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Ok a quick intro - I just posted in the other thread on scenes I would love to see on KaIra and it included a scene around their trademark A-B-CHEEE banter and maybe I'll write an OS on it. 

Andy mentioned she would love to read an OS on it. And so I started writing right away!!! This is for you Andy and my lovely readers on my other KaIra story!!! And for everyone who is loving KaIra.

It is just a little scene I had in mind). Enjoy!!


Kartik loved working with the singhanias. And it went beyond job satisfaction. If he was to be paid money to leave this job, he still  wouldn't. There were a number of reasons. But if he had to list 5, it would be
5. Awesome, awesome food. No derth of lip-smacking food whenever he worked!! 
4. He had a home away from home 
3. So much of love, that he had to repeatedly ask himself when he had gotten so lucky.
2. They treated him like he was a part of their family. These people were family. And you never leave your family. 

But the most important reason was -

Standing behind her mother, making kissie faces at him!!! 

His eyes widened - he didn't believe this girl had the guts to do this, standing right behind her mother. 

"go!!" he hissed. His girl shook her head, her kisses more pronounced now. 

"tumne kuch kaha, Kartik?" Akshara aunty asked looking up from her laptop. 

"huh. Nahi, no aunty" he said, looking away from Naira and her kisses and into his notes. 

Thankfully aunty just shook her head and got back to work. From then on, he tried to concentrate on his work and not glance at naira every 10 seconds. 

"Kartik" Naira called out. 

"damn" he muttered under his breath, taking a deep breath he looked up and tried to be as normal as possible.

The minute he looked up, she caught his eye and winked. Seconds later she pulled a nonchalant face, just in time for her mother to turn around. 

He shook his head, smiling. He didn't believe this girl - and if he was honest with himself he didn't like what he was doing. Ever since yes- Kartik felt his smile widen more as images of yesterday filled his mind - best day of his life - his naira was finally his! 

"Naira, kuch kaam tha?! Akshara's voice shook him from his thoughts.

"woh - mumma, gaayu di asked me to give this to kartik and said this was the details of the project they were working together" 

Kartik shook his head vehemently, "koi aur reason nahi mila??" he mouthed. 

She just shrugged as Akshara aunty flipped through the file before handing it over to him, " I have seen this Kartik ab tum bhi dekh lo and coordinate with gaayu and go ahead" she said handing it over to him. 

He nodded, muttered that he would be going now and sprang up from his chair. Not once turning around he walked out quickly, not stopping until he had reached the garden. 


He felt a hand on his shoulder. He didn't need to turn around to see who it was. 

"what the hell do you think you are doing, naira?" he hissed, turning around to face her "mujhe already itna bura lag raga hai" 

"kyun?" she asked sweetly, lacing her hands around his shoulders

"kyun matlab?" he said, " Akshara aunty treats me like her son and I - "

" you what -?" she teased more

" Am in love with her daughter" he dished out, looking her straight in the eye. 

Her playful face changed. Tears laced her eyes, and she smiled softly " and I -" 

He put his hand up, "don't"

Damn. This had been building inside him since yesterday. He felt like a bloody traitor. 

He was living with Akshara auntys parents who treated him like he was part of their family. He was treated like a family member at the singhanias, he was given so much love and he had done this. 

He was even unaware that he had clenched his jaw tightly. Naira soft fingers against his hard jaw bone shook him back to reality

She cupped his cheek in her hand, " Kartik" she called, "mere taraf dekho" 

If he did, he would forgot what he wanted to say, what he wanted to think, so he didn't. 

" ae, mendak. Itna bhav mat kha, dekh yahan" Naira snapped.

That did it. A small chuckle escaped him and that quickly escalate into laughter. He dropped to the floor on his knees, still bent in laughter.

"itna kya has raga hai? Wasn't even that funny and Abhi kuch minute Pehle bahut lambi lambi dialogue bol raha tha?!"

Great. That sobered him up immediately. He looked up to see naira had plopped down beside him.

She didn't say anything but he knew what was on her mind, " it was different earlier, naira. But now, now when I know that you - you like me too, I feel - I guess.." he broke off

She laid a hand on his shoulder, he glanced at it, " I know, and I understand. I - I'll try to talk to mumma, okay?" 

Kartik was so glad to hear those words. Just hearing that naira was ready to tell her mother about them lifed a humongous weight from his shoulders. He felt like he wasnt cheating them anymore 

He instantly felt light hearted.

"waise. I don't know why you are so worried. It's not like you are some price charming frisking me away to your Kingdom"

The wind was blowing her hair everywhere, both of them still on their knees, facing each other, a few inches apart. This rendered her long hair to lash on his face.

The scent was weirdly, yet brilliantly intoxicating. Without wanting to, but needing to see her face, he removed her hair from his face gingerly.

" maybe not. But I am your prince" he said, and internally puked at the cheesy dialogue he had just said.

She echoed his thoughts, " chee, Kitna ghatiya line tha" and they both dissolved in peals of laughter together. 

" you, know - maybe " Naira said, composing herself, shifting her legs slightly. Kartik mimicked her actions, his knees was starting to throb a bit too from sitting in this position for long.

" you are right" Naira continued, " tum ho prince - frog prince!!" she finished poking her tongue out at him. 

" Acha" Kartik drawled, decided he had had enough of too much adorableness and inched a bit closer, " and you do know what happens in frog prince right?" he finished, his eyes teasing. 

Naira looked confused before realisation dawned. She blushed a deep scarlet. Kartik loved that color on her cheek, and he loved that he had gotten that there even more. 

Taking courage from the fact that she hadn't pushed him away he inched closer to her face. Lifting his hand he brushed the hair out of her eyes slowly. The minute his fingers touched her temple, naira squeezed her eyes shut. He cupped her face and tilted it up towards him,

" toh yeh tumhara mendak, apni ms. Rishikesh ki kiss ka wait kar raha hai" 

Naira's lips parted in surprise and her eyes sprung open.  she lightly tilted her head back to look at him even as he gently nudged her nose with his

" ae!" she muttered hotly in mock protest,even as her voice caught at she spoke. 

"b" Kartik spoke against her lips. His lips brushing softly over hers for a nano second.

That touch of his lips to hers sent naira tumbling back. She leapt away from his hold 

"chee" flushing pink and smiling, she pushed him playfully. So lost in her was he that he completely lost balance and landed with a plop on his back on the soft grass. 

Before he could get up, she sprang to her feet and ran inside. But not before Kartik saw the unbridled happiness and joy in her face. And the color in her cheeks

" shit, I love her" he said to himself contently.


That's it!!!

Not proofread. :) so please pardon me for any mistakes. And this is entirely from kartik's pov. 

I know kisses don't happen in Hindi TV shows, and really, when I said they should show an Ae-b-chee scene what I had in mind was when naira starts feeling for him there should be a scene where he is flirting with naira and she responds in this way but when I wrote, this kairalicious mind of mine came up with this. He he. 

If you guys like this, and if u are interested maybe I can do a separate shot on Naira pov for the same piece. 

Thanks guys
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Posted: 2016-07-09T11:52:38Z
damn u r such a good writter Day Dreaming how romantic this os is n awesome screenplay girl.hats off.thanks for this os a lot.hopefully we get to see naira's feelings soon in the show.
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Posted: 2016-07-09T11:58:39Z
Sooo romantic made me blush 
Keep writing more 
I wish we get some real romance btw in momo Instagram he posted story will get hotter stay tuned!!!
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Posted: 2016-07-09T12:13:16Z
Originally posted by ItsmeAish

Sooo romantic made me blush
Keep writing more
I wish we get some real romance btw in momo Instagram he posted story will get hotter stay tuned!!!

hotter??i guess hes saying about kidnap drama that quite dramatic na Tongue warna yrkkh is a very sanskari show LOL
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Posted: 2016-07-09T12:19:02Z
Originally posted by beatsdongandy

Originally posted by ItsmeAish

Sooo romantic made me blush
Keep writing more
I wish we get some real romance btw in momo Instagram he posted story will get hotter stay tuned!!!

hotter??i guess hes saying about kidnap drama that quite dramatic na Tongue warna yrkkh is a very sanskari show LOL
Naa hotter has one meaning in shows but yeah it's a sanskar 
Show but they can show a cheek kiss na thodi na m asking for smooch ROFL
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Posted: 2016-07-09T12:24:45Z
Lovely piece of work, hope to see something like this in the show after confession.
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Posted: 2016-07-09T23:53:02Z
it was so nice , you should write more os Smile Smile
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Posted: 2016-07-10T01:16:55Z
nice os dear loved it
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