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W E L C O M E   T O   A T    #2   OF
K A R T H I K    K A P O O R    &    N A I R A      S I N G H A N I A 

When Princess meet her Frog Prince 

Gangga  mein  mili ek mendak ko ek mendaki... 

Tabse shuru hogayi hai  us mendak aur mendaki ki prem kahaniyaan...

A R T H I K  &  N A I R A  

 { KaIra  /  ShivIn  }

Their meeting happened at the holy place Rishikesh, where they meet accidentally and from there their fights starts, they cant stand with each other even at mere seconds. Even so, Karthik become the Knight in Shining Armor of Naira whenever she end up in problem. Although independent Naira hates it but somehow Karthikkeep on becoming her saviour. 

Time flies and Karthik starts having feelings for Naira. Their encounters continued to Udaipur too where Karthik become Naitik employee and he gets to know Naira is his Boss long lost daughter. Seeing Naira's cold behaviour towards Akshara, Karthik decided to mend mother-daughter relationship. Karthik one-sided love grows day by and Naira rude behaviour towards Karthik too. 

zikr tumhara jab jab hota hai

dekho na aankhon se

bheega bheega pyaar beh jaata hai

Few incidents had make Naira seeing Karthik as a good person while Karthik determined to shove away all the sadness of Naira.  

Will love blossoms in Naira's heart ??

Will Karthik succeed in making Naira fall for him ?

Karthik k adhura prem kahani adhuri ri rahega ?

Huaa nahi pehle kabhi ye

Chhuaa nahi dil ko kisi ne

Har aarzoo tu hi, chain-o-sukoon tu hi

Main to kahoon tu hi hai zindagi

Karthik (Mohsin Khan)

Karthik is an extrovert character, jovial and very honest person. Although raised inrich family, he left his family for some unknown reason and working in Naitikcompany and staying as PG at Naira's grandmother house. 

 He is very straigtforward.  He loves Naira so much and want to shove away all hersadness. Karthik earns respect and love by his own. He is mesmerized everyone withhis charm except his lady love, Naira. 

Naira  (Shivangi Joshi)

Naira is an independent girl who left house at the early age for somemisunderstanding. She is very responsible and sometimes rude too. She fights for thetruth and loves her father so much.  She hates her mother because of somemisunderstanding. 

She loves to dance and decides to join Dance Academy. She feels Karthik is such apain and trying really hard to get rid of him. 


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M o h s i n K h a n 

S h i v a n g  i   J o s h i

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Kaira OS - Love Misunderstandings and Destiny : http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4677351


KaIra SS - Sorrys and slow dances  : http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4664415


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Congo Shongo to new AT 
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Yaaayyy new AT Congo guys Dancing
Super awesome title Heart
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seems thr r no yrkkh segment today Ermm
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Congratzz on the new AT guys.. DancingParty
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