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Posted: 2016-07-30T04:54:56Z
Ok Here it goes..I never watched Rangrasiya when it was aired.Never,ever.I had stopped watching Hindi shows long ago.So,when I was changing channels,I came across this show called RangRasiya,the visuals looked great and so did the actors.

And I had read it in newspapers that the couples names are  called on the lines of Shiv-Parvati.But honestly,To me,it seemed like another show where the hero would be all angry-angry and heroine would change him with her pyaar.And yet another show with the background of Shiva and Parvatis love.Okk..So many hindi shows had tried that...whats new..

Show ends and I dont even know.
Cut Forward Dec 2015.
I am randomnly fooling around Youtube watching some songs and then I come across this song 'Yen Maaye' from a show called Azhagiya Laila.I dont understand Tamil but the song was good and the actors had chemistry,I think it was from Rudra-Paros haldi scene.I instantly remember this as the show I had shrugged off ages back,Rangrasiya.Those days there were complete episodes of RangRasiya on Youtube,and I ended up watching many important ones.
And I knew I had fallen hard.

RangRasiya was nothing like so many shows I had watched.It stood true to its name-Many colours of the lover.Couldnt be more true.The story was from Rudras perspective mainly-Like the story of Lord Shiva and Parvartis eternal love was.And did I mention,that I was a huge fan of Shiv-Parvatis story.I totally idolise it and felt that their love was realistic.Love doesnt always mean loving at first sight.It neither means having a perfect story.It is also not always sugary coated as we normally read in Mythology of God and Goddesses Love Stories.It can be raw,sensual and filled with an all-consuming passion.Not many of us know,but Kamasutra is said to be based on Shiv-Parvatis passion.People are flawed,no one is perfect.And it is these imperfections that sometimes completes the jigsaw puzzle of two souls.
This is what Rangrasiya-Rudra-Parvati meant to me.

This is my diary of Rangrasiya,my experiences and my interpretations.Not a fanfiction.There are so many great and amazing ones written here.I have read so many of them
trying to think of stories of alternative universe of Rudra Paro and how it would have been had the writers not butchered the story so badly

I am writing this diary because I need a closure-Closure from RangRasiya.I tend to get addicted to this show on and off.Because this story-didnt touch my grey cells..it touched something even more scarier-it touched my heart...

As I write now,I dont even now how many pages my diary would have,maybe 3,maybe 5.But I intend to pour in as many feelings that evoked in me while I was watching Rudra-Paros Story.

--With Love,
30th July 2016

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