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Posted: 7 years ago
Chapter 1
It was 6 months after the divorce. Nachiket was with his part of the family in America and Ragini in Mumbai. One day late at night Nachikets phone rang.

N - hello

Nobody answered.

N - if you don't want to talk why did you call? You there?

Voice - papa

N - nishi

Nachikets eyes got teary

Ni - papa, nishi is crying a lot since yesterday. I know you dont want to talk to nishi but

N - beta papa loves you. Why won't he talk to you?

Ni - you didn't come to meet me for so many days. So i thought...

N - forget that. Why are you crying? 

Ni - i dont like my new papa. I don't want a new papa

N - what do you mean new papa. Who told you that?

Ni - aman uncle. He said very soon maa will say yes to marry him

Nachikets blood boiled. 

Ni - i heard maa tell him she doesn't want to marry but he asks her everyday

N - beta don't cry. Your papa is coming soon to get you 

Ni - i want mummy also

N - i don't know about that. But no new papa for sure. 

Ni - when will you come? Nishi misses you

N - soon. Don't tell mummy ok. 

Ni - ok

N - how did you call me? Who dialled the number?

Ni - Karan uncle. He is here now

N - give karan uncle a big hug from me. And remember papa loves you and aarav a lot 

Ni - mummy is coming. Bye papa. 

Nishi cut the call. Nachiket smiled at his daughter. She definately gained more from his genes. He immediately got down to planning his India trip.


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Posted: 7 years ago
Yay another story please post soon and hope they get back together soon 
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Posted: 7 years ago
A new SS! Thanks for this treat :) very interesting setup - waiting for the next part! 
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Chapter 2
Nachiket spent the next few days getting a detective to check on Ragini. Nishi was right. Aman was hounding Ragini. His Ragini was still his. They were divorced but she wouldn't marry any other man. 

In the mean while ranbir took very ill. He kept asking for Ragini. Pam tried to pacify him. But Nachiket knew it would not work.

R - hello

N - Nachiket bol raha hu

Ragini stood still

N - ranbir bohot bimar hain

R - kya hua?

N - bukhar dimag tak jaa pahuncha hain. I am sending your visa and ticket. He needs you

R - ok. But arav and nishi?

N - i will get their tickets and visas as well. I will come to Mumbai and bring you all here. You can't travel alone 

R - can i speak to ranbir once?

N - sure. After an hour. He just slept. I will send you some visa papers. Fill and send them asap.

R - sure. How is agham?

N - he is fine. With pam at home 

R - ok

N - bye. 

Nachiket cut the call abruptly. Ragini looked at the family picture on her desk. They would be together again. Even if just for a few days.

Visas and tickets arrived. Nachiket landed the next day. He went to Raginis house right away. Nishi and Arav wouldn't let go of him. Maa was at home but ragini was at the hospital 

M - aman asked ragini to do something last minute. Anyways the bags are packed.

N - flight is in 5 hours. I will load the luggage in Karans car and the kids with me will pick Ragini from the hospital 

M - take care of Ragini. She is very tensed.

N - i will maa

Nachiket arrived at the hospital.
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Posted: 7 years ago
Thanks for the update. The premise of the story is very exciting
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Posted: 7 years ago
Thank u so much dear for start a new story both part was fabulous love it and i love when Nachiket dosent lesson to Pam and he ring to ragini pls dear write most part about children when they r small i love to read after their divorse 
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Chapter 3
Nachiket was carrying aarav and nishi was holding on to his hand. He asked for Raginis cabin at the reception. 

A - she is busy. You can come back later. Aarav and nishi. Why are you here with this man?

Ni - he is my papa. Papa this is aman uncle

N - nice to see you but Ragini needs to catch a flight with me. We need to leave now

A - she said her son is sick. Aarav is fine here

N -our son ranbir is sick

A - so she is going to America? 

N - yes. Sounds like she didn't find you important enough to tell you. Anyway i will go get her

Aman stood stunned but Nachiket walked away with a smirk. He reached Raginis cabin. He saw her through the glass. She was turning off her computer and packing her bag in a hurry. She looked like she hadn't slept at all since she heard about ranbir. She wore a simple cotton saree with no jewelry. Just an old watch on her wrist. But she was still the most beautiful woman to him. The love of his life. The mother of his children. He felt determined to get her back. But the next minute their bitter divorce flashed in front of his eyes. His eyes got watery. How could she not trust him. How could she hate suhani? 

Just then aarav wiped his tears with his baby hands. Nishis smile took his sadness away. He could not let go of his kids. Not anymore. 

He gently knocked on Raginis door and walked in. She stood there stunned and stared at him. He shut the door and put arav on the sofa and told nishi to be with him.

He walked towards Ragini and stood close to her. She had aged 5 years in the last 6 months. She had lost weight. Her eyes had black under them which told him she cried herself to sleep each night just like him. Suddenly Ragini turned around and began to sob silently while she packed her bag.

R - i am sorry i got late. Give me two minutes and we can leave. 

Nachiket impulsively turned her around and pulled her in a tight hug. Ragini cried her heart out. He kept kissing her head and wiping her back. She held onto him even tighter and looked up at him. He was crying as well.

R - how is ranbir?

N - he is not doing well. But he will recover fast once he sees you. 

R - agham won't even remember me right. He was so small. 

N - it took aarav a second to latch onto me. Agham will do the same with you

Ragini smiled and hugged him again. 

Nachiket pulled her out of the hug.

N - i got your luggage. Take a shower here itself and change into a churidar. It will be better for the flight. I will feed the kids till then with what maa has given. Go fast 

Ragini smiled and left with the bag he got. She returned after 20mins.

R - lets leave 

N - here are some sandwiches for you to eat in the car. Maa packed.

They reached the airport shortly and Nachiket loaded the luggage on the trolley. They checked in and were walking towards the waiting area. 

N - Ragini in here. This is the lounge area. You rest with the kids. We have an hour to board the flight. I will freshen up.

Ragini noticed he just had one change of clothes in his shoulder bag. He had just landed and was again taking a flight. He would be exhausted. But he had cared for the kids so well. Both kids looked happy. The minute he came out they went to him

R - come here you both. Let papa rest. Nachiket have the coffee and croissant i got you. Then take this

Ragini gave him a headache tablet. Nachiket smiled at her concern. He finished eating and took the medicine. Ragini was putting aarav to sleep. Nishi looked at him but then sat near Ragini.

N - princess. Come here. 

Nishi looked at Ragini for approval. She told her to go ahead. Nachiket pulled nishi on his lap and began patting her to sleep. In no time she was asleep. 

When boarding was announced they took both the kids who were fast asleep inside the plane. Ragini was amazed to known they were travelling first class. Nachiket got them the most expensive seats which were to a cabin for them four. He laid the kids on the bed. He placed their bags and made Ragini sit and he sat as well.

R - these tickets are so expensive. It will be a while before I can repay you. Please book economy tickets for the return trip. 

N - why would i take money from you. We are doing this for our kids  

R - i am no longer your wife. The least i can do is pay my fare. 

N - i dont need any money from the mother of my kids. The entire US trip is on me. Also i am giving you alimony after you return. You stay home till aarav goes to school 

R - i don't need your money

N - i don't want a man like aman forcing himself on the mother of my kids. I won't accept any argument from you

R - you cant...

N - i can. Or i will ask for nishi and aaravs custody. Dont make me do that 

Ragini turned away and the flight took off. Nachiket fell asleep in his seat in no time. Ragini was wide awake thinking about ranbir and how her trip to US would be.

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Posted: 7 years ago
Lovely update finally they are the way to the USA hope they get back together soon
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Chapter 4
Nachiket got up after a few hours. He felt fresh and rested. He saw Ragini looking out of the window. The kids were still asleep.

N - ragini...

R - you got up? Sleep some more. You must be tired. 

N - i will sleep again before the end of the journey. Dinner will be served now. Let me go freshen up

Dinner was served. Ragini was feeding aarav his baby food. Nishi waited patiently for her brother to be fed. Nachiket was disturbed looking at the maturity nishi had developed because of the divorce. She was a kid who always had demands. She loved to ask for little things that kids her age would want. But here she was controlling her hunger. 

R - aarav beta...let me feed nishi some food. Then you can have some more 

Aarav didn't seem to like the idea. He began crying. 

R - nishi eat the rice carefully by yourself. Aarav still needs to be fed. Don't drop mummy doesn't want a mess

Nishi nodded and began eating. She was struggling with the cutlery. 

N - i know my princess is a big girl now. But can papa feed you?

Nishi smiled from ear to ear. She loved her papas attention. Ragini smiled at his gesture. Nachiket began feeding her like old times by talking animatedly. Even aarav was enjoying and giggling a lot. Ragini was seeing her kids so happy after a long time. Nachiket was a very good father. She could never deny that. Her heart wished for her family to be complete again. But her brains thought otherwise.

Shortly after dinner the kids slept as they listened to Nachiket tell a story. Nachiket opened the extension and slept on the bed with the kids. Ragini fell asleep in her seat. There was a delayed stopover in which all four slept well. When it was time for take off Nachiket woke up. He felt a little uneasy and ordered a scotch. When he was done drinking Ragini woke up. She saw him staring at their family picture in his wallet.

N - do you still love me Ragini?

His eyes were staring straight into hers.

N - i am not that drunk. I just had 2 pegs. I need it to relax since we divorced.  

Ragini didn't know were to look. 

R - i will go freshen up

Nachiket stopped her from leaving the cabin and plastered her against the side put his full weight on her.

N - answer me now

R - i love the Nachiket who loved me and didn't cheat on me

N - i still love you. And i never cheated on you

R - our marriage is over. I am living for my kids. I don't think i can trust anyone again

N - trust me. I never cheated. 

Saying so Nachiket slammed his lips against raginis. She didn't protest. She had tears in her eyes but responded to the kiss. Nachiket pulled out of the kiss and wiped her tears.

N - i want you back. I will convince you of my honesty.

R - but...

Nachiket silenced her again with a kiss again.

N - no but. I have you to myself for a month.

R - convince me you have been faithful in this month. Else we go our separate ways. 

N - i will. These 6 months have been hell. I cant go through life like that 

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Posted: 7 years ago
Hope nachiket convices ragini that he never cheated and ragini believes him