Ashish Sharma B'day Preparations(B'day Thread Link:page 26)

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It is time for merry making..Gif by Emoxynha

The month of August is around the corner...gif by Emoxynha
Ashish Sharma's birthday month !!
 Time to express our love and appreciation...

 Were 100 or so Appreciation Threads ,created for him enough for us??? Naaah..

 A special thread is being woven...filled with all possible hues and shades...
Join us in this endeavour to wish HIM as much peace,grace,health,love and 
happiness as this world allows...  raining hearts emoticon

PS:Details in the following Post...
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Preparations:Chai_Colors by Cootie-Corner

 What is a celebration without your edits,collages and siggies.All the lovely Ashu Phankis start making it right now.You can send ur Collage/Edits,GIF's and Siggies.
PM ur creations on or before 20th August.Title the PM's you send as"Ashish B'day"
So that ur PM's won't get mixed up.

  1.PM ur edits/collages/Siggies to me (PM to Mano -Mano-)
Maximum edits three.Depending on the total number of edits we receive. we might skip some edits(as the FrontPage might get heavy).But a minimum of one edit will be posted per head.Other edits you can post directly in the B'day thread when it's made on 29/30th August.

  2.Send ur B'day Messages on or before 2oth August to Thushi. (PM to Thushi- Thushi)
Make sure your msgs don't exceed few lines.It will be difficult to put up long Messages.U can sure post ur lovely long messages on the Thread straight on his B'day.But as for as the ones u PM us.Make sure its Brief.Don't forget to mention ur name(how you want it to be displayed with the msg)
      Since we all know Ashish is a lover of Poems and Pens himself too.We r planning to send him poems.Please do pen ur Poems for Ashish either in Hindi(written in Eng) or English.PM ur poems , to Thushi.Make sure it not too long

3.Finally u can make B'day VM's for him.PM me the VM's.(PM to Mano -Mano-)

It needs to be uploaded only in Youtube as other videos can't be embedded in the post(Since VM's are subject to copyright Problems.It will be posted only after checking the availability).Last date is same as others.

Regarding Edits 
You can make edits on any show of Ashu or his offscreen pics.In case of Jodi edits Ashna will be good.In other case,its better if we avoid
But noting like any rules.U can do few jodi edits too

(Edits/Collages,Messages and Poems sent after 20th will not be accepted as we need time to arrange the edits to post.Deadline won't be extended either)

PS:B'day Thread will be created a day before his B'day ie 29th August and will go global the next day.We will be sending the Thread to Ashish himself.So make sure to put forward ur thoughts as the Man himself will be reading it
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Gifts:Opening a Love Letter animated emoticon

       You can send your gifts to Ashish before 15th August to the below address 

Ref:Abhyudaya KARAMCHETU
C/O:Ashish Sharma
2-1-45, Flat No.101
Indrakuteer Apartments,
Nallakunta, 500044
Hyderabad, Telangana 

For more info contact, [email protected] or tweet to @Kabhyudaya

A gift segment of Ashish is arranged by Entertainment Tadka
we r in no way connected to them
Just sharing the information
Hence we aren't responsible for the gifts sent
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Posted: 2016-07-25T01:14:14Z
Gif by EmoxynhaNOTE:
PS:Any Queries regarding the Thread and B'day preparation can be asked in this Thread.
we would  like to clear it as soon as possible.Suggestions are welcome too.Keep checking this page/front page for further info/updates.
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Posted: 2016-07-25T01:25:21Z
Trend Alert: 
Date: 1st August 
Time:6.00pm IST

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Finally Hero ji's bday is here Party
Just one month left , I am soo excited TongueLOL

Can't believe 1 year has passedShocked 
This is time last year we had got the news of Ashu doing SKREmbarrassedLOL and were getting mad about it . We were a bit apprehensive we knew in our hearts that he will rock. And he did!! Embarrassed 
Made us fall in love with his portrayal of Ram Day Dreaming

Mano u rightly said 100 ATs are not enough to compile our love for him. He is such an outstanding actor and a gem of a human being Smile
But if 100 ATs are not enough then how will we compile everything in 1 thread LOLLOL

So let's start preparing from now itself Tongue

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Posted: 2016-07-25T03:59:38Z
AS your birthday wud be special ...Jhakkaaas ..

There wud be celebrations...
Fangaalz wud be over the moon...

You wud get loads of hugs n kisses..

Be ready for an amazing day !!

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Posted: 2016-07-25T05:18:27Z
Yahooo finally ... Party Party

Lets start the celb .. his bday month coming ... i m soo excited lol   LOLParty

Partuuu the thread is beautiful nd the gifs banner r chooo cutuu Day Dreaming

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