RAYA OS : Just Let Me Hold You

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That's the word she finally settled for that odd undying feeling that decided to overcome her senses and sit at the bottom of her stomach Priya were tired so goddamn tired but she could not for the life of her fall asleep she tried everything she drank some milk counted flipped herself over numerous times over on the mattress and turned her pillow over to it's window side nothing seemed to work something was biting at her and it demanded to be noticed she turned over the situation in her head and she finally settled for another word that defined the cause of her restlessness worry or perhaps anxiety the expedition was tomorrow nd  Priya were nervous to the point of sickness she remember what happened last time how could she forget?

How are she supposed to fall asleep supposed to feel safe and calm when she know what dangers lie ahead? what can she do to overcome this  restlessness? the words finally popped into her head a promise she had made

Priya Ram asked turning to her


Can you promise me something?

Depends on what it is Priya said turning to look at him Ram held her gaze a moment longer before he turned away to look up at the moon shining down at her almost mocking her with it's freedom

On the night before expeditions promise me you'll come out here so I can talk to you like this before... before something bad happens Ram whispered

Priya sat silently taking in his profile his almost purposely tousled hair his beautiful brawn eyes concentrating on the moonlight that danced so elegantly on his face outlining every line nd curve it had to offer

Promise Priya whispered he turned to her and smiled leaning in and pressing a small kiss to her cheek Priya blushed and pushed him away as he chuckled

Priya threw her legs over the side of her bed nd walked over to the door she didn't care that she were wearing only a red nightgown that went a little past her knees It was only Ram as she walked down the hall towards the garden where she got an excellent view of the moon Priya wondered if she had made the right decision as to getting up

Priya had told Ram before that she didn't want his love he had told her countless times that no matter what she said there was no other person he'd feel for in the same way he felt towards her when Ram asked her why she didn't accept his love Priya had turn away and change the topic wasn't it obvious? she didn't want to grow too attached to him because what if something bad happened? What if she leave? what if she got lost in the god forsaken woods never to be seen again? Priya didn't want to throw that sort of pain on him Niharika wants to separate us what If she do something with him then no I will not let anything happen to Mr.Kapoor I will go away from his life but... he was her biggest weakness It was so hard to avoid him those little kisses he'd so casually plant on her cheek nd sometimes on her lips the way he'd talk to her as a friend he'd held Priya in his arms and held her against his chest letting her sob as much as she pleased Ram kissed away all the tears that fell down her cheeks and he'd told her that he'd always be there for her how could Priya forget that? how can she ignore that kind of love he gave to her and wanted oh so desperately for her to return to him?

I thought you forgot a voice said breaking her thoughts she'd become drowned in her mind that she didn't notice she'd walked all the way up to the gates already Ram gave her a warm smile from where he leaned against one of the walls he was in his suit and it made her slightly self conscious that she were wearing that flimsy nightgown

How could I? Priya responded crossing her arms over her chest and walking towards him you've been reminding me so much it's like you've been counting off each second

Ram grinned don't exaggerate I only told you this morning he said Priya were standing only about a foot away from him he looked her up and down you shouldn't be wearing that outside It's cold

I think I can take care of myself Priya said crossing her arms tighter

His grin grew wider you say that until you get sick Ram said he started shrugging off his jacket


Don't make excuses I know you are cold Ram said taking it completely off he held it out for  her Priya sighed and slipped her arms inside as he held it up once it was on she turned back towards him

You spoil me Priya said

I enjoy doing so Ram said crossing his arms

You've been working on your comebacks haven't you? Ram asked raising an eyebrow

Mr.Kapoor Priya said she sighed and looked out past the front gates up to the moon she shuddered at the thought of returning to the outside world where who knows what would happen Priya could feel his gaze boring into her come here Ram whisper outstretching his arms Ignoring her own little vow to avoid him she gratefully went towards him nd grasped onto his shirt as Ram wrapped his arms about her Priya let out a shaky breath that she weren't aware that she were holding in against his chest and gripped his shirt in her hands are you nervous? Ram whispered against her hair

Yes... Priya said in a shaky voice that didn't belong to her

There's nothing you need to worry about Ram said reassuringly gently caressing her hair with his hand

There's everything I have to worry about Priya said into his collarbone she felt the tears begin to prick at the corners of her eyes and she forced them away

Ram was quiet for a moment they both stood there with Priya harshly pressed against his chest nd him pulling her close while caressing her hair what are you worried about most? Ram whispered against the top of her head

That's the exact question she didn't want to answer Priya weren't sure of the answer herself but she had a good feeling of what it was losing her family ? that wasn't the most worried on losing him? she knew what the answer was all along though Priya dreaded to admit it to herself never mind Ram It slipped out before her and a chance to stop it

I don't want to lose you Priya whispered voice slightly catching by a sob before she could stop it she let out a half cry afraid of everything that was possible once she woke up the next morning as if on instinct Ram lifted her face to his and pressed his lips against hers It wasn't hard or passionate but it was effective enough to drown out her sobs but gentle enough for her to feel comforted It was perfect but there was a nagging feeling tugging at her stop leading him on I could die tomorrow nd what would that do to him? a voice cried out in her head Priya knew it was wrong but it felt so... right

Ram pressed her against him and Priya stood on her toes so she could reach him without him having to lean down as much Ram had one hand about her waist and the other behind her head curling his fingers in her hair her both of her hands at his shirt collar pulling him down stop it... she told herself but she couldn't It was electrifying such a small action of his lips on hers it made her feel so much better

Before she knew it he had parted away nd it was a strange absence that filled in his place Ram grabbed both of her hands nd led her back to the house an odd feeling took over yearning but at the same time caution Ram was leading her down a flight of stairs... towards his room Mr.Kapoor Priya spoke up suddenly out of the spell his brawn eyes had cast on her I don't want to do this Priya said sensing his intentions

That's not what I brought you here for what kind of sick idiot do you take me for? Ashwin? Ram asked Priya laughed slightly at this Ram pulled her close to him and placed a small kiss on her lips just... lay down with me... nd let me hold you Ram whispered seeing the almost frightened look she gave him he pressed another small kiss on her lips just once before something bad happens to one of us... I just want to hold you and feel you close to me before I will die without you Priy...Ram trailed off he took her hands again and led her inside their room Priya shed off his jacket and placed it on the couch she tried not to look as he took off his shirt

So Priya crawled into his bed nd watched him slide in after her Ram pulled her close to him and buried his head into her soft hair as she nuzzled against his chest only then did she feel the anxiety wash over Mr.Kapoor we shouldn't be doing this Priya said quietly he pulled away enough to stare into her magical eyes

Why do you try to avoid me? Ram whispered

Mr.Kapoor I...

If you don't love me then just say it so I won't have to go through some sort of pain later Ram said

Mr.Kapoor it's not that

Then what is it why you doing all this I need to know the truth you promised me you wont leave me no matter what happens? Ram said raising his voice slightly so it bounced off the walls with a small echo he stared into her eyes with his brawn eyes filled with so much emotion he was feeling worried pained nd just so many other things mixed into his eyes

Mr.Kapoor it's hard to explain...Priya whispered though she knew it wasn't she just didn't have the heart to tell him

Ram sighed nd looked down before locking his gaze back with hers I don't know if you've gotten this through your pretty little head yet


Let me speak Priya Ram said in a loud whisper he let out another sigh nd lowered his voice to a soft whisper I love you no matter how many times you deny it or push me away Priya turned her face away from him nd Ram raised a hand to pull it back to lock with his eyes I will always love you you tell me to find someone else before we grow too attached to each other but don't you see we've already become one? 


If I was to meet someone else nd grow some affection for them there will always be a spot in my heart reserved for you even if you don't love me we're husband nd wife nd we're going to hurt even if we're not with each other romantically you push me away and deny my love but every time you do it grows stronger nd it makes me want to prove to you more and more Ram leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers for a second then pulled away I love you I love you I love you nd I'll love to the day I die nd love you even after I die I'll love you for as long as we both shall live nd there is no way you can push me away from you because I will find a way to love you even if you don't know it Ram said with a small chuckle

Mr.Kapoor...Priya whispered

Just tell me...Ram murmured just tell me if you love me back he said touching his forehead to hers as he let out the soft cry

Priya ran a hand through his hair nd let out a sob with him Ram I'm so sorry I've been holding back my feelings for you this whole time I should've known they were going to be expressed one way or another I'm sorry I forced you through this I never would have done this if I knew how you truly felt I love you Ram I love you more than you could imagine nd there is nothing that could change that now

Ram raised a hand to her cheek nd pressed his lips quickly to hers Priya let out a small sigh nd pressed back he let go after a while nd pressed his forehead back against hers just let me hold you... Ram whispered just let me hold you before... his voice trailed off just let me hold you Ram whispered again so soft it was barely audible

Shhh...Priya whispered pressing yourself close to him and wrapping her arms around his torso just hold me it'll be alright Priya murmured burying her face into his bare chest he let out a shaky breath nd laid his head atop hers 

Priya plz  promise me that you will never leave me again

I promise You Ram

He lent in close and kissed her holding onto her tightly just the moment would be enough for him forever her fingers curled into his hair she kissed on his lip's his lips got to hers kissing her the all love of his life there cloths were quickly removed without much effort with kisses and cuddles and caresses and just plain love they made love Priya fell asleep Ram smiled to soft whisperings of I love you and I'll love you forever that made her heart leapt with every breath


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Very romantic n beautiful n finally priya ll never leave ram n thanks for pm
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Posted: 2016-07-25T09:32:18Z
Beautiful and very well expressed story.
Thanks for pm. 
Keep writing more.

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Posted: 2016-07-25T11:43:57Z
Romantic & beautiful!!
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Posted: 2016-07-25T11:54:41Z
That's amazing
It's really pleasure to read RaYa

I loved it totallySmile

Wonderful writingClap
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Posted: 2016-07-25T12:22:01Z
very nice... lovely OS
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Posted: 2016-07-25T20:29:30Z
Nice story ,it's all their pure heart and bond which let them remove anything comes into their way .


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Posted: 2016-07-25T21:29:47Z
thanks for pm Prajakta
its beautifully expressed...their love, their fears
keep writing Star
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