember me."

She fell in love with the solitude that her tiny home provided. It was warm and she didn't have to pretend about anything here. She could just be who she was. There was no one whom she knew here and perhaps there were no one who would even want to see her in this city. Loneliness was blessing at times. A refuge.

She arranged her stuffs and cleaned her bed. She needed a few things for her kitchen but that could be done later. There was a small diner right across the road and she decided to manage the day there. Her college was supposed to commence the next day and she still had a few stuffs to unpack. Her tummy rumbled and she knew it was dinner time. She quickly ran across the road, grabbed her food and rushed back home. Once done, she changed and sat down on the floor, checking her bags for the remaining stuffs.

A packet, wrapped nicely in bubble wrap took her attention. Curious, she slowly tore away the duct-tapes and unrolled the wrap. A smile erupted on her lips. Her eyes twinkled at finding her friend there, a long forgotten friend.

How could she be so forgetful?

How could she even think for a moment that she was all alone in the world?

Answers are always found in the most unexpected ways!

She found hers.

She wiped the idol clean and caressed the faces so lovingly that she almost wept at the happiness.

She placed her Radha-Krishna idol on the bedside table and sat on the floor, watching it. She leaned closer and placed her head on the table, basking in the happiness of finding her most loved friend.

"Tum tho mujhe kabhi nahin bhoologe na kanha?" she asked lovingly.

Kanha smiled, holding his flute close to his lips.

"Hmmm... see you have your Radha with you all the time. Phir meri yaad kaise aayegi?" she pouted in complain.

Kanha kept smiling.

She smiled back at him too. She knew he would never forget her, no matter what. But it took him a long time to reach out to her like this. She got up and patted Kanha's head lovingly.

"Sleep well. We have college tomorrow."

She fell on the bed and closed her eyes and dreamed. She dreamed of Kanha. She dreamed of her mother. She had been very sick and she held Kanha close to her.

"Geet, come here child." She called her little daughter who had been crying seeing her mother dying, albeit a slow death.

"Mama, what has happened to you?" she cried.

Her mother smiled and made her sit on her lap, wiping her tears.

"Nothing has happened to me. Why do you think so?"

Geet sniffed, "the doctor says you have so little time. Are you going somewhere?"

The smile on her mother's lips was far from waning and it didn't even show the slightest bit of pain or sadness. She believed her daughter should see her smiling while she leaves the world. The last memory she must have of her mother was her smile.

"I have something for you Geet."

She gave her Radha-Krishna idol in her little hands, "see, he is my friend, my Kanha and she is Radha. Now, you must be their friends too."

Geet looked at Kanha smiling, holding his flute close to his lips.

"No. I don't want to be friends with Kanha or Radha. Mama, where are you going?" little Geet didn't like her new friends.

Her mother thought for a while and ran her fingers through her hair, "Don't say like that Geet. Kanha will always be with you. When I am gone, he will take care of you."

"I don't want you to go."

"I have to Geet. Till I am gone, Kanha will take care of you, Okay? Share
everything to him like you share with me and he will solve every problem you have."

"Hmm." She nodded her head in agreement, "but when will you come back?"

Her mother kissed her forehead, "Someday, I will come back Geet, someday."

Geet never understood then but now she did. Her mother's "someday" was a euphemism for "never". She went away and never came back. She complained to Kanha every single day and cried and fought with him. And all Kanha did was smile away, listening to all her ranting.

"Ana...wake up you devil." Kabir screamed, barging into her room. But his bratty sister would never listen to him.

She pulled the duvet close to her, "Kabir, go away."

He sat beside her and patted her cheeks, "Wake up you idiot. Its 7 already."

She turned away, "Its only 7 ya... leave me alone."

He rushed to the window and pulled away the curtains, "Wake up will you? You are getting late."

Ana flinched and pulled the duvet up, covering her face. Kabir sighed and knew what was to come next. So, he fell on the couch and waited for the warning.
The silence relieved Ana and she went back to her dream land.

"Miss Antara Singh Khurana, do you have any idea that you are starting college today?"

A booming voice reverberated in her room which was enough to awaken her to reality.

"Ma...Maan Bhai?"

She saw her brother stand by the door, watching her intently and looked to her side to find a smirking Kabir throwing her a "I-warned-you" look.

"Its your first day in college today and I want no complaints."

And he was gone. Ana sighed and shot a murderous glare to Kabir who walked away laughing.

She quickly dressed up and rushed down to find dadima waiting for her. she kissed her cheek and hugged her father.

"Now, be good Ana. Thats the college where your brothers are alumni there and you really don't want to sabotage their reputation!", her father warned.

Ana rolled her eyes, "What reputation dad? Kabir has already ruined it."

"I heard that!" Kabir frowned, getting down the stairs, "wait. I will get back to you for this. But for now, come on, lets drop this monkey in college."

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in, "Kanha, be with me." and stepped into the campus. It was a beautiful place and she just stood for a few seconds in awe.

Someone just dashed past her and she stumbled.

"Out of my way, woman." The girl screamed and walked off.

"Excuse me?" Geet steadied herself and looked at the girl who was walking away.
Black skin fit denims with a red top, her hair gleamed brown in the sun. and she was rude. Geet sighed and went in to collect her schedule for the class.

Ana was waving a bye to her brothers when she collided with someone. Who stands in the middle of the ground, spacing out? She just screamed at her and walked in.

Geet entered the class and found the girl who had dashed into her earlier. She seemed popular already among all the newbies. Red top and black skin fit denims, she was beautiful. Her brown hairs just complemented her fair skin. But she had been rude to her. She ignored her boisterous talk and took a seat in the end of the class.

The first class went in introduction and briefing about the MBA program. It was during lunch hour that Geet and Ana found themselves face to face at the cafeteria. It so happened that Geet was walking down the aisle when she tripped on one of the chair legs. And her plate landed on Ana's table, creating a mess and angering Ana.

"You again? Can't you see? Now you ruined my dress too."

Geet sighed, not her again!

"Look, am sorry. It was an accident."

"Accident my foot! You had bumped into me this morning and now this? I know
you girls well... always up to trouble the nicer ones. What the hell is your problem?"

"Excuse me! It was you who bumped into me and you should apologize for that. And I told you it was an accident!"

"Ohh shut up... I know you cheapoes really well. Jealous much..."

Geet felt angry at her rudeness. What was she? A fairy from the heaven?

"Just because I am being nice to you doesn't mean you behave this rude! Girls like you are cheap..."

"What the hell..."

They had gathered a good audience and someone had informed the professor. The argument was well heated up until a loud voice stopped them, "Enough you two!"

They stopped and looked at the Dean who looked really angry.

"Miss Handa and Miss Khurana, In my office, Right Now!"

The office of the dean drowned in silence as the woman stared at the duo, seeking answers. Ana and Geet looked at each other and then looked down.

"Girls, its just the first day of your college and you are not kids to be disciplined around, are you? We don't care who started the fight but you two broke the rules. And a befitting punishment would suffice I guess."

"P..Punishment?" Ana squeaked, recalling the words of her father this morning.

"yes Miss Khurana. Don't you dare think that you will get away from this."



"WHAT?" both the girls screamed in unison.

"yes, you heard it right girls. After college, stay back for an hour and mend things up. You both are not going home until you make friends out of each other!"

They both sat in silence in the empty classroom, staring at nothing in particular.

They didn't even find common grounds to talk on.

They heard a click on the door and found one of their professors enter.

"Good evening girls. I think the detention is going well. You both must interact if you want to go home. Oh yes, Dean Moore has asked me to connect to your guardians. Just wanted to let you know, We have Miss Khurana's contact details but whom can we contact on your side Miss Handa?"

Geet looked at Ana who had turned white in fear and then back at the professor.

"Umm.. my family doesn't live here, Professor. They are in London and am alone in New York. It would be difficult for them...can we please not do it?" she asked politely.

"Hmm. Fine. We will think about that but Miss Khurana, we are contacting your brothers."

" can't do that!"

The professor was gone and Geet swore she saw tears in the girl's eyes.
Ana fell back on her chair and held her head in stress. If Maan Bhai got to know what had happened then she was pretty sure he'd ground her for a month.

Geet saw her state and felt bad. She breathed out and tapped her shoulders, "hey, its okay. I don't think they will do anything."

Ana raised her head and found a warm pair of brown eyes staring down at her.

"You don't know yaar... if my brothers know about this, I will be grounded!"

"Your brothers?"

It was just the start of a conversation.

Ana sat straight and looked at Geet, dressed in plain white top and a pair of jeans, she looked so ordinary. But her fears were in dominant mode right now.

"Yeah... they are alumni from this college and they were pretty popular too."

"How many brothers do you have? By the way, my name is Geet." She smiled.

A weak smile touched Ana's lips, "Hey Geet. Am Antara..Ana."

"Anatara! Very sweet name you have there."

"Ohh but call me Ana okay!"

"Ohh why? You have a beautiful name Antara!"

"No just doesn't suit my image!"

Geet giggled seeing her so conscious, "Okay fine..Ana."

"yeah.. so my brothers? Well I have two and am the youngest of the siblings. Maan bhai is the eldest, 5 years at that and then is Kabir, two years older to me. Maan Bhai is very strict when it comes to studies and discipline and he was the scholar student all his life! If he gets to know about this detention na... Geet I tell you I will be dead!"

"Ohhh... I see. Don't worry. I don't think they will contact them."

"Hope so. But what about you? Why are you alone here in this city?"

"Well, I lived with the family of my best friend Pooja. But she got married six months back so I just thought why not complete my studies. And I got here! Everyone is in London."

They found each other so genuine that they even forgot what was the issue that had brought them here, in the detention. They talked about their interests and hobbies and music and art. Ana got to know about Geet's Kanha and her favourite food, about Pooja and Geet got to know about her brothers and a certain Maan Khurana who was too strict for his own good and might visit them owing to the detention. Indeed, friends are always found in the wilderness.

They lost track of time as they laughed on one of Ana's silly jokes when the same professor came to check on them.

"Good to see you ladies behaving normal. Miss Handa, since your guardian cannot visit, you are required to volunteer in the Drama Club for the next one week after college, starting tomorrow. And Miss Khurana, your elder brother is here; come on."

"Ohh no...Maan Bhai!!" Ana gasped.

Geet held her hand, "Don't worry Ana. Come now. Lets get going."

"Geettt...its Maan Bhai... I am so dead! Please pray for me."

Geet giggled seeing her fold her hands and pray for her life. She wondered what kind of a brother she had. She held Ana with one hand and dragged her out to the door, feeling happy to have found a new friend.

The door opened with too much force that hit Geet right on her forehead, making her stumble and fall back.

"Ouchhh.." she winced in pain.

A pair of strong arms snaked round her waist and held her from falling down.
She had her eyes closed and she heard that velvety male voice echo in the room,
Chapter 1

Chapter 3

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wow superb update
liked geet n Ana bonding ...
maan saved geet

waiting for maaneet introduction... hope maan recognizes the geet eyes
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Glimpse of past, I think no pain is so painful of being motherless ...u need always mothers warmth at any age ...and Geet mother is kanha ..who might hve witnessed her story ND is knitting her destiny too

I think Ana. well pampered nd strong headed girl nd has little warmer heart or being khurana tagged ...she has that attitude. hope she is soft in nature ...

Raat andheri,bhor sunhari ,yehi zamana hai
Har chadar Mein dukh ka tana ,sukh ka tana hai ,
Aati saans ko paana ,jaati saans ko khona hai,

Jeevan kya hai ,chalta phirta khilona hai
Do aankhon Mein in. ,ek ko rona hai aur ek se hasna hai

Khaani shuru hui hai ...'
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