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Hello People I have stopped writing Due to my Busy Life but This Small SS For One of My best Buddy

"Urvi" Happy Bday Urvi Hope you will Like this SS

 NOTE : This Will be Go DARK/MATURE/ in upcoming Updates 

"Stop here " She Said and

She came out of auto and paid fare look around and opened her appointment letter

"Address to yahi hai " (this is the address) She murmured and found some girls were giggling on the small Restaurant outside a Huge building but there is also same heighted building opposite...

She glanced at her watch "Still 10 minutes" She run to the Girl's gang and asked in hurriedly tone

"which one is Krishna Sahay Group of industries"

One of the girl about to reply but One blonde Came forward her Top is almost transparent and her Her shorts are too short to call short her eyes narrowed first to the girl's attire a simple salwar kameez fitted perfectly to her petite body...Hmm she smirked and replied

"There behind you "she pointed and girl  thanked her and run to that building Other Girls Looked Her in shocked reaction and asked "Why You Did that"

"To watch Some Fun" She said and left the gang

One of them Looked at her back and Commented "Bitch"

The Girl entered and run to reception and asked for the interview going which will be held for

"Executive manager"

But For her surprised the receptionist replied "its not for manager its for Personal secretary of Company's owner  RK  on 5th Floor and for your kindly information sir asked me about your arrival seems you are late Run now"

Girl looked around and run to elevator


4 Minutes 30 second later...

Girl glanced at her watch again still have 5 more minutes to interview start and here No body arrived and what's this Personal secretary thing


A peon closed the door and came forward to her...and she heard him saying

"Sir is waiting for you..and Angry too"

Girl's suddenly alerted "Why angry" her first thought 

She entered without knocking cause the Door is already left open by Peon and She stood before the desk His back is facing her and his Hands are in his pocket...


She cleared her throat and about to say something

He turned and Barked "You are fired before Hired" I hate people who are late and who wasted other's time you have already wasted my time Now get out I dnt want people who came by reference here   like you as my Secretary

This was really not she expected...Somehow she gathered courage and speak "But..Sir...My Appointment...She fumbled and extend her appointment letter but Next what happened more shocked her

He grabbed  appointment letter and torn in pieces and throw them to dustbin and shouted

 "Get the hell out of now"

She has no energy to say anything and She about to turn but then the Door opened and one lady and peon entered almost running in their track ...


" Sorry sir But there is some misunderstanding I accidently sent wrong girl Sir She is (he pointed to girl who came with him ) the one for Personal secretary and She (He pointed to the girl standing in front OF RK ) I dont Know

RK Looked at the girl who is standing with peon and Barked on Both




RK looked at Girl Who is Still Standing in front of him head down...He Cleared his throat

and She looked at him Next She heard him asking "Who are you and what are you doing here "

She gulped some air and looked at him...He has frown on his forehead His caramel eyes burning with Fire She replied " I am Priya Sharma i have appointment with  you MR RK Shahay and ...

He cut her in between "I am not RK Shahay i am RK Kapoor Ram Krishna Kapoor You are at wrong Place  Miss Sharma "

He said and Looked at her...Her reply is only perfect Ooo

He looked her again and he eyes travelled with her eyes and halted on Dustbin

"F**K  Your Appointment Letter"  He said in High voice which let down Priya on reality

She needed this Job but Now  She is standing in wrong company ,her appointment letter is trashed down in dustbin, She is late too...

She looked at him and turned walked to the door But His Deep Manly voice Stopped her

"Miss Sharma What you will Now ...Look i Know RK shahay He is very good friend of mine He will allow you let me call him"

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Posted: 2016-07-27T08:27:19Z
wow..aman u r back. pl finish ur baaki other stories na. for this one...it is gud. nice. and the precap..ohhh I Sol loved it. RaYa nok jhonks.. RaShi yaad aa gaye. pl. pm bhejo na. pl update Kari jaldi jaldi.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-07-27T09:46:13Z
It's going to be really interesting...
Nice start 
Waiting for future updates
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Posted: 2016-07-27T11:35:22Z
Pls continue soon
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Posted: 2016-07-27T21:37:23Z
Originally posted by iluvusakshi

wow..aman u r back. pl finish ur baaki other stories na. for this one...it is gud. nice. and the precap..ohhh I Sol loved it. RaYa nok jhonks.. RaShi yaad aa gaye. pl. pm bhejo na. pl update Kari jaldi jaldi.

Thank U so much Tongue
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Posted: 2016-07-29T00:04:06Z
nice one plsss continue your other stories too...your all stories are amazing
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Posted: 2016-07-29T03:56:13Z
The fisrt meeting between RaYa was blasting.
An angry man full of attitude but this woman is full of morals. Ram has punished the real culprit Ayesha but he is now will not take chance and will certainly have Priya back in his company.
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Posted: 2016-08-01T04:05:49Z
nice start... both r super...
contd sooon...

plz contd other stories also... especially tat HIV story
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