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Chapter Eighty-Two: Past Blast


As Rudra laid Paro in her bed carefully, he went to stand up only to feel a tug. Her hand clenched on his collar making his eyes sadly look to her content face where her lips curved ever so slightly. He carefully but reluctantly moved her hand away gently stroking it before laying it on her stomach. Placing a pillow to the sides on her head, he carefully removed the remaining fluff in her hair making sure there wasn't any remaining in case she found any in the morning. His chest sadly sighed at the disappointment of Paro thinking all this was a dream, but to be honest he didn't really know what he would say or do if she freaked out either. At least she was remembering bit by bit without realizing, he consoled himself. Kissing her forehead, he slowly moved away from the bed and closed the door upon exiting the bedroom making sure it was secure.

Walking into his own bedroom he found Myrah asleep making the guilt bite away at him as he went to sit on the sofa at the side. He watched her sleep with her back to him, but rubbed his eyes with a deep sigh knowing this couldn't go on. He couldn't keep letting Myrah in a bubble and couldn't let them both live a lie. Aman was right, he had to do something. With the wedding so close, Rudra firmly decided he would tell Myrah the truth when the wedding was all over. He dread to think how Myrah would see him, and if she's hate him... but over everything they were friends and he needed to do justice to that at least. Only then he could properly focus on Paro without feeling guilty to getting too close without hurting Myrah. He looked up closing his eyes slowly as he knew Paro would tell him off on how selfish he was being, but he knew even she couldn't deny the truth. He was only made for her and that was that.


After the morning pooja and breakfast, everyone made quick work to get all the final decorations, food and the jewelry for the dresses already picked. With Sunheri helping Shautabdi pick next to the Sari-wala who came round with matching jewelry, Paro picked one of the flour tubs now empty from the kitchen. Slyly ordered by Mohini to put it in the store at the bock of the haveli, she gave Paro the bundle of keys making her smile. Paro walking past the workers however was soon paused by Maitilli who smiled warmly at her.

Maitilli: "Arre Parvati, where are you taking that?"

Paro smiled: "To the store room. It's empty na Jija."

Maitilli's smile fell immediately however as she panicked stopping Paro: "S-..Store?"

Paro smiled nodding: "Hain Jija."

Maitilli stopped her way once more spotting the keys in her hand: "B..but you can't go there Parvati-"

Paro frowned a little taken aback while Naksh talking to one of the workers glanced across to them noticing.

Maitilli: "That store is locked for a reason...It's really dusty there and...and the lights not working."

Paro: "It's no problem Jija. I'm just puttin-"

Maitilli a little firmly: "I said no didn't I?"

She snatched the keys from her making Paro blink a little confused by her sudden tone. Even Naksh frowned.

Maitilli controlling herself smiling: "I don't want you to get hurt Parvati. Really. Leave the dubba in the store by the kitchen instead. It'll be useful when we have to refill it. Hmm?"

Paro thoughtfully smiled seeing that was a better idea. She nodded before going off while Maitilli sighed relieved looking down at the keys in her hand. She frowned wondering why Mohini would give her keys for it when... Maitilli shook her head before taking the keys away. Naksh watched her carefully before wondering why Maitilli was behaving oddly regarding the store. He looked down thoughtfully remembering when Paro told him long ago that Rudra shouted at her for nearly going to the store room too. He remembered Rudra was furious when he was putting something away in the store room too. What's in there?

"this haveli has many secrets of it's own"

Naksh remembering those words from Mohini knew there had to be something in that store room that would tell him a lot about why Rudra was so possessive over Paro but also why everyone else in the house was a little off time to times with her too. He clocked Myrah then walk straight past him without a word.

Shautabdi seeing Myrah walking slowly upstairs in her own world: "Myrah? Why don't you come and select you pieces?"

Sunheri giggled: "You'll love these ones!"

Myrah shook her head with a weak smile making Naksh frown. He also noticed as her eyes widened with slight panic seeing her phone flash up before heading upstairs. Naksh sighed. Why is it everyone's hiding a sort of secret around here?


Myrah frowning at the mobile screen, quickly moved to the end of the corridor before picking it up.

Myrah: "Dad?"

Sajjan pacing: " Betiya, I know. I know what you told me yesterday, but I feel I should speak to Rudra about this."

Myrah: "No! nonono please Dad. *glancing around* I really shouldn't have told you. I was just upset yesterday and I...*sighs* Please please Dad. I don't really now what I was saying yesterday-"

Sajjan: "But it's true isn't it. Parvati is Rudra's first wife. Isn't she."

Myrah closed her eyes putting a hand against her head wishing she could rewind time so she'd never tell her father about this. She herself had promised Rudra a long time ago that she'd never talk much about Paro to her parents and now with all this happened with Paro alive and in the house, Myrah knew she had made things more complicated for herself.

Myrah: "Yes Dad, but please don't speak to Rudra about this. I'm sure he'll tell me at the right time about why he's trying to help Paro remember but... *sighs*..."

Sajjan sitting down with a sigh: "Myrah relax. I won't tell anyone and won't speak to Rudra about this."

Myrah sighed with relief: "Thanks Dad."

Sajjan hmm-ed hearing the worry in her voice still: "And you don't worry beta. Parvati can't remember anything. And more to the point you are Rudra's wife now. He wouldn't cheat on you."

Myrah smiled awkwardly: "Parvati being Rudra's first wife, I get why he would feel responsibility for her and needs to feel like he needs to fix her...  I feel like I'm just- "

Sajjan warned: "Don't dare feel guilty. Rudra shouldn't be trying to help her remember."

Myrah restlessly sighed: "But that's my point Dad! Rudra's guilt is making him close to her to help her remember. I mean... is it wrong to help Paro remember who she was?"

Sajjan confused from Myrah's words: "What?"

Myrah lifting her burden of thoughts: "I mean maybe we all should be helping her remember. Maybe only then she'll be be able to move on. We can also figure out whose after her. "

Sajjan firmly: "Who cares about her Myrah! Helping her remember is the last thing you'd want to do. She'll want to take her place back as Rudra's wife. You can't be this naive."

Myrah closed her eyes again with a sigh feeling this was her second mistake of telling her dad how she was feeling, as he wasn't clearly understanding.

Sajjan: "If your not careful she might do it even without her memory. "

Myrah confidently: "No way Dad. Paro... Paro treats me like I'm her own sister! She- *sighs* Please Dad lets not talk about this anymore. I'll just feel bad for her. Parvati's there with no memory of herself and here you are talking as if she's out to get me. "

Sajjan: " Fine fine. *sighs calmly* You're probably right anyway. With the current situation being Parvati unable to remember who she is, we all better find out who's after her. Has the BSD been able to catch the two who tried to take her yet?"

Myrah relaxing a little more: "No news on that that. I hope we hear good news though and get to the bottom of this."

Sajjan hmm-ed: "Ok you take care then Myrah and let me know if you hear anything. I could see then if I'd be able to help."

Myrah smiled: "Thanks Dad. Bye."

As she sighed with her head against the pillar feeling relieved, she walked away without realizing Naksh had been stood stiff with shock on the other side of the pillar hidden from eye's view.


Without a moment's delay, Naksh discretely rushed to the store downstairs and looked at looked at the doors which begged to be opened. He gulped seeing the padlock, before looking around and taking out a long bobby pin he just snuck out of Paro's room. With hands sweaty and mind not able to thing straight he quietly picked away remembering how to do it. He desperately prayed for it to open to confirm what he just heard which he wished wasn't true. It can't be... Parvati... She can't be... 

As the door unlocked, Naksh's eyes widened as he paused in shock at his luck. He removed the lock quietly putting it aside, before opening the doors. He gulped slowly walking in as the place was littered with old furniture and sheets covering it all with a small window letting in some light at the side.

Making quick work, he spotted a pile of books making him head towards it and thrift through them trying to find anything that would tell him the truth. In a hurry however he accidently toppled a few against a sheet making it strip away from a portrait tilted to the side. His eyes widened at the portrait as it was Parvati with a garland half hung. He stepped back from it a moment taking it in as the light shone on it before he stepped forward shakily pushing the dust away to see her face properly. It was her, the smile the hair, the dress. No doubt.

...Dr: "Do you remember anything else about this Butterfly Parvati?"

Paro stroking the drawing shook her head softly.

Dhruv sadly: "I'm sorry Mumma... If I didn't dr-"

Paro shhed him softly stroking his cheek, while Naksh tilted his head wondering how Dhruv and Paro were so oddly connected...

...Children pointing at Rudra: "He did something and Pari didi fainted."

Naksh looked down to Rudra annoyed while he hugged Paro tight...

...Naksh frowned holding Paro's side: "You ok? Did Rudra-"

Paro shook her head: "No I'm just having a little bit of a headache I think... This house... There's just something about it."... 

His eyes watered before looking to the floor to see an old album open. He picked it up seeing photos of Parvati and Rudra together and the family.

...Aman: " Naksh, Parvati...We should get going-"
Everyone: "Nahi!"

Naksh's eyes widened at everyone's outburst with Danveer and the others looking at eachother awkwardly...

...Paro choked making everyone stand instantly holding their glasses to her. Naksh frowned shocked while Paro awkwardly took Sumer's glass thankfully.

Sumer passing the glass: "Here you go Bhabisa."

Naksh and Paro frowned at that confused while everyone looked nervous. Sumer realizing his mistake.

Paro: "Bhabi-sa?"

Mohini laughed awkwardly: "You look like our Myrah don't you, so it must have accidently...*laughs glaring at Sumer*"...

He flicked through it slowly to see Parvati with Aman on what seemed like where she was putting a rakhi on him. A tear fell from his eyes as he remembered when Aman met Parvati when he arrived home with her.

...He just stood there staring at Paro without a word making Paro lower her hands glancing at Naksh. 

Paro: "Is there something wrong?"

Naksh shook his head reassuringly and nudged Aman not getting what's gone up with him all a sudden.

Naksh whispered to Aman: "Bhai I said act natural with Parvati remember. Why do you look like you've seen a ghost? Snap out of it!"...

He shook his head unable to believe the fact that Aman knew this all along and never told her. It all made sense now how he insisted he and Parvati when with him to ask for Sunheri's hand. How he was instantly so close to her; not just because her name was the same as his own sister. Wiping his tear away he furiously flicked through the rest to stop finally on one last photo, beyond which held only blank pages. Parvati holding a baby close with Rudra close with a protective arm round her waist and his lips against her hair.

...He pushed Naksh's hands off his and gripped Paro's waist tight.

Dhruv stubborn: "I'm not leaving her!! She's my Mumma!"... 

...Naksh: "I know Kaki. I know. *chuckles* But for some reason he thinks Parvati is his Mumma. The lady who came mentioned he thinks everyone is him Mumma."

Kaki frowned: "Well he's only calling Parvati his Mumma isn't he."...

...Paro painfully: "Dhruv didn't want to leave did he... *sniffed* He ... didn't even get to take his bag and clothes.."

Naksh gluped feeling emotional as it looked as if he was seeing a mother yearn for her child...

Myrah slurring her words: "I just wish that I was loved like how...Rudra love...-"
Naksh filling in: "His first wife... I know..."

...Paro: "Dhruvs, I've told you before haven't I. It's wrong to call someone else your Mumma. You're Mumma is here."

Myrah awkwardly smiled: "No no... It's ok.. I don't mind really.."...

...Myrah smiled awkwardly: "Parvati being Rudra's first wife, I get why he would feel responsibility for her and needs to feel like he needs to fix her...  I feel like I'm just- "...

Naksh dropped the album the while staggering back against the furniture, unable to believe how by coincidence he is life had entwined with Parvati's, to then lead back to Dhruv, then Aman and back to this house. Parvati is Rudra's first wife. Though it all nearly made sense, his fists tightened remembering Myrah's sadness, never in his life feeling such anger towards one man in his life.


It was in the evening around 7pm when Rudra came back from BSD HQ frustrated. They were still searching for the two men, with the city on lockdown, cars and people getting searched and questioned entering or leaving. He knew they were close. He felt it in his blood. He other frustration however was Naksh's message to him to meet him alone on the terrace when he returned. Still annoyed with him from the previous day's incident, he freshened up first before storming his way up without anyone noticing.

Rudra: "This Naksh is really pushing it."

Arriving up top, the sky was freshly dark with the hint of deep blue sleeping the who city ableing anyone to see enough. The wind however was picking up making him take a deep breath in his white kurtha pajamas. He spotted Naksh at the edge looking away from him with his arms crossed. Clenching his jaw, Rudra sighed rolling up his sleeves before walking over.

Rudra: "So? What is it that you needed to speak to me alone about?"

Naksh however remained silent making him frown and sigh a little frustrated.

Rudra: "If it's about yesterday then-

Naksh: "Paro."

Rudra paused at that as Naksh never called Parvati Paro before.

Rudra: "What?"

Naksh: "Paro. That's what you call Parvati don't you. Why?"

Rudra: "You called me here to ask about this? Don't waste my time."

He was about to walk away when Naksh spoke further: "That witness you spoke about... The one who you failed to protect... Her name was Paro wasn't it."

Rudra turned round to him seeing him face him with anger clear in his eyes. Rudra felt his palms sweat and his heart pulsated with fear. Does he...Does he...

Rudra gulped before stepping towards him lifting a hand: "Naksh... What ever you think you know."

Naksh nodded walking up to him: "Oh I know... You told me that once didn't you. Don't get involved becuase you don't know the whole picture. You were right. *pushing him angrily* YOU WERE RIGHT!"

Rudra staggering back stared at Naksh.

Naksh: "I didn't know anything. But now I do. I know the truth. I know that... Parvati... The woman downstairs who has no memory of herself... The one who's constantly confused by you and this bloody family and this house which kept messing with her head... She was your first wife."

Rudra looked down not knowing what to say or do. Naksh however gripped him by the collar angrily.

Naksh: "Why man? Why? *pushing him away* And you know what *wide eyes* I still can't believe how I never realized it before. All this time. Looking back at it ever since I first met Myrah, You, Dhruv... It all makes sense. Her calling me Major Saab when it was you she's been looking for... It's been you all along..."

Rudra stood silently while Naksh grew annoyed holding his collar again.

Naksh: "Now before I go mental. I want to hear the truth. I want to hear-"

Rudra whipping his hands off him: "You want to hear everything. How I met Paro...  how she pulled me out of the darkness and into her light... how she was snatched from me 9 years ago and announced dead leaving me with our child on only a few months old... Everything right!? I'll tell you. You just better be prepared to listen."


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Chapter Eighty-Three: Boiling Pot


Rudra stood stiff with his back to Naksh, while he stood away in the same posture but looking up at the gloomy dark sky. Naksh absorbed Rudra's every word that was said over the last 20 minutes regarding how Paro was a witness and suspected terrorist under his watch... how she turned out to be innocent from the crimes Tejawat had committed over theyears of trading guns across the border using a yearly wedding cover. How Rudra's mother was Tejawat's wife but also watched over Paro by pure destiny. His heart went out to Rudra who tried his best to protect Paro by having Shantanu locked up and also Tejawat killed, but failed reach home in time to save Paro from Shantanu's grasps. How years passed for him alone wanting to only reunite with Paro when he dies and raise their child the best as Paro would want him. Rudra explained how he came to meet Myrah over a year ago and knew Dhruv craving his own mother found one through Myrah seeing her being a mirror image of his own mother. All in fate to lead to Paro being found again by him. Naksh could only imagine the pain that Rudra had gone through, but also the pain Myrah was going through too with Paro suffering unawares. 

Rudra: "That's why Aman and I hid this from you. You being so close to Paro at the time, we didn't want to risk you accidently reveal to Paro, in case-"

Naksh calmly: "Her health became worse. I get it..."

Rudra glanced at him and nodded letting the silence help his side. 

Naksh however looked to him firmly: "But this ends right now."

Rudra frowned looking to him: "What do you mean?"

Naksh: "Paro... I mean Parvati and I are leaving. Tonight."

Rudra frowned shocked: "You-"

Naksh annoyed: "Listen. I came with Parvati to reunite her with her family. I promised her that. I however didn't promise to deliver her so she can have her mind and heart slaughtered man!! You're the one she's been looking for all this time, not me and I didn't see it all this time. But while your playing stuck in the mud between Parvati and Myrah, Parvati's probably dangerously remembering a lot more staying here around you and this family. And Myrah?? Myrah's living in a bubble that you love her man!! When deep down she probably knows somethings wrong. Do you love Parvati?"

Rudra: "Yes."

Naksh angrily: "Then WHY HAVEN'T YOU TOLD MYRAH!!"

Rudra: "I can't just tell her like that. I'm responsible for her as her husband.. and I'm planning to tell her-"

Naksh annoyed: "Listen if you're delaying the truth like this, fine! But I'm taking Parvati from here. I'll make her forget all this. And she won't remember or come back until you and this crazy family sort itself out."

Rudra angrily gripped his arm: "You can't do that. She's under my protection-"

Naksh walking away: "f**k it!"

Rudra pulling him round: "And Paro needs to stay here and remember-"

Naksh snatching his arm away looked to him: "What!?!? What exactly? That her husband has moved on last year and married a look a like? *laughed* Oh She'll be flattered. *pointing at him as he looked away ashamed* No! She's at risk of going into a coma anyway, so if she remembers you or this family and what the bloody situation is now she'll definitely die!"

Rudra desperately put his hands on Naksh's shoulders: "I know. I know but you have to listen to me Naksh. I'm planning on telling Myrah after tomorrow. Just give me time. I can sort this-"

Naksh: "I have to Rudra take Parvati from here, becuase I'm not waiting around watching everyone suffer. I mean have you even thought about what Parvati would go through when she finds out her husband has remarried to someone who looks like her? Seriously? Have you ever thought to maybe let Paro live her life with someone else like you have, but at least be satisfied she's alive. Why you have a problem with that-"

Rudra gripped his collar angrily: "SHUT UP! No one else can be with Paro but me. And you can't just take her!!"

Naksh pushing him away: "Just try and stop me."

As Naksh rushed away, Rudra stood in panic wishing he could tell Myrah the truth now but he couldn't... not like this. Having an idea however he made a quick phone call.


Naksh charging down the stairs looked to Paro who was sat by Myrah and the other ladies while the workers left finishing decorating the hall. As they all laughed at Shautabdi's story, Paro's eyes widened as Naksh held her wrist and made her stand up gently.

Naksh: "Paro- Parvati we're leaving."

Paro frowned: "What?"

Myrah and the others frowned at Naksh's tone and order.

Naksh: "We're leaving from here. Come lets go pack quickly."

He went to bring her along, but Paro paused him shocked at this sudden change. Myrah and the others stood up confused too, including the Samrat, Sumer and Danveer on the sofa's nearby with their newspapers.

Paro: "But why Nakshatra? Now?"

Sunheri tugged Maitilli's hand who calmed her and looked to them concerned as did everyone else.

Danveer: "Beta has something happened? Why do you want to leave?"

Naksh ignoring Danveer looked to Paro holding her shoulders calmly: "Just trust me ok. I'll.. I'll tell you later, but lets go. "

Paro confused: "But what happened? "

Naksh glanced at Myrah firmly annoyed making her look away guiltily realizing what he had found out. The look told it all. Mohini just coming up smirked with surprise at the turn of events and glanced round to see if Dhruv was nearby. The chora found out in the end! This is my chance! Duwa Kumari gone and the boy will cry to go with. Perfect! She frowned not seeing them and discretely rushed upstairs to find Dhruv.

Naksh: "Don't you trust me?"

Paro was hesitant before spotting Rudra coming downstairs making her nod: "But why are we going now? Where?"

NK: "U.S"

Everyone gasped shocked while Myrah felt her heart pound out her chest. Rudra stood stiff behind with everyone looking to see him suddenly realizing Naksh knew everything.

Paro whispered confused: "How-"

Naksh smiled: "We're going to swim there... Of course we'll fly there. I'll get Mum and Dad to sort something out for you and-"

Paro putting a hand on his: "Are we leaving because your upest about what Rudra said."

Naksh glanced round at everyone and glared at Rudra before smiling assuringly at Paro: "No Parvati. He was right anyway but this is because of something else. Come-"

Paro holding him back: "But it's your brother's wedding tomorrow. "

Naksh shook his head at her: "Forget it. We really need to leave."

Paro pouted shaking her head at him: "Buri baat Nakshatra. Leaving your family before such a happy occasion. What's the reason? Bato na."

Rudra grew restless seeing Naksh pause with a sigh before speaking out: "He had an argument with Aman."

Naksh with eyes wide looked round to him as everyone else did.

Paro smiled then and shook her head at Naksh: "Arre small arguments happen all the time. We can't leave because of that. The friend I know would never let his brother down."

Naksh: "Parvati it's not bec-"

Aman walking in: "Parvati is right Naksh."

They all looked to Aman surprised while he walked in with a warm smile. Mohini coming down with Dhruv frowned seeing Aman here.

Dhruv rushed to hug Paro's side: "Why are you leaving!?"

Aman assured walking up to them: "No one is leaving. Naksh is just a little angry with me that's all. *looking to him and putting a hand on his shoulder* You need to believe me Naksh. The intention was never to hurt anyone. The situation is such."

Naksh angrily looked to him knowing what he was talking about as did everyone else, except Paro. Naksh knowing everyone would support eachother to keep Paro here, he nodded annoyed before leaving upstairs.

Paro frowned while Aman smiled assuring her: "It's a brother thing Parvati. Don't you worry. Hmm?"

Mohini twitched her nose unable to believe that Aman had somehow handled the situation.

Mohini: "May I ask why you have graced yourself here among us tonight?"

Everyone looked to her awkwardly while Mohini smiled sweetly: "Did you forget the date of the wedding is tomorrow?"

Aman opened his mouth when Rudra cut in: "I called him regarding work. Lets go to the study Aman."

Aman and Sunheri sharing a sweet smile, before he passed by and walked with Rudra down the corridor, while everyone uncomfortably got back to what they were doing. Myrah however glancing round at everyone slowly moved to head upstairs too.


Myrah tapped the door for the 10th time: "Naaaksh... Come on. Open the door please?"

Naksh grumbled on the other side: "Go away Myrah. I'm seriously not in the mood."

Myrah: "Lets talk about it huh?... I know you know... But can't we just-"

Naksh annoyed: "You all lied to me. I just can't believe it! And on top of that your letting yourself suffer!? * whips open the door making Myrah blink startled* Not to mention Paro...I mean Parvati, who must be so confused living here. This place is a death trap for her. A ticking bomb waiting to explode, with me here knowing I'll have to pick up the pieces. I can't bloody believe this!"

Myrah trying to calmly explain: "Everyone's trying to help Naksh. "

Naksh pointing at her: "Don't you think about yourself Myrah? *Myrah blinked taken aback* Aman bhai has my hands tied for now or else I would have taken Parvati away from here easily and given her any explanation. She could have had a new life and-"

Myrah frowned as her annoyance snapped: "You think you can just go off with her? Just like that??"

Naksh frowned at her snapping.


Aman stood with his arms crossed and hand against his chin thoughtfully: "This is terrible."

Rudra pacing frantically glaring at him: "Don't you think I know that Aman!? He could have blurted everything to Paro right there and then Aman. "

Aman calmly shook his head: "He wouldn't have. He had his chance there and could have taken it, but he didn't. He won't say anything to Parvati Bhabi."

Rudra stopped angrily: "But for how long will he keep quiet Aman? If you didn't come I would have had to using BSD grounds, but he would have-"

Aman correctly: "Could have-"

Rudra snapped: "Told Paro everything."

Aman shook his head: "Do you still not trust him. He wouldn't have. He cares about her too you know."


Myrah blinked annoyed: "I..I mean she's still in danger isn't she! With those men after her. She's better off with all us around her. "

Naksh looking into Myrah's eyes crossed his arms: "Oh really? It's the right thing to do? And Rudra-"

Myrah snapped: "I trust Rudra.. He loves me. I don't doubt it."

Naksh paused before smiling: "I wasn't even about to ask that."

Myrah's eyes widened before defensively moving on: "You... You have to think whats best for Paro right this very moment. And with those men still loose, you both are better off staying here-"

Naksh lifted a hand: "Okok fine. *sighs* But I'm not keeping my promise to Paro. If I helped her to remember I don't know how she'd take it."

Myrah gulped before sighing relieved: "Thank you."


Rudra calmly thinking: "Paro will be remembering safely soon. I can feel it Aman."

Aman:  "That's what I'm worried about. "

Rudra closed his eyes understanding what he was meaning. He grit his teeth looking to him.

Rudra annoyed: "I just told you Aman. I'll tell Myrah as soon as the wedding is over. "

Aman hmm-ed half convinced before his eyes widened remembering: "Oh the most important news is that we've caught one of the two men who tried to take Parvati Bhabi."

Rudra looked to him shocked: "What?"

Aman smiled nodding: "He's the one you mentioned you shot and injured. We're stilll looking for the other man however. He won't be able to leave the city that's for sure.

Rudra looking away with fresh determination in his eyes: "Brilliant Aman."

Aman smiled nodding: "I'm heading over to BSD HQ now."

Rudra nodded: "I'll go in a bit. *stopping Aman* You've come all this way Aman... Thank you. Have dinner before you go?"

Aman shook his head and smirked patting his stomach: "Wedding tomorrow. "

They both shared a smile, before Aman left the study.

Rudra sighed with a trimupant smile knowing with the man captures he'd surely lead them to who was behind Paro's kidnapping and how she doesn't remember anything. With questions and techniques rolling through his mind, he frowned feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket. Glancing at the screen he frowned seeing it was Myrah's father. Picking it up he was about to greet him when Sajjan cut him off first.

Sajjan: "I know everything about Paro. Your first wife. Hain na beta."

Rudra frowned with deep shock: "H...How do you-"

Sajjan raised an eyebrow grit his teeth: "What did you think? My daughter will be suffering away and she won't tell her father?"

Rudra looked away unable to believe it.

Sajjan leaning back smirked: "She also told me you're trying to make her remember. Why beta?"

Rudra still unable to get over the fact that Myrah's father now knows the truth too, stood silently.

Sajjan casually waved a hand dismissively: " What ever the reason... You are now going to listen to me very closely. *firmly* Myrah is now your wife. Paro is not. So if you dare leave her for Paro-"

Rudra with a tense jaw: "Are you threatening me? "

Sajjan raised an eyebrow: "No No beta... I'm promising you. I promise there will be consequences for your family. Your son at school where accidents happen all the time... Samrat's new business which I have been hearing a great good deal about and they women he supports, but you should be careful of bad media and scandals they make up... But in particular the haveli your living in right now. It's still partly owned by BSD with the old haveli you used to live at on loan Myrah mentioned... Right? Easily can be bought."

Rudra frowned looking away angrily:"You-"

Sajjan chuckled: "But that is if your planning to leave Myrah that is. But your not are you. "

Rudra's lips twitch angrily thinking it best to remain silent for now.

Sajjan smiled: "Good. Now *clearing his throat* regarding your first ex-wife. Get rid of her. "

Rudra's jaw tighten and nose flared: " What? "

Sajjan rubbing his temple: "I don't care how. I don't want her to stay in the same house as my daughter. Myrah always got what she wanted and though she'd never ask for something like this I know she'd be at peace with Paro out the house."

Rudra gritting hit teeth: "Paro here under BSD protection. My protection-"

Sajjan smile: "Arre betaa... You can't be the only officer around. If you want I can even pull a few strings for you. But I don't want Myrah to catch a whiff of this so I'll give you 2 weeks to talk to your General to arrange this yourself without a commotion or questions from anyone. Find someone else in the country, in the whole world for all I care who'd take her. If in these 2 weeks she hasn't left your haveli then I'll understand your loyalty isn't with my daughter and you can start to welcome the trouble to come. Your first and last chance."

As the line cut Rudra closed his eyes clenching the mobile tightly before slamming it hard against the table. 


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