Sanaya's B'day celebration preparatory thread 2016

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Its that time of the year again!!

You all got it right It's sanaya's birthday coming and this time also we have to make the celebration grand Wait not grand,

We have to make it grandest this year for our girl.

So help us to make this thread grand and a success with your help by sending your wishes,gifts,poems and anything else you can think off!

We are with open arms inviting all the Sanaya fans around the world to join hands with us to make her special day even more special!!
So do share your views and suggestions as they are always welcome!! Hug

All the creative people around here who are so talented with making siggies, avis and VMs its your time to shine!! Embarrassed There is simply no limits in size, designs, number or anything!! You have free rein to allow your creativity to flow!! Star

We will collect every beautiful wish together and put them together in one thread!


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Hey all you lovely people!!! So we're getting ready for the big day again! As you all know, our gorgeous girl Sanaya's birthday is coming up next month. We want her birthday thread to be bigger and better than all the previous years, as she's coming back after a long gap! 
First of all We will answer a set of basic questions members may have.

1. When will the main thread for Sanaya's birthday will be made?
It will be made on the day before her birthday and will be made a GA topic at midnight of her birthday.

2. Will the birthday wishes reach Sanaya?
This year is Sanaya's first birthday as a married lady, and fortunately for us, her dear hubby Mohit is on twitter! So we will send him the link to her birthday thread, and since both Sanaya and Mohit do visit IF, we are pretty sure she will see it! Dancing

So here is your chance to tell our angel just how much you love her and adore her!! Star 
Also same team from last year is here. So you already know and saw how much she loved everything we sent her last year!! Heart So go all out as we will do better this year!! Hug

3. Last date for sending gifts, messages and wishes.

There are different deadlines for each section.

1. Basic wishes -1st September 2016
This is what you would like to write down as a written wish and can include ONE siggy, and/or ONE poem as a birthday wish section.
2. One Liners -1st September 2016
The single line cute confession of a Sanayaholic!! Embarrassed

Gifts that are separate from the basic wish. These you prepare as a gift for her OTHER THAN THE WISH you send in. 
3. Siggies and/or poems (OK we draw a line 25 max by one member!LOL) - 5th September 2016
4. VMs -7th September 2016 (unlimited amount by a single member is welcomeStar)

Please adhere to these deadlines because we people have to make the official thread also and lots of work is required there , so hurry up. Embarrassed

4. What kind of gifts can we share? (Remember this is separate from the wishes)
All kinds of siggies, avis, VMs, birthday poems, songs you write for her and ANYTHING under the sun u want to gift to her through this thread! 

5. Any limit to the word counts for a birthday message?
Not at all! Go all out and it will be our pleasure to accommodate all the love you guys shower on our angel!

6. Are Sanaya only creations allowed? Or can we include MoNaya, ArShi, PaRud/ SanJai stuff too?
Yes only Sanaya stuff are allowed. If you need to maybe actually use a pic with a couple in it, you can do it BUT PLEASE keep these to the minimum, this is a celebration of the beautiful girl we love, for herself.. So let's love her for herself.. And honestly come on she is more than enough guys!! She will keep your hands full! Enjoy going all out!Hug

AND VMs theme should focus on Sanaya/Khushi/Gunjan/Paro and NOT any couple. 

7. Whom to send these to?
click on the PM icon given next to each username I have given within brackets and send the relevant category message to them very easily! Big smile

1. Birthday wishes that may include written messages, and max 1 siggie - To Shivi (
-Zesty-   )
2. Poems as gifts - To Guinea (Guinea   ) 
3. Siggies[Animated/Non-Animated] & Avi's for b'day gifts (any other siggies u make other than the one u will send with the main birthday wish to Shivi should come to Dia di) - To Dia ( 
DiyaS  ) 
4. B'day VMs - Anisha (
Anisha.   )
5. One Liners -To Sunara ( 
princessunara  )

8. Can I send more than one type of gifts?
Of course! You can send her birthday wish AND any amount of any types of gifts varying from poems to siggies to VMs and we would accept them all!

9. What you should include with each wish/gift?

Please send your IF username AND your real name in each and every PM you send so that when Sanaya reads these she will know who exactly wished her!!

Finally if any of you have any queries please openly ask on this thread and if not possible to do that feel free to message Dia di (DiyaS),To Shivi (-Zesty-), Guinea (Guinea) 

(But asking on the thread is actually WAYYY preferable cz u will have all of us available at the same time to help Embarrassed)
We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

BUT please title all your queries as - QUESTION ABOUT SAN'S BIRTHDAY.

So send us all the things before time expires. We are all looking forward to put them all together and try to impress our special girl and make her happy on her special day!!!

So get to work girls and boys and ladies and gentlemen!! Hug

Any amendments/new info would be added under this point in 2nd post! So keep checking and joining in the fun! Hug
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Posted: 2016-08-04T10:13:35Z
Send your presents directly to Sanaya at this address:

505 DLH Park, 
S. V. Road, Goregaon (West), 
Mumbai - 400 062 
Maharashtra - INDIA.

Tel: +91 22 30060000

Twitter Trending Information

DPS to be used for twitter 

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Posted: 2016-08-04T10:14:27Z
Sanaya Birthday VMs

Hey Sanayaholics! It that time of the year again!

 Please send all  VMs  to me by 7th September 2016

Please title your PMs as SANAYA's BIRTHDAY VM.

I have faced challenges with youtube blocking VMs with scenes from Sanaya's shows due to copyrights. So you could use vimeo, google drive, daily motion or FB to upload your VMs and send me the link.
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Posted: 2016-08-04T10:31:55Z
Hello people ..

Send birthday wishes for san to me ... this very account and title it as - san's Bday wishes!

Any queries, do ask here only..

Thank you!Edited by -Zesty- - 2016-08-06T05:40:39Z
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Posted: 2016-08-04T10:33:02Z
Hey all you lovely people!!! Big smile

As noted above, please send all siggies, Avi's and other such creations (if I'm missing anything) to me by the deadline given above. Get your best creative hats on, and get to work!!! 

VMs go to Anisha ... I am collecting  siggies and avi's. 

Please title your PMs as SANAYA's BIRTHDAY SIGGIE (in capitals) so that I don't miss them in my Inbox. LOL
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Posted: 2016-08-05T05:03:39Z
So excited for Sanaya's birthdayDancing
Can anyone tell me where I can upload vm for  her birthday? YouTube keeps blocking my vm's. So are Google drive or vimeo the only option? 
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Posted: 2016-08-05T05:57:21Z
Originally posted by Puma18

So excited for Sanaya's birthdayDancing
Can anyone tell me where I can upload vm for  her birthday? YouTube keeps blocking my vm's. So are Google drive or vimeo the only option? 

Youtube will block videos with scenes from her shows due to copyright infringement ... Dead

So the options are vimeo and Google drive. 

If we get the vms  in time, we will try to make a DVD and send it to her ... but can't promise that right now Tongue
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