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Hi dearies
I am yet again back with another story on RaYa. My friend has wrote this story long back and now i am posting here. Hope you all will enjoy reading it.

Outline of the story - Natasha and Karthik are getting divorced so they want Ram and Priya to separate too. Priya being the biggest assumer that she is has decided to set Ram free from the unwanted relationship. And so has left the Kapoor Mansion.


That Somebody's Me


You...do you remember me?

Like I remember you?

Do you spend your life?

Going back in your mind...to the time



She adjusted her nerves and glanced into the spotless goblet parting of the cafeteria. This could be a big day, she reminded herself before mouthing a silent prayer and exhaling a sigh that smelled of sheer nervousness.


She anxiously tucked the invisible streak of her hair behind her ear and walked towards the reserved table. There he was, sitting in his stuffed shirt manner, sipping the renowned Barista cappuccino all the while glancing at his watch impatiently. He was short and a little bald too for his age, but nothing she could not manage. She had already got her tongue burnt with attraction. And she wasn't going to let it seep in again.  


"Hello", she waited for him to look up before sitting down. The man looked up at the beautiful girl-woman who had made him to wait for more than half an hour. He stood up smilingly and shook hands with her. "Hi...Ashwin...Ashwin Saxena."


"Priya...Priya errr...Sharma", she finished hastily and clicked her tongue. Priya kept her purse on the table and sat down opposite him. She had lately given an advertisement in one of the matrimonial sites and had come across Ashwin's profile that looked interesting and prospective.


30 minutes later


Her jaws pained due to the constant fake smile that she had to stick on her face. When he started again with his supposed rivalry with the GM of his company, she braced herself for other nonsense. The man was so full of himself. Why does she collide with the same type of people all the time?

"You know my uncle worked here in his struggling days, before starting his own telecom company." He finished in one breathe and eyed her proud-fully.

"Your uncle what?"

"Err...It's more of a mobile shop."

Priya rolled her eyes and diverted her gaze somewhere else.


She looked everywhere other than the self indulged man and he hardly noticed. Barista had a big colourful chest of memories for her. The birthday treats during her teen-ages to the college bunking hours were spent around the same corners of the cafeteria. But a lot had changed since then. Gone were the dark brown-cream walls of the place and frosty tumbler fences had taken the charge.


 Her eyes caught a recognized figure near the glass parting and she sucked in sharply. He walked in his accustomed supercilious manner. The evident arrogance dripped from each and every corner of his presence. He strode in, arranging the lapel of his business suit.   


The change in the setting, the varied aroma, the heaviness of her being, everything screamed of his presence. The hair at the back of her neck rose, while the man who haunted her dreams made his presence in flesh and blood.


Her first reaction was to hide herself behind the menu card but he seemed to be confident about her presence. She looked at Ashwin who for a change was immune to his company. She stood up,

"Ashwin, I guess we should leave."

"Why...didn't you like the coffee?"

"No...I mean, I don't like this restaurant. Let us leave this place as soon as possible." She almost jumped.

"But as I was telling you, my uncle loved this place and he was a hard working man."

 She threw a disgusting look at him and stood up in huff making her chair stumble. "Fine! I am leaving." She uttered from between her teeth. Priya rolled on her heels to turn around but instead found herself engulfed in between huge arms as her face collided with a masculine metallic chest. Her lips were bombarded with a rock hard impulsive kiss. "Hey darling."


She stumbled as if a hard wall had hit her. Priya dragged her eyes upwards and deep- brown clashed with jet-black. Her husband stared down into her eyes hauntingly and the corner of his lips twitched in a self satisfactory smile. He left her waist and took a seat in between both of them. Ashwin looked bewildered at the sudden intrusion but what perplexed him more was to find one of the biggest tycoons of the country sitting smugly beside him. He deliberately ignored the fact that the same man had just kissed his date. "Sit", he voice screamed of the same imperativeness that she hated the most about him. Nevertheless, she took her seat, far away from him.


"Sorry guys, I am late. Well did I miss anything?" He looked at the duo as if they were a bunch of college going friends meeting up for their reunion after a long time. "Hel...hello Mr. Kapoor", Ashwin rose up from his "half sitting- half standing" pose and greeted the business magnate. Ram eyed the frog-faced man who was sitting with his wife and ignored his raised hand and leaned towards Priya, "Don't tell me Priya, You are going to marry HIM?" He whispered a little audibly while Ashwin gulped embarrassedly. "I mean just look at him, he has a face that only his mother could love."


Priya stared at him, mortified out of her breath. Ram raised his eyebrow and throwing a perfectly amused look towards the pig-nosed man nodded his head in greeting.


"You know buddy, I can't wait for your wedding reception to show people why I am getting divorced. I am so happy for you.

Ashwin was knocked for six at the revelation. "What? But you had mentioned that you are already divorced." He threw the accuse at her.


"Ashwin...listen I am getting divorced in a month. It doesn't matter if I am not already because nothing is going to change my decision." She said the last part of the sentence looking directly at her husband.


"But darling we had decided to wait before both of us are done with each other's fill. You see buddy we can hardly keep our hands off each other."


Priya gawked at her husband and her ears went warm while Ashwin flinched.


"In-fact its impossible to control her after she gets high on cocaine". Ram laughed adorably and looked at Priya as if she was a 5 year old. Priya picked up the glass of water and sank in her chair. There was nothing stopping her husband now. Moreover, the fool had already bored her so much that she was secretly looking forward to it.


Ashwin was ready to faint when he spoke again in his exaggerated good natured way, "Just one advice, keep your guest list short. You see, she has this very silly habit of ruining the set up with her drunken antics. Her drunken state is just adorable. Less number of people is equal to less mockery."


Priya swallowed hard embarrassedly while Ashwin looked baffled and scandalised. Ashwin, who believed that the women are meant to work in kitchen and not to get drunk at a Russian rave party shouted baffled, "You drink that much?"



"Oh she loves getting drunk. In fact, I will get you your wedding gift, it would be her liquor expanses." 


"You get drunk that often?" Ashwin looked ready to faint. "I think I am done with this meeting." He stood up, looked up into the bill and paid his share leaving an amused Ram behind.


"Arey stop buddy, I didn't mean to scare you. In fact she can't finish off more than 3 champagne bottles at once."

"It was nice meeting you Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor." Ashwin set off.

"I hope you people are successful in building a bigger mountain of debt than the one she left for me already." He shouted to the poor guy who literally ran out of the cafeteria, and then broke into a heavy guffaw to stop only when his eyes met with the livid eyes of his wife.


Before Priya could open her mouth to give him a piece of her mind, He picked up her cup of coffee and took a sip. "Are you stalking me? Because that would be super".  He said, while she was still reeling from the shock.

"Why did you come here?" She looked at him sternly.

"What do you mean why? I came to help the poor guy, he seemed to be in an urgent need of it", he took a sip of the coffee from her cup.

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"What if I ask the same question?"

She stared into his eyes for long, before hers got a little drenched and she moved them away. "Look Mr. Kapoor, we were never meant to be. I have finally realised this and no...I do not blame you for that. It's just that, both of us are very different, we want different things from life. I have always wanted simple things from life, which I know is impossible while staying in this false matrimony with you."


She stopped and looked at him to say something but instead found him listening quietly to her for a change. She began again, "Moreover, you have also given your consent about setting me free. There is nothing left to talk anymore."


There was a momentary silence that stretched till eons before he finally broke it, "I am ready to give you whatever you want. You wanted to move out, I let you. You wanted privacy, I let you have it. You wanted divorce, I am ready. But this one thing, I refuse to give you. I never gave my consent on setting you free and of all the things; I would never set you free from me. Atleast, not before I bring both of us to justice."


"What injustice are YOU talking about Mr. Kapoor? After all, for you our marriage was nothing but a cheek by jowl. We were crammed uncomfortably close in your palace. You had made this clear in the very beginning that ours was a marriage of convenience. Maybe, aren't meant to be together, afterall there had been so many stupidities..."


It was true. Theirs was a marriage of convenience. They had tied the knot only for the two people whom they had loved the most. His sister and her brother. But this forced marriage had pierced the shell that had surrounded her heart and her unwanted husband had made his space in her heart. Space she was sure of not sharing with anybody else, ever. But he didn't feel the same for her. And now that the base of their relation had cracked, she had no rights to keep him tied up in the relationship which was nothing but a stumbling block.


"Everybody does stupid things; it shouldn't cost them everything they want in life." His statement shut her up for good. What was he implying at?

He looked at her with a complete different and unfamiliar look in his eyes. She could misplace it for the "inevitable" only if she hadn't known better.


"What do you want?"

"A  parting gift."

"A  parting gift?"

"Yes, you see Priya, tomorrow is a big day for me, and I have organised this party at Marriots. Since I would want a date for the party, I want you to accompany me."


So this was it. He wanted her for a mere show piece. "I will be there Mr. Kapoor." She nodded her head without looking at him and stood up to leave.

"Priya...", he called her from the back. She turned to look at him as he said, "The dress code for the party is black."






"Kitna hua bhaiya?" she handed the fare to the cabby and walked towards the huge hotel gates hoping nobody had seen her renting a yellow-black cab to reach the venue. Her husband was a big shot and she had learnt to handle the media's attention. She arranged the pallav of her saree to hide the excess skin show that her blouse made. She was mad to listen to Ayesha and wear it to the party. Above all, why did these rich people partied so late at the night. It was so difficult to pacify her mother for leaving the house at 11:30 at night.



 The darbaan with big moustaches opened the gates for her and she returned his smile. The royal setting of the hotel occupied her for a moment. Use of precious stones and golden-brass setting gave it a regal air. The thickly carpeted floor and the expensive galleries that held the paintings from the famous art galleries in the world reflected the same majestic and noble richness that Kapoor Mansion was full of. But it lacked the warmth that she felt in Kapoor Mansion, her home. But that was departing soon.


Priya searched for any prelude that could guide her to the Kapoor's party. Unable to find one she moved towards the huge marble desk of the reception. "Excuse me, could you tell me where the Kapoors hosting their party...err...I...I have an invite."


"Sure ma'am, please give me a second", the receptionist smiled professionally and got busy with her computer. "I am so sorry to inform you ma'am but there is no party organised by Kapoors in our hotel."


"What?" Priya looked at her confusedly. What did she mean there was no such party? Hadn't he invited her for the same? In- fact he had sent a message informing her about the venue. Priya fished out her phone when the receptionist spoke again, "I am sorry again ma'am but are you Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor?"


Priya stopped fiddling with the phone and looked up, "Yes".

"You will have to come with me ma'am, I will drop you to your party", the receptionist left her work immediately and smiled apologetically, while a puzzled Priya followed her.

The steel doors of the elevator opened up at the 26th floor of the hotel and Priya meekly followed the lady. The floor adorned a huge gallery which was connected by flairs of staircases and it hit her suddenly. She was on a private floor that held the private suites of the billionaires of the city. What was she doing here?


They stopped outside a huge door and the receptionist turned towards her. "Mr. Kapoor is waiting for you ma'am. Have a nice weekend." Priya smiled back returning her gesture and dismissing the lady.


Mr. Kapoor? Waiting? In a private suite? What was going on? Where is the party? Priya stood out of the closed door, contemplating with the idea of knocking on it or stepping on her heels and running out of the hotel. She decided to go on with the first idea.




He heard the meek and hesitant knock. A jovial and hopeful smile lighted up his face. She was here, finally. Ram closed his eyes determinedly and stood up. This was the last chance for him. "Come in." She pushed the heavy door and got in.


Darkness was all she found. The lights were turned off and only the distant and frothy lights of the skyscrapers that stood facing the edifice lighted the room through the huge glass wall and gave it a muted appearance. She saw him standing in the far end of the setting lighting up the candles.


"Mr. Kapoor?" she whispered.

He turned to look at her and sucked in her beauty. He had thought precisely. Black had done justice to her beauty and curves, and had accentuated it more only if that was possible. She was not just beautiful but her splendour spoke about divinity. She was beautiful in and out. Maybe that was the reason he had been attracted to her like a moth to fire.


"Where is the party Mr. Kapoor?" She walked hesitantly towards him. Priya tucked the invisible streak of hair that might have fallen on her face behind her ear and stood nervously in the middle of the room while he walked towards her.


"Here it is", he smiled chastely held out his hand for her. She put her palm in his and shivered when he brought it to his lips. "Come."


"You didn't tell me, Where is the party?"


He looked at for a second and came closer. "I told you, this is the party...you and me." Why was he being so nice? What did this mean? What did he expected from her?


"Can I have this dance with the most gorgeous lady in the universe?" She looked up at him with twinkling eyes and his eyes glittered with seven colours. He pressed the remote control and Enrique's soft and lovely voice filled up in the air.




Cuz I walk the streets alone

I feel it on my own,

And everyone can see that I really fell,

And I am going through hell,

Thinking about you with somebody else...


They moved swiftly and he was bewildered to note how beautifully she fitted into his arms, as if she was meant to be there... forever. "This is my favourite song", she smiled. "My favourite too", he smiled gently. He was being so nice, she noted. But wasn't he always like this. She hated to admit but somewhere she had failed to understand him. He was not only nice to her but was the first man who had taught her to fall in love. The man, who had walked by her side, looked into her heart and had swept the floor beneath her.


"Why did you call me here?" she asked after some time, enjoying the last minutes of their togetherness in his arms. "I told you again, for the party." He whispered into her ear sending a cold chill down her spine. The clock struck 12 and his lips twitched in a childish smile. He didn't leave her hand and pulled her with himself. "Where are we going Mr. Kapoor?" He did not answer her and just kept walking.


They reached to the curved balcony with flowered railings and Priya's eyes fell on the centre table that held a cake. "A cake?" she mused audibly and gasped as the realisation struck her. It was his birthday today. She had come across his DOB on their marriage certificate. How could she be so dumb? Why didn't she remember? A new set of apologetic questions lined up in her mind. She looked at him guiltily and he chuckled. "I am so sorry Mr. Kapoor, I don't know how I forgot."


He chuckled again, "Don't worry; you will still be the first one to wish me."


She laughed, "Happy birthday Mr. Kapoor. May god fulfil your every wish and bless you with everything you want." There was a blissful silence between them. "Kya bhagwan mujhe har wo cheeez dega jo mai chahta hoon?"


"Aap ke pass toh pehle se hi sab kuchh hai." She said playfully. Sad lines edged up on his forehead. "Kash...", he looked at her sadly and her heart moved from its place."Come let's cut the cake", she said excitedly and both of them dropped down near the table. She gave him the knife and closed his eyes with her hand. "Make a wish."


He waited for a second and blew the candles. "You know Priya, after maa left I have never celebrated my birthday, but today I did not want to spend it alone." She smiled genuinely.


"Thank you so much for the gift Priya". She mistook his gesture of gratitude as his sarcasm. "I am sorry Mr. Kapoor I could not..."


"Your presence is the biggest gift you can give me" his simple statement broke all the walls she had built around herself for him and she let all her guards down. He held out a piece of cake for her and Priya took a bite happily.


"Marry me Priya...again?"


She stood baffled at the simple statement. Ram moved closer to her and held her hands. "I don't know when this happened? I remember watching your serene face while you slept blissfully on the couch at nights and then I don't remember anything. Maybe it happened when you took out my suites in the morning, or when you scolded me for the unhealthy diet, or maybe when you hid those medicines and sit like nothing happened while I searched the house upside down. I guess it happened when you cared so much for each and every person who was important to me, when you played with Rishab or when you scolded Sid for coming late at nights...Or it happened when I saw you feeling the rain. I love you Priya. I know it sounds basic but it is as basic as my life.


 Tears fell from her eyes as the revelation sank in. He loved her so much and here she was ready to sacrifice her love for the sake of his never existing hitch. He did not want separation, he loved her. She hid her mouth in her hands to stop herself from crying out loud. She had wanted to hear this since so long and now when their relationship was breathing its last he had finally opened his heart to her. But what if he had second thoughts?


"Don't you want to rethink about your decision?"


"When you realise you want to spend your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"


"What makes you think that I care for you?" She unsuccessfully tried to sound amused.


He grinned before replying, "You want divorce. You never demanded for annulment, knowing-fully well that we have not consummated our marriage."


"You can't give up being unwise?" she blushed.


"History tells us, that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all the alternatives."


"So? Are you done with spoiling the moment for me?" He grinned. She laughed with him as he dropped on his knees. "Let me make this a perfect start. Will you grace my life with your presence and make me the happiest person alive?" She stopped laughing and tears again tickled down her cheeks unabashedly.

"A hundred times over." She said and he took her in his arms.


Moments later


She picked up the towel from her lap and kept back on the table as they finished their dinner. He grinned when the door bell rang again. "Time for sweet dish."

"I already had so much of the cake..."


"But you wouldn't want to miss this." He uncovered the lid to reveal kesar kulfis, her favourite. She exclaimed happily and polished off her part greedily. She couldn't notice and an adorable smudge of the melted fraction of the Kulfi lined above her lips. Before Priya could lick it off, a warm touch of a  thumb caressed her upper lips sending her into chills and warmth at the same time. She looked up to stare into the blazing eyes of her husband who seemed to be done with patience and persistence.


"Maybe you can still give me a gift." he whispered suggestively. Her ears grew warm and cheeks flushed. Ram did not know if she could get redder and he chuckled at her state."I guess, we will have to take one step at a time." He kissed her forehead and enclosed her in his arms.


"What if I am ready for the next step?" She spoke up in his chest after a while.



Few seconds later



She knew she had caught him off guard. Truth to be spoken, she did not know why she had spoken that. Maybe, the serenity of the situation and the overwhelming evening had compelled her but she knew one thing that there was no turning back. Certainly not now. They were mates and this new step would give new definitions to their relationship. She believed him.


Priya gasped as his feathery touches left a trail of burning sensation at her visible skin. His hands and lips made their way to certain undefined places she never knew could bring such pleasure. She held him for support as her knees gave in and he dipped his lips deeper and harder into the hollowness of her neck. She had imagined herself in his arms a thousand times but had never thought of the zeal it could produce.


Ram knew it was her first and unleashed the beast that had emerged into him. He picked her up in his arms and moved towards the bed. They were going to have a long night tonight.


The moon hid into the clouds awarding seclusion to the new found soul mates. But the stars witnessed the entwined bodies as they danced in the most erotic dance of passion and pleasure.




Somebody wants you, somebody needs you,


Somebody dreams about you every single night,


Somebody can't breathe, without you it's lonely


Somebody hopes that one day you will see.


That somebody's me.

The End

By Aparajita

I am sure you had a great time in reading this one shot on Ram Priya. Do hit the like button and comment. I will be waiting for the feedback.

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Posted: 2016-08-05T03:33:33Z
one of the most beautiful os I have ever read. superb writing. thanks for posting. love you RaYa.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-08-05T03:35:13Z
Sooo romantic yaar plsss tell ur friend to write more os aanchal plsss if possible plss continue also atleast one more part plsss
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Posted: 2016-08-05T03:59:41Z
nice n long os...lv it.
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Posted: 2016-08-05T04:16:12Z
Nice, lengthy, and soo romantic.  
Please write more. 
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Posted: 2016-08-05T10:08:26Z
beautiful n romantic os..
if possible write one more part..
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Posted: 2016-08-05T13:52:20Z
Seriously That was the best OS I come across, it was fantastic, enjoyed it thoroughly. The scenes were perfectly written, it was a pleasure to read it. The way Ram scare Ashwin off was too good and the last scene, I must say it was incredible. Loved it too much and love the comic timings. Please do write more. 
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Posted: 2016-08-06T04:52:53Z
lovely and romantic os... both emotions r well written...
do write more...
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