Naamkaran; Saas bahu beta and the other woman!

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Posted: 2016-09-14T03:01:48Z

Hello Friends!

Greetings of the day!!

Well, To be honest nothing grabbed my attention about this show! I just watched it without any hopes or so and I did not find it that promising. (May be the lorry appealed me or  barkha's comeback)

May be am prejudiced  that this will end up being another  unreal  melodramatic saas bahu saga!  Somehow I could not feel comfortable with the idea that a wise educated  women would chose to stay in a 'secret' relationship for 12 long years!  I dont like when  they showcase spineless  male charaxters on telly screen who just act like puppets and never dare to take stand when it comes to commitment.

Moreover we already know that The lead guy will get married to Sayantani Gosh, so am not looking forward to this show! There exist every possibility that its gonna join the camp of  Khelti hai zindagi aankh micholi,  Doli Armano ki, Sajan ghar jana hai, Tumhari Pakhi etc with scheming mother in law, always silent  boyfriend/hubby a  cunning wife and  the main female lead projected as a struggling and ever taunted 'other women'  in quest of her valid 'naam' and one more addition a little daughter who will undergo lot many love hate relationships with her parents in the show.

Why would  a woman hide her religion and act out to follow another when we are in a secular country? I dont know about future  track unfoldings but right now am not liking the character Ashudi, am not able to identify with her, infact i am uncomfotable about her loss of identity?  In real life we have/had  live in couples and their families are okay with it-- Kareena Saif, Katrina Ranbeer, and many more!  Why was it needed to show the characters so week who cant even face the reality of their own relationship? 

Isn't it weirdo to see 70 plus dadies nanies controlling the whole universe, I think we have had enough of uttaran Nani, Choti bahu Amma, The ladies of mere angane mein,  Dadi of suhani si ladki ufff another addition Viraf's mother in Namkaran.

No offense if you are liking the show or are hopeful  its just my personal perspective and who knows if it changes! if at all Mahesh batt  refuses  to turn into Ekta Kapoor or Rashmi! I feel am going to watch it  till I get to see whether Ashudi break her ties with  her boyfriend when she gets to know  of his marriage or will she keep worshiping him for Avni's sake even after betrayal!!  Viraf's stand we already know (to marry sayantani to honor his mom's promise)  but will look forward to Ashudi and Avni's stand!!
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Posted: 2016-09-14T12:36:21Z
Which hero isn't flawed??Confused

Almost all heroes on TV are useless!!!!Dead Dead Dead

Raman knows nothing escept shouting and others are no more than furniture!!!!!Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

Here everyone is flawed!!!!UnhappyExcept Avni!!!!!Smile Smile Smile

Ashish is weak and cannot go against his mother and has the woman he loves as his mistress!!!!Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch

Asha is okay with this set up as long as she gets Ashish to visit her!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove

Dayavanti is a dominating mother who just because she brought up her kids alone things she has total authority on them!!!!Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry

She continuously puts down her younger son Ketan!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove

Neela is loud and irritating and possibly bipolar!!!!!Dead Dead Dead Dead

Neela's dad thinks it is okay to pressurize and ask for someone's son's hand in marriage in return for the favours he did!!!!Ermm Ermm Ermm

So which character is right??TongueNo one!!!!Stern Smile

And you know what??No one is portrayed as being right or idealistic!!!!!

Perhaps this is the real world with flawed and weak people!!!!Unhappy

Is Avni right to demand a normal family and her father??Yes perhaps she is the only one who is right, the only one who is asking for what is her right from the people who brought her into this world!!!!Approve

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Posted: 2016-09-15T01:17:52Z
You mention it right, The real  world it is with flawed characters.

And yes the reason I dont like Indian telly world is because its a way too melodramatic and over the top  with make up and music overload, kitchen politics,  with a whole full array of Naagins,  Dayans, Chudails, Makhies, heaps of leeps, super loving cute Daughters grow up to hate their  mothers (Pihu/ and many more),  And the women are either goddess or vampy they cant afford to exist in the telly world if they are normal  human beings. I want to see Ashudi to feel like any normal human being wud feel when cheated after such long relationship? She cant forget the man she so loved, overnight, but  equally true is the fact that  she cant  forgive him  (I watched a show named Swaragini for sometime and then there was one sister who almost murdered another and yet  she forgave her like nothing happened, I  cudn't buy this 'Reality' and quit the show the same day and that negative character was so damn pretty and acted well too)

Thatz why I said I am waiting to see how she reacts in the given situation? Would Ashish want to continue the hidden relationship even after getting married? Will Asha be okay with it? How long will the track revolve around Asish and his mom ? Will it concentrate on Asha and Avni? Will Ashwani always  keep sticking  back to Ashish when it wud come to 'legality' of her identity ?  Would you propose a women, take your relationship to next level and make her mom of your kids until you are not sure that you can keep her happy and give her rights?
These are some of the questions which will keep the audience look forward to it.

It was  depressing  me with  impending loneliness lurking around in the show  so I quit the idea to watch it as I watch only one show at one time and I did not find it entertaining enough  to be that one show. The child Avni has potential may be her role is meaty too!

Is it a finite series? I liked  Zindagi shows like Feriha, Zindagi Gulzaar Hai, Mere Katil Dildar, Mere humdum mere dost, but not watching the ones which are presently on air as I am not liking them ...may be like their next ones as they end very soon and I love it.

I watch Yeh Rishta kya Kahlata hai and like its simplicity. In fact that's the only show am watching right now!

I miss Sumit Sambhal lega! 
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Posted: 2016-09-15T05:09:47Z

I agree with all you both have written...
Asha's character sets us women 20 years back in time...
How can she think of having two kids out if wedlock. 
And even if she's living as his wife without being married then why close all Windows etc... 
Let's see how it develops

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Posted: 2016-09-15T11:25:30Z
Here  comes a piece of personal  information  which might shock some  and  can even sound unpleasant to some of you but its pretty much pleasant to me.

My  25 year old friend  shares a wonderful relationship with her parents.  A  little flashback: Her mother  was a college professor (Hindu)  and her dad  an army officer  (Hindu but from different cast) They never got married but stayed together. Most of their relatives were enraged beyond blues but yet they decided it and broke all ties with them.

They even attempted to trap  her dad in rape case and so but together they faced it all  together to victory. Now cherishing  28 years of togetherness/live in they are happy. When asked why didn't they marry? Uncle replied politely beta, our relationship was/is beyond any institution and am always there for her!  He stated, I never believed in that thing called 'Society' so never bothered about its norms. Even Aunty said  If I will have to leave him It wont make a difference whether we are married or not, I will take my decision as I would deem it fit at any given time! For example if  ever I find him having affair with some other woman I will be hurt and wont tolerate him and I wont think am his wife or am his girlfriend  before taking my stand because the 'name' of my relation  wont lower  or increase my  pain I 'will be 'me' irrespective of my identity of wife or girlfriend!

They are like, Agar hume lagega hum ek dusre ke saath kush nahi hai toh koi bhi cheej hme alag hone se nahi rok sakti, ye fact bhi nhi ki we are 'married'  and agar hum ek dooje ke saath complete feel karte hai toh  es baat se fark hi nhi padta ki  hum  married hai ya nhi! because we never bothered about social perspective!  She says hmare khas  friends kahte the  aap saadi kar loge toh kya ho jayega We said hum nhi bhi karenge toh bhi  kya ho jayega LOLLOL

When I  saw them for the first time I was taken a back but when I befriended their daughter  i was so touched by their intense love story, and their liberal outlook in this age!  Small things fetched my attention- I liked the way Uncle used to make breakfast  for aunty  in the morning,and  my friend , He used to give her head massage (Aunty has very long hairs)  would pamper his daughter like anything! My friend is absolutely free  without any restrains!  Such  loving parents who act as best friends to their daughter! Their home has so much warmth!

Uncle's  mom passed  away (she was very abusive and used to exploit her legally married daughter in laws too, my friend's mom never had to bear her up  because she  did not stay with her)  few years back and his dad started talking to him  when my friend  was around 14  and around the same time they started staying with  my friend's parents.  And my aunt was very sweet to them so was my  uncle and my friend.

So guys having a child out of wedlock is not  a horrible thing itz a personal choice, but hiding it  from the world! can it be termed as a personal choice? No! Because  the child is involved and you cant  do injustice to the kid and his mom?

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