Os-Tale of 2 Strangers

Posted: 2016-09-13T12:23:31Z

Hello all after a long gap, again I am writing , actually I am trying to. just a small attempt.

Its a tale about two starngers.circumstances brought them together still they are miles apart from each other in every sense..

My Dreamland-

Now u will be my only best friend with whom i can share every grief of my life, Yes there is no more hope in my life,I was a free bird, teaching students giving the value of rules , ethics of life and also I knew how to enjoy my life..But from now and on wards,I will not be able .I had to marry as My parents forced me.it feels like some one captured one free bird and kept in a cage.First Night of out marriage . I declared to my husband , I was not prepared for this marriage, he should not show his right on me.But his acts surprised me,his reply was also same , even caring without anything. He took his pillow and lied on the couch..


After a lots of search in Google .I found this name..Inspiration. yes I want to be my life will be like that only..but .after completing my MBA from London Buisness School,just few months I joined our company,And My parents forced me for marriage. First Night with a stranger .. I was just going to say her , Dont ever expect wife's place in my life .just then She uttered that She was in the same board like me. It becomes so easy for me, without wasting a single bit of sec, I took my pillow and went towards the couch. yes first sacrifice of unwanted marriage.that I left my bed dont know How I am going to fit in the couch.

My Dreamland

I love Rain.I love Nature. I love to enjoy every bit,the cold breeze. The soothing drops,the smell of first drop when it kisses the mother earth. I was enjoying the rain.Just then My Khadoos Husband entered , entered with his word " Dont get wet, I am not going to take care of u, if u gonna fall ill. Remember that..,I mocked him with his words.. That's the reason i dont want to get married. The unnecessary burdens "  He went towards the washroom saying so.


First rain of Moonsson.I just hate rain. When I came back from office. She was absent from my room.went towards the terrace, There she was..enjoying rain like a kid..first time. I saw her beauty..her smile,her eyes. Her innocence.. just beyond the words..She was enjoying rain.I was enjoying her..First time in my life I like rain, suddenly she looks at me. For few seconds our eyes were stuck at each other..diverting my mind , ordered her not to get wet and left the place,but heard her mocking voice.and first time It did not irritate me.just appeared a smile.


My dreamland-

The effect of getting wet in rain..suffering with high fever.not able to open my eyes..but still he did not leave the chance to show his anger.shouted at his high pitch..we dont share any bond not even friendship. Then how can he behave so rudely with me. Though i could not say a single as mistake was mine.and my health did not permit me. He left the room.but again came with full plate food.feed me with his own hand. First i was protesting but he was determined , not to listen a single word of mine. Gave me med also.and left for his office. Full day I was in my room.My mother in law visited me, gave me lunch also.. just then my ph beeped. I was so week that not able to pick it. So Maa recieved the call and it was from my husband. One side convo what i heard , it was clear that he called to know about my health..He is not so much Khadoos as he pretends.. a lil heart still in his body..I smiled..Maa gave the ph to me and left giving advice of resting.Medicine doze was high.I was feeling sleepy.just then recived msg ..and it also from him.just two words "Take Care" No no he is  really Khadoos. Could not he write more..but one sec what happen to me..Why I am expecting from him..no..,I should not. our marriage is just compromise .I scolded my mind..and dozed off.at evening time i was shivering..just then felt some one put quilt on me..looked that side and felt his presence so close to me..then he left..

Just two days back he said who will take care of me.now he is doing.its nice feelings..


Effect of rain. Exactly I knew that, she is suffering with fever.feed her , gave her med.. what else i can do.After all its humanity.. evening time she was shivering a lot. Wanted to give her body warm..but i choose another option to covered her with quilt.It was best option now.

My dreamland

Today I am feeling far better ..and the all credit goes to my husband..he took lot care of mine.so its  payback time for him.not like that, actually i wanted to do something for him.and i know he is very much foody at least his size expresses these all.took help from mother to know about his fav dishes ..and tried to make all those.His most fav Allo ka paratha that is with extra butter oh god.. this man should check his size, at least he should think about his age and cloistral..why I am worrying so much.his health he knows.This will be his reply if i am going to say anything. Let it be..but really disappointing. He did not show any reaction. At least he could say how the dishes were.. my first attempt. may be I am failed.


Not able to concentrate in work. Every time I am thinking about the changes of my life .just in few months. Called Vikram, my best buddy, share my every feelings..and the duffer said me to his old drama.the way he found his lady love Neha..and being another duffer I was following his steps. Closing my eyes. I was trying to see whose image comes first.it measn I love the person most..but it was really surprise.only her images coming in my mind, I tried so many times.whenver I am closing my eyes only her images,in a full wet dress. Shivering with cold.her charming smile. Oh god I am going to mad.

Open my lunch box, today mom sent lunch box with driver.and surprisingly all my fav dishes again..taste different,what my mom cooks or bansi kaka not that one,it must be she cooked  for me.attempt was good,not so tasty what mom does..but the feelings just superb. That she cares for me..I am on cloud 9.

My dreamland-

Today he gifted me one payal..the first gift from my husband.but dumbo ,he could help me to wear .at least he could ask me..but no just gave and left the place..


I wish i could help her to wear those payals. So damn wanted to touch her soft feet..but I could not.I was scared.first time this is happening with me, that I want to touch her,. Want to feel her, want to share all my happiness , sorrows with her . want to keep my head on her lap and see the open sky.

My dreamland

What should I say..today its dream day or i am day dreaming.. every now and then I am pinching myself..no its true. Its real.. after his leaving for office I went to changing to prepare myself for college.

There I found one heart shape pendant with his and my pic..and a short note."I dont know when and how it happens but it happens..and dont know how to express too.just all that i know, ur thought evolved my mind.my heart so much that I am not able to concentrate in anything.I guess I fall in love.Yes I fall in love with u.I love u.if u feel the same, just wear this before my arrival.i will understand ur ans.

I feel like to jump..no i feel like to shout.no I feel like to go to the outside and tell everyone I am in love.no I feel like to go to him..and hug him and whisper in his ears.I love u so much.U won my feelings.


My car almost reached Kapoor industry but dont know i asked my driver to take  u turn.I wanted to go home early.so early.as i wanted to know her reply.otherwise I will not be able to concentrate in my work.when I reach our mansion.I got to know that she is in kitchen helping mother, what i heard form servants a lil bit that she did not went her college. I felt uneasy.Did i hurt her sentiment. That's why she is upset did not go her work. Did i cross my limit.with lots of doubts.I entered into kitchen absent mindly.She was helping mother.I am not able to see her face,first my mom noticed me.." are when u came beta..u r ok na" Mom was so worried seeing me so soon.and there she turned towards me to check if I am really ok or not..and the pendant was in her neck.I just jumped in happiness, forgetting all i just hug her.and made her shy and embarrassed. Suddenly ,I felt the same and left her.My mom was looking at us..and then smiled..May be she shared everything with mom.both are best friend now..


After few days...

RAYA's love land

Sorry few days we could not write a single bit, actually we become one..and our diary too.let me put my feelings in words

...Priyaa...What are u doing..

Ok I have to go,Ram calling me..

What happen why r u calling me Ram..

What r u doing Jaan? Pulling me in his strong arms..Ram asked..

I was just going to share my feelings in our love land..

Wo ho Madam dont forget it was our deal.now and onwards we will put our feelings together.saying so he rubbed his nose with me..

I know My dear hubby.gave him a small peck in his cheek.

Haye..without demand this favour..

I cant control myself.when I see u in this attire..I winked at him..

Ram is just in his vest and one towel wrapped from his waist..,

Who said to control u darling..said to me while coming close,I pushed a lil..now go to office..otherwise Papa will scold..from past few days U r making excuses of ur bad health..and not allowing me to go outside for long hours..

Correction darling, better say not allowing u to ge from our bed.just compensation of few months what we lost.and winked..

Ram please today go to office..and come early..planning to give a small return gift to our parents..

Yes of course darling a thanks giving party. They deserve most, only because of them now we are together and luckiest in the world..

Yes..let me organize a family party..

Ok sure..but before that give me my dose,before giving him reply.He captures my lips..I melt into his charms.as usual..

Really after a long gap.all chappals.juta welcome

.just today feel like to write ..



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Posted: 2016-09-13T12:36:57Z
Beautiful, romantic & dreamy os.
Keep writing.
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Posted: 2016-09-13T13:10:51Z
Awww di soo sweet n beautiful os di pls write more plsss 
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Posted: 2016-09-13T17:54:27Z
Lovely...keep wtiting
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Posted: 2016-09-14T11:04:09Z
Originally posted by ic_2000

Beautiful, romantic & dreamy os.
Keep writing.
 thank u dear 
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Posted: 2016-09-14T11:04:45Z
Originally posted by Rayaland

Awww di soo sweet n beautiful os di pls write more plsss 
 thank u D..
 cant write more yaar .. 
not getting idea. 

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Posted: 2016-09-14T11:05:05Z
Originally posted by Kiruthikaaaru

Lovely...keep wtiting
 thank u Big smile
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Posted: 2016-09-14T23:33:23Z
so so so cute, sweet, lovely. pure, innocent.
superb. pl update ur other story also

thanks for pm
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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