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Hey All
Sorry for the delay in updating the FF's . I am thankful for a lot of you who messaged to know about the update and who were patient enough to give it a read in the first place. Sometimes things do not go as planned, none the less, i am updating the last parts of the FF and also the earlier parts for you to read. 

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3848665- Part 1

Part 15

Credit Neha

Amita walked into her room releived that Ranjeet was not around. She sat down on the rocking chair and thought about her life. Her life had been so peaceful...so peaceful until Priya had come into the picture. Priya's connection with that god forsaken place had unsettled her. Not that Priya was at fault, actually speaking it was nobody's fault. Just that destiny had taken a cruel turn. She remembered the pain she went through many years ago when Amar had come to meet her, to tell her that their engagement was off, that he has fallen in love and will marry that prostitute and also get a small child with him. At first she had thought this to be a passing phase but his resolve had made her take this drastic step. Amita let out a sigh as the events of that dreadful night played before her. 

Her family was debt ridden and a marriage alliance to the Mehra family was considered to be the ticket to a better life. Never in her life had she thought that Amar would fall for a low level prostitute. She would have swallowed an affair but marriage ..that was too much to bear. Those were not the days when a broken engagement would have been taken lightly by the society. It was sheer desperation that had made her do what she had. She had made sure that Amar did not reach for the wedding. Under the pretext of celebrating his wedding she had mixed drugs in his drink...lethal drugs. He had passed out in the car itself and Jagdish had helped her move him to a secluded location, to make it seem like a drug and alcohol overdose. He deserved to die, how could Amar and Revati ever be happy by crushing her happiness? They had invoked her wrath and she had done everything to protect her family. She recalled how she had gone to Amar's father and lied about her pregnancy. This had made her father in law to get Ranjeet to marry him. Not that she had any personal animosity with Ranjeet, but this was the only way to save her family from losing face and also to get married into the Mehra family. To her luck, Revati was pregnant at the same time. By stuffing money to Gulab she had got the baby and made the doctor tell Revati that her child was still born. She was fortunate that  Kaustubh had the same featutes as Amar. 

Her peaceful exixtence was rocked when Ranjeet decided to finance the film. She had been opposing this film from the very start because it scared her. And now it had reached to a point when there had to be bloodshed. Amita smiled to herself, Jagdish would do her job and she would put an end to all this. 
Ram was in two minds about attending the premiere. He had to take Priya there but then find a way to sneak her to Kaustubh so that Kaustubh could confess his feelings for her. Ram thought about Priya and how she would be happy with Kaustubh. He still could not belive that he had the guts to speak to Amma about it. He had assured her that no harm will come to Priya. How happy Amma would be when she comes to know that Priya will soon get out of the rut. However amidst all this there was something that was not feeling right, Ram was somewhere guilty that he had used his friendship with Priya as a sort of barter to further his career. True that Priya will have a chance at a dignified life but he was still not very sure. 

He only hoped Priya would understand. His sole purpose of attending the premier was to get Priya to Kaustubh. Otherwise he was not interested in attending the premier after what Rohan had done to him. Rohan had jeopardized his entire career and if not for Ranjeet Mehra, he would have been on the streets today. 

Amma stared at Santosh as she watched him taking a seat opposite her. She knew this would be difficult but had to be done. Santosh looked at Amma eagerly, awaiting the date of his marriage.

Amma: Santosh, i know you are thinking about the marraige date, but i have to tell you something and you may not like it. 

Amma looked at him earnestly and saw his face taking a tense form as he absorbed what was being said to him. 

Amma: I was wrong about Priya, she is different. I always thought i had the right to take decisions on her behalf and i will always think right for her but this time i think i have to change my decision. 
Amma paused for a sip of water before continuing.

Amma: I am sorry Santosh, the marriage will not take place. 

Santosh looked at Amma but not with shock. He had a resigned look on his face as if he were expecting this. 

Santosh: She does not love me right? 

Amma stood up and gently ran her fingers through Santosh's hair. He broke her heart to tell him this but it was better to do that rather than ruin 3 lives forever.

Amma: Santosh, you are a very good human being, but it will be a grave mistake if i let this marraige happen. I love you as much as Priya my child, but tying you in this bond will only lead to unhappiness. 

Santosh: I understand Amma. I have always loved Priya, from the time we were small kids and always wanted to marry her. But i know she does not love me. Still i am happy if she is happy Amma. 

Amma smiled at Santosh, she knew he was hurt but this was the right thing to do. She watched as Santosh stood up. 

Amma: Santosh, i can only say thank you my child. You have lifted a burden off me. 

Santosh: I have done nothing Amma, i have never been and will never be beyond your words. I just want to know one thing Amma, you are sure that Priya would be safe and happy?

Amma remembered her conversation with Ram and felt confident enought that he would keep Priya happy forever. 

Amma: Yes 

Without another word Santosh walked off from the room, tears streaming from his eyes. He went to his room and opened his cupboard. He had a picture of him and Priya, from their childhood days. When they were happy and smiling kids. Why did they ever grow up and life became complicated? He ran his hand over the picture one last time before igniting the flame in his lighter. 

Jagdish swung his neck from side to side. Over the years that he was associated with Amita, he had completely failed to understand her. She had killed her would be fiance and then married his brother and now she wanted another person knocked off and that too at a public event. She wanted him murdered in the premiere. That amused him. He took out his gun and practised a mock shot...he knew he could not fail. Inside the envelopes were 2 passes to the premiere, so that he could enter undettered. He looked at the picture one more time...a pretty face he thought...well the curtains would be coming down on that one tomorrow..he chuckled to himslef. 

To be continued

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My God! Thank you for this
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Posted: 2016-08-25T11:14:28Z
After long time u update thanks for update n keep updating like this
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Posted: 2016-08-25T12:04:58Z
thank you for updating. keep posting. pl me from next time
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-08-25T12:30:07Z
lv dz ff...updt soon
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Posted: 2016-08-26T00:16:12Z
Thank you for updating! This story is still fresh in my mind so I truly relished the update. A lot is about to happen... Keeping my fingers crossed for Priya! Btw... Welcome back to both of youBig smile... Looking forward to some more RaYa stories from you Neha!
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Posted: 2016-08-26T03:19:58Z
Welcome back dear. Happy to see you after very long.

Missing this story for the unique concept you had chose. You are an amazing writer dear. The story is well progressing and u had connected it us well i didn't find it forget this story as i remember it well.

Sometimes a person became so selfish that other happiness cannt be seen by them and same happened with Amita who ever to fool the shrewd politician Ranjeet for her own selfishness. She separated a baby form his mother and doing another sin by killing Priya through jagdish, Ram still guilty for telling a lie to  Amma and thinking about his career over Priya. But has a misconception that Kastusbh will make her happy. Thank u for the pm dear.  
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Posted: 2016-08-26T05:08:38Z

OMG was waiting for u from so long thank god u backed up with ur stories so good to read u back with same way of writing...
first of all thank you so much god considered our request to continue ur stories n putting up parts too... awesome too good I loved this one ut was short yet very interesting part many past secret were open up in this...
so Amita was the sold reason for all the happen in Ranjeet life means she killed Amar by making it overdose of Drugs even she snatch Kushtobh from his mother n made review believe his child died so cruel now she is behind Priya... hope Ram realized his love for Priya soon... Santosh seems very good human being thank god he don't create any fuse over Priya rejecting him Anna iz blessed with good Ppl happy for that now what going to happen in next waiting egarly...
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