epi 5 ..never leave that till tomorrow

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Posted: 2016-09-16T10:23:23Z
epi starts with Asha knocking her neighbor's door ..she asks her to come in but Asha is very hesitant ..Tai (neighbor) said taya is not in ..but why are you so scared with everyone ..  you only love someone..you haven't done anything wrong ..people will talk  anyway ..so not to care about others .. you live your life as you wish ..
asha says not everyone thinks like you ..only you understand me .
asha asks about a recepy ..
Ashish calls ..why did you come to airport ?road is not good to travel in your condition
asha ..i came to give you poha but you are with someone ..
ashish ..who
asha .i didn't see properly SleepySleepyOuch
ashish  sigh of relief
asha how is kasmir ..ashish ..karmir is missing you and so am i ..you know i miss you everywher i go ..and coming here in kashmir i miss you more and can't wait to come back and meet you ..
asha  ..what do i bring you from here ..
asha ..those moments when we were together
ashish ..those moments will come soon  ...when i come back from here ..i will talk to my mom
he gives a kiss on phone Embarrassed

asha is blushing ..tai says you become red like a new bride ..asha says i never became a bride ..tai says you will one day
Avni and Ali talking ..kia comes there with her friend and calls her looser ..she says on sports day she will loose race , bet and doll house too ..
kia's dad comes there to pick her up and she says my dad comes everyday coz i have normal family ..
Avni sits in bus and says to ali ..she wants to reach home before kia ..ali try to stop her saying they have gone in a car ..and your dad will never come coz he promised you before

mom says to neela come with me ..and goes in a car
Ashish,s sister and BIL come home ..complaining about her husband ..ketan bhai pulls their leg
Mom comes home with neela ..asks hari for puja thali and announces she is her elder DIL ..
everone is happy ..ketan calls her bhabhi ..but BIL (hansmukh )looks shocked ..Think he knows that affair Shocked
ashish is in a meeting discussing about location ..BIL calls him and says congratulations ..you agreed to get married ..and he tells him everything ..
ahish ..but i never said yes
Hansmukh ..did you say no then ? this is your biggest weakness when you have to say somthing you get numb ..i have been telling you since 11 years ..you have to tell about asha and avani  ..now it's too late ..mom already brought neela as a DIL ..
ashish cuts off  his phone  ..lost his temper with co workers ..

Avni comes home in angry mode ..calls her mom ..then stops near her dad's pic ..brings a chair kisses his face and hugs him 

Avni says my friendship is finish with Ali ..
Tai says with out naamkaran (name) no one gets recognition ..you have to ask for your rights ..you need a name for your relationship
mom says to ashish as soon as you come i will do your engagement .ashish ask why so hurry and she says hemant bhai Ouch ..ahish throws something

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Posted: 2016-09-16T11:42:58Z
Thanks for the written update...Smile
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Posted: 2016-09-16T12:02:58Z
Thanks hun
No progress with ashish
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Posted: 2016-09-16T12:14:56Z
Originally posted by -Priya-

Thanks hun
No progress with ashish

no progress ..but we know how story will unfold ..i wish we didn't Ouch

but i liked today's epi
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Posted: 2016-09-16T13:02:38Z
thanks for the written update
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Posted: 2016-09-16T13:22:30Z
I found the second likable character after Avni!!!!Smile

Hansmukh, a character who is right in his place and has been doing the right thing as far as we know!!!!Thumbs Up

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