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Posted: 6 years ago

Hello everyone, and a warm welcome to you all to the forum for Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa Season 9. We're sure everyone's going to have a great time here!

Before we begin, please take some time out to go through the global IF rules and the rules from the Avatar and Signature Shop section which are applicable forum wide.

India-Forums.com- Participation Guidelines & Rules

*ATTN.- Guidelines/Rules/Specifications/etc*

Moderation: Not everyone on the Development Team has moderating powers. Coolbies  do NOT fall under the category of moderation as they only provide timely updates to the forum. The moderation chain is as follows: Viewbies > Moderators > Channel Moderators > Global Moderators. Your first point of contact would be the section Viewbie or Moderator as they take care of the day to day happenings in the forum. If you have any issues regarding moderation, you can escalate them to the Channel Moderators/Global Moderators, but any other issues need to be brought to the Section Development Team [Viewbies and Moderators] first. If you feel that the response by the Section DT is unsatisfactory, please address the issue through PMs to the respective DT member or to the CM/GM, but please don't argue on the post/open new posts and disrupt the atmosphere of the forum.

The Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa Development Team are as follows:

Viewbies: Bobbi. , munnihyderabad

Moderators: Angel-Jot. ,  devashree_h

Channel Moderator: Artemisia,

Global Moderators: *Shruti*, Aahaana, gk_09,  mango,

Introducing Yourself:All newbies and other general Members of this forum, introduce yourselves in this one common thread {LINK TO BE POSTED HERE}  instead of opening separate intro topics.

Use the help desk: Any queries or doubts regarding the show or the forum or contestants or any other issues, use this  {LINK TO BE POSTED HERE} thread .Every member of the forum can cooperate in this thread and help the members having doubts.

Sharing Personal Information: This has been brought up time and time again. Do not share your personal information with others on the net. If you are sharing any information with an unknown person you are doing that at your own risk. The conversation that takes place in private messages, facebook, messenger between two people is between them and not to be shared in the open forum.

Regarding Spoilers/Eliminations: Members are requested not to post spoilers randomly. To reduce the clutter of repetitive threads and make it easier for members , the DT will open and maintain the spoiler thread. All nonessential posts or chatting will be deleted.

Insulting/Abusive Posts: We have always asked forum members to refrain from making posts  that are abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic enough to affect the sentiment of another member. Making any personal attacks or derogatory names calling against members and actors is NOT acceptable.  Constructive Criticism about the show is allowed but avoid bringing in other shows/actors who are not part of the show. Members have difference of opinion, no doubt. You can't expect all the fingers of one hand to be same can you? You are free to raise your opinions not forgetting limits of decency. Things can be said in a more civilized manner rather than being brutal. If you do not like a actor, criticize the character within limit using appropriate language and do not resort to using foul abusive words.

Now the question arises what is the difference between constructive criticism and bashing, constructive criticism is where a member voices their opinion without the use of foul, derogatory or insulting language and are able to state without subjugation where they have derived their opinion from.

For example ' I think Person A was really crap today and they cannot act to save their life' this is not constructive criticism however 'I think Person A could have portrayed themselves better if they had put more  emotion into their feelings for example when they stated...' this is constructive criticism and will be allowed on the forum.

Name Calling Posts:  While criticizing something, there are times when members tend to go overboard and use certain derogatory and downright offensive words which shouldn't be used for any celebrity/member/DT member. Please remember that any derogatory references, or name calling any person [celeb/member/DT member] goes against the IF CoC as well as the forum rules, and strict action will be taken against those who indulge in it. On every forum we do like to call actors by Nicks or join names together, whilst this is allowed, please make sure just nicks are not insulting or deemed to be derogatory to their respective fans.  So name calling such as 'Miss Ego',  'Nautanki' or 'Miss Mahaan' (these are examples) will not be tolerated on the forum.  Members are asked to refrain from calling members name as well, for example do not call others bashers, haters etc.

Bringing physical attributes into discussion: Many have been found to do the same at times even indirectly. Such negative posts are strict NO. Anyone now onwards if found making negative posts on physical appearances of a actor will face strict action, even indirect mention of the matter will NOT be entertained.

Multiple IDs/MIDs:  Refrain from making MIDs, especially to bash celebrities/members. If anyone is seen to engage in such activities, the original ID will get a warning level raise and MIDs will be banned, without further question.

That being said, not every newbie is an MID - some are genuine members so do NOT attack members who belong to newbie ladder by generalising them as MIDs. If members suspect MID they are requested to contact DT. We will look into the matter but under no circumstances are members allowed to bully newbies or groupbies claiming them as  MIDs in the forum.

Personal Attacks/Sarcastic Comments/Assumptions: If members come across a POV which you do not agree with, try to ignore the post or simply state your own POV saying "I disagree with you for so and so reason" instead of saying "Just stop your nonsense" or 'if you think this then you are dumb'. I-F is a discussion forum at the end of the day and everyone is allowed to post their views without the threat of feeling that they will be attacked for their opinions, just like you are allowed to say what you think so is the next person.  But with that in mind you are to make sure your comments are constructive and not instigative to cause arguments on the forum.

Please refrain from making assumptions regarding other people or fan groups.  Comments such as 'Fan group of A always starts fights and they expect us to take it' or 'Fangroup of A always make a ruckus when things don't go their own way' 'Fangroup of A think they are better than us'  comments like this will only leads to arguments and it is for the betterment of the forum that members refrain from making such assumption. Remember, both hands are needed to clap. Therefore, you are equally responsible.

Also refrain from making comments which allude to members of the forum being better behaved/fan groups acting in a manner or conducting themselves in certain manner, this indirectly alludes to state that other members or fan groups are either behaving in this manner or not, which obviously would cause other members to feel targeted and could be seen as an insult.

Having stated that, this applies to PM's as well. Members are not to target one another via PM service/scrap, stretching the matter to a topic getting closed in forum. That is against rules as well as it comes under personal attacks based on one's likes/dislikes. I-F is a discussion portal and one should keep in mind to draw lines between generalization and personal attacks. This includes threatening members regarding personal life as well. Everyone likes to feel safe. Threatening members of the forum via PM service or any other avenues constitutes as cyber bullying, not only is this not allowed on India-forums, such actions are unlawful and stringent action will be taken against members who conduct themselves in this manner.

Comparison Topics/Instigating Posts:  Comparison to do with episodes is allowed, for example if there are two dance off on the episode if someone makes a posts stating which of the dances they liked best and why, this discussion will be allowed.  But general posts which states who is the better dancer, who has the most fan following, which couple look better, who is more supportive etc are NOT allowed as these are more general and would ultimately lead to arguments.  But whilst making such a topic the member has to be sure that their posts is without malice or bias and would enable all parties to out their case forward, but whilst doing that another actor is not put down to make your point.

Counter-Posting: Refrain from making counter posts on the forum, for example if you see a post which you feel you do not agree with in believe to be insulting/instigatory or abusive, DO NOT then go on create another topic in relation to it counter arguing the post maker, this only leads to further disrests and more arguments breaking out in the forum.Don't say other fan-group/member were started it and what you did was in retaliation to that. You are responsible for your own actions and the circumstances are insignificant there. If you have any issue with regards to any member contact the section Dev Team. If you come across any posts which you believe are not in accordance with the JDJ COC just REPORT and let the moderators of the section handle the situation.

Moral Policing: There is absolutely NO need for anyone to go about preaching on the forum. You cannot go around telling members that 'since you are a fan of ___, you cannot make topics against ___ or on that couple.'  There is a reason that DT are in this forum, please leave the rule enforcement to us. So please, don't tell members what to do, and what not to do and don't tell members what to post and who to post it on. Only the DT is allowed to do that. Any such posts or comments will result in strict action being taken against the offender.

Past Seasons/Previous Contestants: This is the discussion forum for JDJ Season 9, refrain from posting pictures and/or discussing previous seasons/performances/contestants/celebrities.  Any such posts seen on the forum will be closed, repeated rule breakers will have further action taken against them.

Profanity and Foul Language: Please refrain from  swearing or using profanities by misspelling or letter substitutions to bypass censoring . Do not post lewd or offensive content, or links to any such content.

Do not make fun of anyone's writing style: Please do not make fun of the way someone writes on the forum. None of us hold Ph D in the English language, and many of us are still learners; so it would be best if we encourage everyone and refrain from mocking anyone's writing style.

Personal lives & Non Jhalak Topics: This section is only intended for the discussion of the show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa and topics related to it. Any topics or posts about the personal lives of the actors or makers outside the show will NOT be allowed unless it has a clear and direct relationship to the show. Any topics or posts judging or commenting on the personal life of the actors will not be allowed.

Issues from FaceBook/Twitter/Social Media/Other Forums: Do not drag in fights/issues from Facebook/Twitter/etc over to this forum. We are not interested in demeaning anyone here neither are we interested in those fan wars so whatever happens on Facebook/twitter or other sites should be dealt there only and not here. That being said, we do allow you to share tweets/FB updates from the cast/crew of the show, but please do not bring in their issues or discuss them.

Do not promote other sites/forums on I-F. You want to share link of the site with your friends you can do it via PM. Any site or blog demeaning the celebrity and link given to the same in the signature or on the forum is NOT allowed. For more information refer -

External Content from Social Networking Sites

Morphed Pictures and Signatures: Please refrain from posting fake or morphed images intended to defame/ ridicule /abuse any celebrity &/member. This includes posting animal images with the intent to be sarcastic and bash any member/celebrity. Any morphing OR merging faces of celebrities onto existing (original) pictures from other sources are STRICTLY prohibited on india-forums.com. It highly violates the copyrights of the original picture and such activity will not be tolerated! If anyone is seen to engage in such activity will receive raise in W/L without any further question. Furthermore, those morphed creations will be removed from the posts, immediately once it comes into the development team's attention.  Signatures attacking taking dig at any fandom will not be tolerated. Also, please remember to keep your signatures to a specific size, as large signatures cause the page to lag. For more information refer

ATTN: Signature/Avatar Size - Guidelines

Editing Titles: If the DT has edited a post and/or title, you are NOT allowed to re-edit the DT's comment/edit, as that constitutes as breaching of the forum rules. Anyone found to be doing so will be severely reprimanded, and repeated offenses may result in serious consequences.

Duplicate Posts: Do check the last 4-5 pages of the forum before making a post to see whether or not the topic has been posted already.  Refrain from making duplicate topics regarding the same issue/point on the forum, this is so discussion can remain concise and the the forum is run more efficiently, also members will not then have to post the same discussion on several threads.  This is also lead to an increase in discussion as its not spread out all over the forum in different threads.  It is not the quantity of posts on the forum but the quality that matters.  All posts of similar nature will be merged with the previous post. Continuous disregard will lead to warnings.

Organising Contests: If you have ideas to spice up the forum with contests, please contact the section DT for permission regarding the same. Do not go about hosting contests without DT permission else your contest may be cancelled.

Spamming/Chatting/Quoting: Do not spam with just emoticons/numbers/gibberish to increase post count/pages. Don't to start your personal chats in threads opened for various subjects/discussion topics. Please try to stick to the topic title when posting replies in discussion threads - chatting in discussion topics is NOT allowed.

It has been noticed people are making posts with very long quotes, try to avoid this as it makes the pages lag due to the large amount  of quoting and takes longer time for page to load. Instead use the @ sign and write the name of the person you wish to reply to if you want to reply to various people.  QUOTING in order to save the evidence is NOT allowed. YES. You can quote/ screen shot but you are NOT allowed to quote and post in a thread you are not supposed to be posting in. If you are found quoting a post and posting it in the forum instead of PMing the Mods, your WL will be raised.

Appreciation Thread: Appreciation threads are to be used to praise and appreciate particular favorite actor/actress/celebrity. All discussions related to actor's/actress performance, looks, style and personality can be confined to ATs. Please don't use the AT's as a forum to bash/mock/discuss other celebrities/members, discuss what is happening on the forum or elsewhere on IF or other social networking sites, basically keep it related to what the AT is about. Furthermore, only singular AT's for the contestants/judges/hosts will be allowed, members will not be allowed to make 'couple' 'joined' AT's for contestants on the forum.  Any such AT's created will be closed.

a. Chatting: Members seem to be more into chatting so please reduce the personal chatting because we do have a chat club for that purpose so keep that in mind. However, we do allow minimum chatting in ATs, provided it is related to this AT alone. Additionally Do not spam with just emotions/numbers to increase post count/pages. Do not quote long quotes. You can quote three posts maximum and they should be small.

ATs are open for everyone, however, do not invade the AT with the purpose to rile up the fans or instigate them.  Everyone has their right to voice out their opinions and should NOT be judged/generalized based on their likes/dislikes. If any of your fellow members/friends fails to follow the rules, kindly ask them to edit out or tell them its wrong rather than joining them and aggravate the issues further and equally responsible for carrying forward an unfavorable situation. Hence be responsible and take responsibility because that way you may prevent action taken against your AT thread.

ATs/discussions threads can NOT be used to target other members and NO pinpointing activity/mock or taking digs here toward other fan groups.Any derogatory references or name callings against actors /characters/members/Dev team members are strictly PROHIBITED here.

b. Report: If you see anyone breaching the rules in any of the threads in the main forum, you will not come here and rant it out about it and snowball the issue further! Instead make use of the "REPORT" button and report the thread by stating the reason clearly. As soon as the Dev Team comes online they would take the necessary action.

We can assure you guys that we only takes action where it's legit reason. However, here is a little catch for the stalkers who just want to report in order to get the AT closed down - If you report any post/comments that has no legit reason, you will be reliable for action against you for stalking.

c. Penalties: If the DT sees more than 3 people breaking the AT rules constantly for a week, the effects of violations will kick start, which go as follows:

First Violation - Warning Note  

Second - Another Warning Note  

Third - Another Warning Note  

Fourth- Close the AT for 24 hrs (1 Day)  

Fifth - Close AT for 72 hrs (3 Days)  

Sixth - Close AT for 1 week (7 Days)  

Seventh - Get rid of AT completely from the JDJ Forum/Shift it to Celebrity Fan Club Forum.

The rules are applicable for multiple violation and not single post as it will be dealt individually. Having said that, please do not assume that every report submitted by opposite fan group will be entertained. We will go through the reports and only if we find the report valid based on above rules, then we will speak to the Admins of the AT and action will be taken accordingly as stated above.

One Liners/Short Discussion: Detailed discussions on the episode can be conducted on the Main Forum, please post all one liners/ short sentences/Paragraphs regarding the episode in the  Episode Discussion Thread, This is the reason the thread was created.  Such discussion can also be posted in the respective AT if it is regarding that contestant only.  This so discussion can be kept  concise and will not make the forum look messy having several posts open regarding the same episode.  As mentioned detailed discussion posts can still be created in the main forum.  Henceforth all one liner episode discussion posts/Short Episode Discussion will be moved to the Discussion Thread or its respective AT. Continuous disregard will lead to warnings

While discussing episode in Episode Discussion Thread try to keep the chatting in such threads to a minimum, there are other thread/section (Chat Corner/Chat Club) which are available for such content.

Advertising: Please DO NOT post content from Indian Television, ITvF, TellyChakkar etc, these posts will be trashed, and repeated occurrences of this may lead to members receiving a warning.  Also refrain from posting videos which have site logos on them (i.e watermarked with the sites web address) although we  realize that many members are not posting these to advertise the websites, but you are still indirectly advertising the sites by posting video links which are watermarked.

No Update Requests: Please be patient. Do not create topics asking for written or video updates. The updates will be posted as per the updaters' convenience. If you are not assigned to do the updates then please do not post updates.  This is not fair as the updater spends time in doing the update and when they come to the forum they find it already done and posted, it puts the updaters' work to waste. Incase you want to update for any particular day kindly PM and take permission from the updater.

Development Team Issues: DT is not allowed to disclose what we are doing with certain threads or what action we are taking so please don't try to make judgments on our decisions because we just don't go through the topics you guys report but through EVERYTHING in that particular thread. Just because we don't highlight step by step as to which action was taken against which member, it doesn't mean action wasn't taken. If you have a problem, PM the Dev Team members.  Also once a DT member has posted a note on a thread regarding rule breaking, please refrain from further dragging the matter in the thread. If you have any queries regarding moderation, please PM the DT and do not use the forum as a means of discussing moderation issues, the forum should be kept to the discussion of the show JDJ

Reporting an Issue: Please do not report the same post more than once. Member reporting the same post multiple times will receive PM warning and if it continues there will be raise in Warning Level too. This rule certainly does not intend to discourage the members from reporting but often same post is reported multiple times from the same member. Please do understand that DT needs at least 24 hrs to work on the reported post and simply pressing the report button multiple times will only delay the process. Some situations demand the time and consultation of people and hence take time to get back.

Report Button/Response Time: Please keep in mind moderators are also members. We would also like time to make our own posts. We also have our own lives and cannot be here 24/7. Please allow a reasonable time frame of at least 24 hours before escalating the issue and PMing a moderator. We try to address reports as soon as we can. Please avoid PMing the moderators unless the issue has been neglected for way too long or it is an extremely pressing matter. Instead of mass PMing it would appreciated if one person PM's the concern DT with regards to the issue.

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