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Part 1

Ram Kapoor,heir of Kapoor kingdom son of Amarnath and Krishna Kapoor had a bad past 
He was studying in US that time he got proposed by his classmate Esha even though he was not interested in love she was behind him and he said ok, things were nice in initial few days but he was cheated by Esha,she was behind only for his money and she had a boyfriend already.
From that day he lost faith in love and he decided that he will not marry in his life .

Ram is returning to India completing his studies and here in Kapoor Mansion all are excited for his arrival.
He received a lovely welcome and it is decided that Ram will soon takeover the office after a week.
Next day Ram was having breakfast and was talking with his dadi,that time krishna and Amarnath came and said they have to talk something with him 
Ram after finishing his breakfast went with his parents 
Amarnath: Ram we have seen a relationship for you and we want this relationship to happen
Ram was shocked and said angrily
No Papa I'm not going to marry, I don't want to marry
Amaranth: if you have loved anyone u can tell Ram 
Ram:No I haven't loved anyone nor I will 
Please don't discuss about this matter with me in future and I will never marry 
Here both Amarnath and Krishna shocked with Ram's words,Krishna is in verge of tears.
But Amarnath consoled Krishna saying don't worry this marriage will happen.
Amaranth made a good old idea of having chest pain and decided to blackmail Ram emotionally he was in hospital and doctor who is very close friend of Amarnath Kapoor told Ram what he supposed to say and yes he was successful in trapping Ram.
Finally the day came, they are going to see the girl.
Ram accompanied with his parents with absent mindedly it's a small house,they came to see Priya Sharma who is working in Kapoor industries under Amarnath,She is simple girl dedicated ,humble ,responsible ,polite and very beautiful,she is an orphan.

Amaranth always admired how priya used to manage things, her politeness everything impressed him a lot and decided that she is going to be his daughter in law.
When Krishna Kapoor approached her for the first time with marriage proposal she was shocked and later with many insistence she agreed.

Ram is least interested in this and finally talks happened and here were decided that marriage will take place soon before Ram joins his office.

Ram wants this marriage to happen in a very simple manner.so everything happenened according to his wish and even outside world is unaware of their marriage except few closed ones.

Finally it was their first night as husband and wife, Priya claded in Red lehenga entered the room ,she was looking ethereal,Ram who was working on his laptop saw her 
He thought she is beautiful but then next moment he thought all girls are same 
Here priya is very nervous
Ram told her priya I want to tell you some important thing, Priya looked at him he continued priya I didn't want to marry actually I married you because my parents insisted me to do,I don't believe in marriage nor in love ,I want divorce priya 
I will stay here in India for 6months and then I will shift to US and by that time our divorce will happen and you can move on in your life.
He said that went to washroom 

Who will expect such things in their first night, priya cried for a moment but she decided not to loose her heart she is brave girl,she decided to know why Ram is like that,she know Amarnath and Krishna Kapoor closely and she always admired their humbleness,their son can't be like this and there is sure a reason behind it and she saw ram is not bad but there is something which bothering him and she thought time will answer her everything
After he came from changing room she went to change and came and sleep in the couch silently, due to whole day tiredness she slept.

Next morning priya woke up early and was getting ready and Ram opened his eyes and saw priya is there, she was drying her hairs

she is claded in a baby pink saree and was looking angelic.she kept her towel aside and took sindoor to adorn,for a moment she was looking at that and kept it and turned to see Ram has woke up 

She said she will bring coffee and went down, as soon she came down she saw KK and took her blessing, KK knew priya's state as she knew her son.Priya prepared coffee to ram and went to room

She gave him coffee and about to leave, Ram said priya today we are going to see lawyer get ready soon.she don't know what to do.

She kept silent and nodded her head and Ram dressed up and came down for breakfast and said kk that he and priya going out ,here family members felt happy and both left but only priya know the reason

Her hand was trembling while singing those papers and she don't know where her life is heading and finally it was decided by law that they are giving 6 months time for final verdict, Ram seemed to be unhappy with that and both went back to Kapoor Mansion

She don't know what to do she wanted to cry loudly but she decided not to show her emotions.

Next day Ram was supposed to join office and priya said Amarnath and kk that she will also resume work,they sensed priya is not happy and what she is going through.

But somewhere Amarnath and kk were guilty for putting priya in that state but they were sure that priya will change Ram and they will be happy

Next day Priya was getting ready to go to office, Ram saw her and didn't said anything and went to freshenup

Priya came down and said kk that she is leaving to office, KK told her to go with Ram but priya said he needs timema  and he is not in state to accept whats happening, and said nobody in office no about our marriage, it makes him uncomfortable so she better thinks she will go by bus as always she done 
Here kk felt bad and asked her sorry because of them she is facing all these things .Priya held her hands and said no Ma don't say sorry,it's not your mistake and not to worry about her as everything will be fine and she left having her breakfast.

Here kk felt so bad Amarnath saw that and said not to worry priya will change him soon.
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Posted: 2016-07-28T09:03:38Z
nice  story line.your writings are good.eagerly waiting to read many stories from u.
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Posted: 2016-07-28T09:28:05Z
yaar pl don't mind
but I have a request. pl u give us ur story one by one. first complete ur previous story. and then start another one. aisa karne se na aapki writing ka hum aur bhi maja le sakate hai. sorry if I hurt u. we all want to read RaYa stories. aap kitna bhi likhoge him pagalo ki tarah padhenge. but ek ek karke likho.

as far as this story..its a nice concept. Priya bechari phas gayi. ram don't love her. but shayad baad me Priya ka jaadu ram pe chal jayega. chalan hi chahiye . after all they r OUR BELOVED RAYA. thanks for pm. pl continue.
again I m sorry if I have hurt u
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-07-28T09:40:35Z
Very nice beginning.
Nice story.
Please continue and pm me.
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Posted: 2016-07-28T11:43:13Z
another beautiful story dear
indeed a nice concept
The pain and betryal Ram got in past made him lose hus faith in love and the same he did with Priya on first night only he told her about divorce. Hope her love and care able to change his perspectives.
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Posted: 2016-07-28T11:57:55Z
Interesting story , it's something like hum aapke dil me rehte hai , but lil diff whr ram's parents are unaware of his divorce decision .

Priya's character seems to be quiet sensible and calm,but somehow she felt this marriage of her is not the one a girl expects it to be.
Let's see how it goes thx.
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Posted: 2016-07-28T13:10:11Z
very nice story
pls continue soon
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Posted: 2016-07-28T23:25:10Z
very nice beautiful story and update your first SS too waiting to read..
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