Virika OS: Drunk Love

Posted: 3 years ago

A/N: Hey there, here's a new one-shot, this one was requested by Amritha. It takes place immediately after that scene where Jeevika gets drunk and imagines herself shooting Karan - except something more cutesy and less intense than you'd think. Basically pure fluff, that doesn't really go anywhere but just hopefully fun to read! :D

Also, I had previously decided that I wasn't gonna take Virika OS requests anymore but now that (I think) I'm done with my list, I'll continue to take any you have if I manage to come up with something for them :) Happy reading!

Virika OS: Drunk Love


She was intoxicated and it had been half-amusing at first, watching her declare her love for him in front of everyone atop the trailer and then as she giggled, pretending to shoot the toy gun at Virat. But then somewhere along the line, fantasy had blurred into reality and she had stiffened in front of him, eyes welling up with tears of terror and fury. The gun in her hands quivered with the force of her emotions, yet now she held it pointed directly at Virat's chest with grave purpose. "Karan, I'm telling you, stop!"

Viren froze, his gaze shifting to his aunt, who now stared at Jeevika with shock etched in her aging features.

"Karan, stop or I'll shoot!" she continued and he quickly attempted to grab the gun away from her before she could inflict any more damage, "Jeevika, what are you saying?" but she continued to scream out her threats, shaking him off. "Jeevika, let go...Jeevika let go..." but when she refused to listen, he yelled at her this time, "Jeevika, let go!" spinning her around to face him. He pulled the gun away from her, keeping his hold tight, "What happened to you?" Seeing the real fear in her eyes, he smoothed back her hair tenderly, "What happened?" When she collapsed into tears, he pulled her towards him, holding her tight, as though he could protect her from the curious stares of all the onlookers, Badi Maa's condemning gaze - he felt like he had when she had first told him of Karan's murder - helpless.

All he could do was stroke back her hair and murmur soothing words to calm her down, supporting her as he got her into the trailer. "Give us a few minutes," he told his mother, who nodded worriedly. He half-dragged his wife into the back, drawing the curtains over the windows for a bit of privacy as he soothed her, pulling her half into his lap, "Jeevika, you're okay, you're okay, just breathe," he repeated over and over again, though he wasn't entirely sure if the words were more for her benefit or for his. He recalled the nights she had suffered from terrible dreams, reliving the night she and Manvi had been attacked by Karan. He had hoped this little trip had cured her of them, but obviously that little toy gun had triggered the memory back.

"Virenji...Karan..." she gasped between convulsions.

"Karan's not here. He can't hurt you ever again, that I promise you," he reassured her softly, rubbing gentle circles over her back, "And you didn't kill him either, remember that, okay? That wasn't you. And Karan's gone, so shhh..."

He pressed his lips to the top of her head, hoping to lull her to sleep, but after a minute or so, she sat up, rubbing at her eyes like a small child and asked innocently, her previous fears apparently forgotten, "Virenji, why am I sitting on you?"

He ran a hand through his hair, smiling despite his concern for her, "Because I was taking care of you."

"But I'm not a small child to be sitting in your lap," she frowned, cocking her head to one side, playing with the collar of his shirt.

He coughed, eyeing her warily, "No, you're definitely not..."

"I like sitting in your lap."

He didn't know what to say to that, but attempting not to laugh, he said, "Jeevika, go to sleep."

"But I'm not tired," she shrugged, wriggling closer. He sucked in a deep breath, now a little strained by the fact that she was practically straddling him and that she was drunk and that their family stood just outside.

"Jeevika..." While he was glad she had recovered from her prior state of emotions, he wasn't entirely sure what to do with this newfound boldness.

"Virenji..." she mimicked his stern tone, "This is all your fault, you know."

"It is?" he was not entirely sure what she was referring to.

"Yes, you're always trying to romance me," she replied in an aggrieved manner, "And I always tell you, "Virenji, let go of me, Virenji, I have work to do..." and you never listen!"

"I thought you liked it when I romanced you?" he inquired with a small grin.

"That's not important!" she protested, shaking her head sternly, "Why can't I romance you instead?"

He stared, flabbergasted. "Er...well...if you ever want to...I'm not going to stop you..."

"Oh, good. How about now?" she leaned forward, tracing the curve of his ear with her finger.

He almost choked, "I don't think now's a good idea, Jeevika..."

"Why not? When I tell you that, you never listen to me," she pouted, with a toss of her head, her finger sliding down his neck. He stopped its progress and held her back at a safe distance, "Jeevika, meri jaan, my love, I promise when we get home and we're in our bedroom, you can romance me all you want, okay? Because we need to get home now, and your sister and my brother and everyone else are going to come in here at any moment..." as he spoke in a placating tone, he also managed to shift her off his lap and into the seat next to him instead, putting an arm around her, "But for now, can you try and go to sleep, please? For me?" Hopefully the effects of the alcohol would wear off by then.

"Okay, fine," she yawned, "But when we get home..."

"Yes, yes, you can do whatever you want with me then," he stifled a chuckle, rubbing her back until he felt her relax and droop, her breathing turning even and soft.

Virat and Manvi tottered into the trailer next. Viren put a finger to his lips to shush them and they nodded, mimicking the action at each other, before sliding into the seats in the middle. The rest of the family followed, one by one, and then the driver and they took off. Viren couldn't see his aunt from where he sat, but he dearly hoped she wouldn't dwell over the events of the day. Just as he wanted to protect his wife, he wanted to protect her too. She had been through so much, she didn't deserve any more pain in her life.

Neither did Jeevika...although...she'd be waking up with an ear-splitting headache when they got home, he thought with some amusement. Not to mention, a great deal of mortification.



Jeevika rubbed at her head when she woke, snug in her bed in her robe. How had she gotten there? She couldn't remember a thing past from when she'd been sipping at her drink...wait, she remembered something about standing on top of their trailer...?

Oh dear. This felt a lot like when she'd woken that morning on their honeymoon after she'd gotten drunk off a cocktail.

"Ah, you're awake!" Viren entered the room cheerfully with a glass of water. He handed it to her and she drank it obediently, before asking with some unease, "Virenji, what happened...?"

"You don't remember?" he grinned and she shook her head, feeling even more self-conscious. "You were drunk. Turns out the guy who brought us our drinks switched up our order with his other customers..."

"Oh, no," she put a hand to her head, "How bad was I?"

Viren's smile fell a little. He wasn't sure how much to tell her yet, but for the time being, he decided it would be best to not mention how she had reacted to the toy gun, instead leaving that for when she felt a little better.

"Oh, you were fine," he said casually, "You even mentioned how much you wanted to romance me when we got home..."

"I did what?" she looked horrified, then turned to bury her blushing face into her pillow.

"I had no idea you felt that way, Mrs. Vadhera," he chuckled into her ear, "You were determined to romance me alone in the back of that trailer all on your own-" she chucked a pillow at him and he laughed, pulling her into his arms, "Oh, don't worry, no one saw, but me...I know alcohol can get you to say or do uncharacteristic's fine."

"I can't believe I actually said that," she shook her head into his chest.

"Well, I told you if you ever wanted to romance me, I certainly wouldn't stop you," he grinned and she pushed him off with her hands, blushing even harder, "Virenji!"

"What?" he switched their positions so that he was now seated with his back to the headboard and she was on his lap, "Now, doesn't this feel a little familiar?"

She hid her face with her hands, mortified.

"Hey, I'm only teasing," he chuckled, pulling her hands away from her face, "You never have to feel embarrassed around me, you understand?"

"No matter how I behaved in the morning...that wasn't really me," she reminded him.

"I know. You're my shy, sweet little wife who only pretends to run away when I try to romance her," he teased, leaning his forehead against hers, until she smiled too and broke away from his hold.

He let her go clean up in the bathroom, watching her retreating form. He loved her more than anything else in the world - with and without all her inhibitions - and although he'd never take advantage of her while she was drunk...well, he certainly wouldn't hesitate when she was sober, he grinned to himself, following her in and picking her up from behind amidst her squeals and giggles.

He was drunk in love for her.

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Posted: 3 years ago
Serah! A big hug from me for writing this!!!!Hug
I'm so happy!!!Big smile
I really loved this OS...I wanted this particular scene to be a light hearted one and you nailed it!Clap
The way Viren consoled jeevika...and jeevika wanted to romance with him! Aww! Cute!Embarrassed
And her innocent questions abt her drunk cute that wud have been??? Especially with Jeevika's adorable expressions and Viren's smirk...Wink
Thank god he didn't disclose abt the "shoot" drama
The last part was d most adorable one of this whole osHeart
Thanks a lot serah for writing this besides ur schedule! Hug
Luv ya! HeartU rock!Star
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Posted: 3 years ago
awesome OS .
loved it

(I really hated that bua )
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Posted: 3 years ago
beautiful OS
awe jeevika got drunk & confess her love for viren in front of everyone Wink
loll she even tried to romance with viren ROFL
virika moment was really cute Embarrassed
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Posted: 3 years ago
The title has got me in a mood to listen to Beyonce! 
Loved the update!
Drunk Jeevika and drunk Viren both are so adorable. But drunk Jeevika has a way completely different personally. And I loved replaying that in my mind.
 When Jeevika declared that she was going to romance Viren, it surprised me so much! So cute! But Viren being the absolute gentleman, did the right thing. There is a need for a lot more Virenjis in this world! 
Also the scene where Manvi and Virat come onto the bus and Viren signals them to be quiet,and they mimic his actions, that made me reminiscent of EHMMBH. They would have done exactly that on the show. This shows how much of attention you pay to even the tiniest of details. 
Great job! You'll certainly make an excellent writer.

Can't wait to read more of your work!
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Posted: 3 years ago
Absolutely loved this OS!
Drunk Virika are so cute, especially Jeevika.
This brought back all the EHMMBH memories, in fact I watched all Virika drunk scenes after reading this.
The way Viren calmed Jeevika was so sweet and then Jeevika wanting to romance Viren was so cute.

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Posted: 3 years ago
Was searching some latest stories on Virika and found ur os...loved it...i still miss Virika...loved naughty Virika and jeevika was too adorable especially when she is drunk...i always wished the in the show makers shud hav shown how viren pacified jeevika after that but somehow u fulfilled my wish...plz do pm me if u write more stories on Virika
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Posted: 3 years ago
My behnaaa!!!!
Your the one of the most beautiful writer of Virika!!
Whenever you write something about them, you make me feel like i am watching virika. Its just so blisss... Ehmmbh has over, but your writing always makes me remember them.
I just loveeeddd the way you make the drunk scene so different, just loved it!
Words are so lesss to describe your updates !!!!
Your a Phenomenal, mindblowing, awesome, superb writer.
Cant wait to read more of your OS!!!
&&& sorry for being inactive!
Thank you for always sending me PM :)
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