Kaira OS - Na jane yeh kya ho raha hai

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This OS is dedicated to Anby. When we were discussing about what Kaira scenes are possible I had given an idea and she had asked me why don't I write something along the lines of it. Honestly I wasn't too sure but then wo hota hai inner voice, who was poking me to write this. Though it is not completely Kaira.


She was so happy today, the past few days bought extreme good luck into her life. Firstly she got back her mother's love, well the love was always her's just that, that was the day she realized it and on the very same day she won the dance competition. The dance competition which was the key to start her father's dream. Even her Gayu Di had secured third place in the competion. These couple of days she spend most of the time with her mother and each of those moments was pure bliss. Today they were preparing to Anby celebrate the three joyous occasions, it was first decided to wait for Natik but when they had called him that very day to inform him no one answered and panic rose within everyone's heart. Though all fears subsided when they got Natik's video call a few hours later as excepted he was extremely happy and had tears of joy in his house and asked everyone to celebrate without him as there were more formalities and they could celebrate once more he came back. Though the mother and daughter were hard convince and finally after three days because of everyone's persistence they agreed. And now Naira was getting ready for the celebration or to actually say her mother was getting her ready while she was deciding the perfect outfit for her mother to wear. Soon Akshara was dressed in a dark green net saree with a golden blouse that had a boat neck and metal gold flowers on it, with an emerald gold jewellery set. Naira had purposefully chosen this outfit since she knew this was her father's favourite and though her papa wouldn't be there he had asked that a lot of pictures be sent.While Naira was wearing a deep royal blue floor length Anarkali embroidered with beige gold thread and had the dupatta and churidhar of the same colour, the outfit was chosen by Akshara and she had chosen it because it went really well with the earrings Natik had sent for his daughter.

"Mumma abhi tak nana nani aur baki sab nahi aye", Naira complained childishly as she paced around the room.
"I think we should have gone from here and they could have left from there itself, it is really getting late", Naksh added
"Duggu Naira you know this hotel is far off and none of us have been there except babuji and dadu", Akshara calmly tried to explain her kids
"Mumma I know but why aren't they here yet, I am hungry", Naira pouted while keeping her head on akshara's shoulder
"Kiska intezaar ho raha hai", Karthik asked with a smile as the Maheshwari's shortly entered after him
Naira hugged everyone excitedly.
"Nanu aap saab itne late kyun aye, aur saath mein mendak bhi le aye", said Naira while glancing at Karthik from the corner of her eyes.
"Naira I called Karthik woh rose ka bhai hai he is counted in family", Akshara spoke and Karthik flashed a smile at the statement
"Late ho raha hai, I think we should leave", Gayu interrupted reminding them that they were running late and the rest agreed.


"How do we go, I mean kaun kiski gadi mein jayega", devyani asked
Akshara proposed an arrangement and everyone agreed. Yash, rose, mohit, nandini and rukmini in one car. Varsha, Kuhu, Mishti, Shaurya, Nannu and Karishma in the second car. Raj Shekar, devyani, bhabhima, Vishambar and Rajshri in the third car and dadi, Akshara, gayu, Naira and Karthik in the fourth car.


"Main toh apna dupatta bhul gayi jaldi le kar ati hun", Naira spoke to herself and went back in
Naira entered the house and tried searching for her dupatta but couldn't find it in the hall so she went to the room.

"Ms.Rishikesh dikhayi nahi de rahi ek baar andar check kar leta hun", Karthik told himself and entered in
"Yahan toh dikhayi nahi de rahi", karthik said to himself as he scanned the hall
"Kamre mein hogi, lights on hai", karthik said as ne looked up
"Kya hua humein jana hai", Karthik knocked on the door though it was half opened he didn't want to barge inside
"Nahi mil raha hai, pata nahi kaha rakha hai", Naira complaied to herself loud enough that karthik heard
"Kya dhund rahi ho" karthik asked still standing outside
"Already pareshan hun upar se bin barsat mendak", Naira said irritated
"Dupatta missing hai", karthik said as he observed her
"Should I help", Karthik asked and taking Der silence as a yes he stepped in and searched along with her but it was nowhere.
"Kahi nahi hai", Naira said frustrated
"Yaad karo tum ne kaha rakha, which places had you been.", Karthik asked
"Mumma aur mein jab tiyaar hue the toh sidhe necche gaye aur wahan sab ka intezaar kar rahe the, phir bahut time chala gaya toh Mujhe pyaas lagne lagi aur kitchen mein", Naira replied
"Kitchen mein check karte hai", Kaira spoke at the same time.
"Room ka light off karna", Naira told karthik since he was still close to room and karthik switched of the lights


"Yeh Naira aur Karthik kaha rhe gaye", Akshara asked
"Arre Karishma tum, tum toh dadu aur Varsha ke saath jane wali thi", Akshara asked her younger sister-in-law as she approached the car
"Bhabhi Mishti apne bf ke saath jana chati hai", Karishma replied.
"Acha toh karthik waha hai", gayu asked
"Jab mein gayi thi wahan nahi tha Lekin shayad ab agya hoga", Karishma replied
"Naira kaha rhe gayi", dadi asked
"Mujhe lagta hai woh bhi kissi aur gadi mein hogi bhabhi, aap hi dekhiye ghar ki sari lights bandh hai", Karishma replied
"Oho mein ne toh darwaza khula chod diya, bandh karke aati hoon", Akshara spoke and went out of the car.


"Karishma sahi khe rahi koyi nahi hai, pura andhera hai", akshara told herself and locked the doors and went back.


"Light toh on karo andhere mein kaha dikhayi dega", Karthik said and switched on the light upon finding the button.
"Mil gaya", Naira screamed as she saw it lying on the floor next to the kitchen counter
"Ab chalte hai", karthik asked and Naira nodded in agreement . Suddenly they heard the car noise.
"Woh ja rahe", kaira screamed together and headed for the door.
"Yeh toh locked hai, ab kya kare, sab tumhari galti hai", said Naira irritated
"Meri galti, tumhara dupatta tum bhuli aur galti meri",karthik replied
"Who told you to follow me", Naira said frustrated
"Hum unhe call karte hai, apna phone do", karthik asked
"Main ne toh apna phone mumma ke bag mein dala tha, tum apne phone se call karo", Naira answered
"main woh nahi liya", Karthik spoke
"Kaun apna phone ghar bhul ke ata hai", Naira asked.
"Tum ne phone ko bahar bhej diya khud andar rahe gayi, aisa Kaun karta hai, dekho galti hum dono ki hai", Karthik spoke
"Why don't we use the land line", Karthik asked
"It isn't working, calls aa toh rahe hai magar ja nahi rahe", Naira answered
"So until they realize we are missing and don't call us we are stuck", Karthik stated and Naira nodded positively

"Main change karke ati hun", Naira said as she was about to walk upstairs
"Achi lag rahi ho, change mat karna", Karthik spoke and bit his tongue as he realized the words that left his mouth
"Kya kaha", Naira asked raising an eyebrow
"I mean am sure Akshara aunty has helped you, you can't look this good with your own efforts and what if they realize mid way we are missing and come back, you won't have time to get ready, so why don't you just", Karthik stutered in reply hoping she would buy it.
"Sometimes even mendaks can talk sense", Naira replied and karthik sighed in relief.


"Zara suniye mujhe lagta hai ke humein phone karke pata lagana chaiye ke sare bache gadi mein hai ke nahi", Rajshri said
"I m sure everyone is there but if you insist I will call shaurya",Vishmbar replied
"I will call akshara", Rajshri spoke while devyani decided to call nandini


"Maa ka call araha hai", akshara announced as she picked up the call
"Haan maa kya hua", akshara spoke
"Woh main puch na chati thi ke wahan sab hai gayu, maa", Rajshri asked
"Maa aap kya khe rahi hai, I can't hear you properly", Akshara replied
"Main woh khe rahi thi Naira", Rajshri spoke
"Acha ma", Akshara spoke but couldn't complete as the phone got cut


"Wahan sab thik hai Akshara ne kaha sab acha hai", Rajshri replied


"Kya hua mami", Gayu asked
"I couldn't hear anything properly but maa said something about Naira I guess she called to inform that Naira is with her", Akshara replied

At the venue

"Naira kaha hai maa", Akshara asked
"Woh toh tere saath thi ne beta", Rajshri replied
"Aap ne phone karke kaha tha Naira", Akshara asked
"Woh main puch rahi thi sab gadi mein hai ya nahi", Rajshri replied
"Tayiji mere bf kaha hai", Mishti asked
"Karthik toh app ke saath the Mishri app ne karthik .ki jaghe karishma mami ko bheja tha", gayu asked
"But bf nahi aye", Mishti replied
"Matlab karthik Naira ghar pe rahe gaye", bhabhima asked
"Dekho jiska function tha wohi nahi ayi humein bhi wapas chale jana chaiye", said devyani
"Bahu ek baar un dono ko phone lago aur pucho ke woh ghar par hi hai", Raj shekar told Akshara
"Ji bauji", said Akshara as she called on Naira's number and heard the phone ring close by
"Awaz yahan ass pass se arahi hai", Naksh commented and Akshara found Naira's phone in her bag
"Iss ladki ne apna phone mere bag mein dal diya", Akshara exclaimed
"Ab call kaise karenge", Naksh questioned
"Karthik ka phone try kare", Karishma suggested
"Bhaiya toh apna phone ghar par bhul aye jab hum bua ke ghar ja rahe the gadi mein main ne un se phone manga toh unhe nahi mila aur mujh se kaha shayad woh ghar par bhul aye.
"Ab un se baat kaise hogi", Rajshri asked concerned
"Main landline par try karti hun", Akshara announced
"Lekin landline toh kharab hai mami", Gayu reminded
"Nahi beta bas hum landline se call nahi kar sakte par uss par call kar sakte hai", said akshara clearing her niece's confusion.


"Itna time ho gaya hai, ab kisike bhi anne ki ummed nahi", Naira told herself as she sat crossed leged on her bed
"Mujhe change kar hi lena chaiye, yeh kapde bahut bhari hai", Naira continued her self talk
"Kissi ko dikhayi nahi diya ke mein nahi hun", Naira continued her rant
"Ab toh mere pet mein chuhe dor rahe hai, pata nahi khane ki khushbo kaha se arahi hai, maan kar raha hai uss par tut paro", Naira told herself
"Neche chali jati hun yaha smell bahut strong hai, I am getting more hungry", Naira exclaimed and walked out the room.

She saw complete darkness surround her, she slowly walked to the stair case. As soon as she was about to take the first step down, a bright light entered her eyes. It wasn't from a bulb or anything a such, but from a projection. She blinked her eyes twice and looked at the picture. It was of her mother carrying a baby which she soon realized was her.

Her mother's voice sounded at the back saying these lines.
"Ek nanhi pari ek din humari zindagi mein ayi, mumma ki woh jaan thi"

Soon the picture changed and her mother was replaced by her father
"Papa ki thi woh pyari se rajkumari"

The next picture was the a young Naksh sitting with baby Naira on his lap and the rest of the family standing around
"Bhaiya aur sab ki woh ladli"

The image changed to that of a smiling toddler
"Uski har muskan se har taraf roshini cha jaye humari zindagi mein"

The next picture toddler Naira had tears in her eyes
"Uske ansu Jo giraye zindagi mein andhera ajaye"

The next picture was of a five year old Naira sitting on Natik's lap, the little girl semmed to have a pout and a teddy bear in her father's hand trying to pacify her
"Teri har khushi par kurban sara jahan humara"

Next was a teenage Naira
"tu jo humein ek din chod jewellery chali gayi tut gaya pyara se ashiyana humara. Kuch bhi phele jaisa na raha tu jo na rahi. Aisa laga har ek ki zindagi mein har taraf andhera cha gaya"

A fully grown Naira appeared on screen
"Tujhe wapas ghar kheech layi sau dauien humari, roshini phir se humare angan ayi"

Next image had Naira and Akshara in one frame but a bit far away.
"Pass ho kar bhi tu dur rahi aisa laga ke mujhe saas aa kar bhi na ayi"

Then was the image of the hug on the dance competition day
"Bahon mein jo tu mere ayi aisa laga jeene ke maine phir mil gaye"
"Congratulations beta I am so happy that you have come a step closer on achieving your papa's dream. Mumma loves you"

The presentation went off
"Mumma", Naira called out in tears
The lights came on and she saw Karthik appearing
"Tum", she said wiping the tears rolling down her cheeks
"Akshara aunty aur baki sab nahi aye, wo unho ne mujhe phone karke yeh sab karne ko kaha. Wo wapas ana chate the but I insisted that they have fun. Waise bhi celebration tumhari gayu Di ka bhi hai and I know you wouldn't want anyone to be unhappy because of you", Karthik told her
"Thank you", Naira replied
"Abhi tak bhuk nahi lagi tumhe", Karthik asked
"Khane mein kuch bhi nahi hai", Naira told him
"Yeh tumse kisne kaha", karthik to her hand and dragged her outside.

The place outside was decorated beautiful with drapes of her favourite colours and chili bulbs lighted the area. And covered dishes arranged at the table under the shade. Karthik released the grip and Naira ran towards the table, uncovering the bowls she found all her favourite dishes, she took in the wonderful aroma and gave a look to Karthik
"Haath mere tha but sare instructions Akshara aunty ke diye hue hai", Karthik replied

Karthik pulled out a chair for Naira and sat on the other one
"Waise tumhe copy karna bahut acha lagta hai", Naira taunted
"Mera matlab hai tum ne ache se dishes copy kiye, aur mere phena hua colour copy kiya", Naira continued
"Dishes ka credit Akshara aunty ko jata hai and mujhe nahi pata tha ke tum blue phen rahi ho, waise bhi blue mera favourite colour hai, tum ne kyun phena, kya mera favourite tumhara favourite ho raha hai", Karthik asked raising an eyebrow
"Tum sapne hi dekhte raho", Naira continued commented
"Kaash mere sapne saach ho jate", Karthik told himself smiling at the image of Naira relishing the dishes. Seeing the content on her face bought satisfaction to his heart
"Naa jane kyun yeh mendak ki tar tar achi lag rahi hai aaj kal", Naira spoke to herself as she raised her head and looked at Karthik.


Hope you guys liked it.
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Aww this was soo cute!!
I hope show mein aisa hi kuch miles!!
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Posted: 2016-08-08T03:36:30Z

Aiyo... jhanvi, its too good re...
Thank you.. thank u ...

An os dedicated for me... im in cloud nine... hugs dear
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Originally posted by ItsmeAish

Aww this was soo cute!!
I hope show mein aisa hi kuch miles!!

Thanks Aish
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Posted: 2016-08-08T11:34:03Z
Originally posted by .LovelyDreamer.

Aiyo... jhanvi, its too good re...
Thank you.. thank u ...

An os dedicated for me... im in cloud nine... hugs dear

Thank you bhi welcome bhi
Thank you for liking it
Welcome for the thank you
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That was so beautiful!!! I loved it.
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Posted: 2016-08-10T03:27:26Z
It's really cuteee!!

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Originally posted by mridhu

That was so beautiful!!! I loved it.

Thanks mirdhu Edited by janvi0513 - 2016-09-01T06:14:13Z
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