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Part 4 -

                      Maan came from study very tried after a long work day but all his triedness gone when he saw her sleeping form. He sat beside her,remove some hair from her face "good night sleeping beauty "giving a soft kiss on her forhead went to washroom.

                    He was under shower suddenly felt someone hugging him from behind. He shocked for sometime don't know how to react but her next words was more shocking for him " i am sorry ,i shouldn't have said those in morning so sorry please forgive me ".

               Maan truned around and saw her teary face ,hating her saying sorry without any fault "sshh you didn't do anything wrong you only said what's true".

                  "No Dadima told me clearly not to say anything still i did. I hurt you so much. Trust me my intention was not bad i only want this relation to work ".

                      She looked at his eyes as if searching for something then lowered and said in a sad tone " i know Dadima also forced you ,i don't blame you for walking out like that . I can understand you are so rich and i don't have no money or I'm not so beautiful you have full right to reject me..."

                     Maan couldn't hear more and fused his mouth to her for a hot angry kiss. Reject her is she out of her mind? . He pulled her more closer ,he is already hard ,his everypart is touching her and kissed her roughly to show how he feel, how much he want her than anything. " Maan" a soft moan came from her lips ,he couldn't control anymore. He pushed her to the wall ripped her cloth in one go and parted her legs to enter...

                      "ahh" he heard his own moan in pain as he find himself on the floor...

                    He looked around and saw Geet sleeping on bed. ' what the hell Maan, you start dreaming like this. Urgh get a grip just today you promised that you would stay away and here you thinking like this about her stop it . Its not right ' Breathing hard he got up and went to washroom to cool himself down. But very well know that from now on he have to suffer like this and it wont be easy to keep his promise...

                        Geet finished her call with her sister who asking again again when she will go to meet them . And as usual she lied like previous days . Dadima didn't say anything about her going. She badly want to go there also tomorrow is her father appointment with doctor she wants to present there but don't know how to say this to Dadima.

                          ' i can ask Maan right' but this idea didn't appeal her as she noticed from two days how Maan avoided her. She hardly saw him . He get up early and came to sleep very late and hardly talk to her. It's not that he is not at home infact he work from home office Nakul kaka said her he working from home for years. Odd thing is he never went out of house ,he is a billionaire but managing everything from home office. One more thing she learnt about her husband is he hates to look at mirror and love his work very much...

                    Geet looked at Maan's laptop cursing it black and blue because it is more lucky than her after all he spends his all time with it. " meri sautan dekna ek din main meri tripleH ko tujse chin longi aur tujhe main dustbin main fakdungi ha " in these two days she just fed up to that machine pouring all her frustration in his laptop aka her sautan she went to join for breakfast...

                    But stop at the stairs looking at the table where her husband is talking with Woh another pain of her life Maan's secretary Ms Mini Ambolkar urf Micro Mini. She so hate that MM not because she works with Maan because she always behave as if she own everything also her husband.

                     The first time when Dadima introduced her with that girl Mini's sour expression face said everything 'she wants Maan' but then and there Geet said to herself that she would never let Mini become the Woh (lover) between pati patni. Maan is her husband and only her. She hates when Mini everyday came in those short skirts with full of make up and talk with that seductive tone with her husband and according to servant she always talk like this with Maan...

                   She looked at her husband who smiled slightly to what MM said and just want to kill him ' why not he talked to me ? Forget talking he don't even look at me why? ... '

                        She became sad remembering yesterday incident when first time she made her favourite paratha for him. She is not good cook but still made partha for Maan but Mini spoiled everything. She said Nakul to serve partha to Maan and hide behind pillar to see his reaction...

                      Maan was about take a bite when MM came and said in concerned "Mk what are you eating ? It's so oily and brunt also it's not good for your health i don't think you should eat these " saying this she took the plate before him and gave his pasta which he eat everyday...

                     Geet couldnt bear the scene and instantly went from there. And now she hates this MM more and very soon going to teach her lesson...

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Part 5 -

               Maan looks around the hall for his wife but disappoint for not seeing her. He so much want to see her before work. It became his daily rotuine his every morning start seeing her beautiful face and also end seeing her sleeping like baby on his bed. It's only two days but it's became habit for him.

                    When he came for breakfast he was expecting her paratha lke yesterday. But his bad luck it's not here today. Yesterday he was surprised when Nakul said Geet made those for him but then Mini interfere which he didnt like at all.

           Mini is his secretary from past 8 years ,know everything about him. He trust her very much but she is just an employs
she has no right to deciede what he should eat or not most importantly she insulted his wife's made food.

               "Mini i don't think i give you right to tell me what should i do or not . Go and do the job for which i pay you " .

               " im sorry MK i was only worried for your healt.."...

              " No need" he cut her off and told her firmly " you are an employee just do you job ". Mini left with a sad face but Maan didn't care or feel bad about his rude behaviour because she deserve it no one can insult his wife or her related things. He start eating partha with a smile on his face even the bitter tast of burn partha didn't bother him...

                      He again looked up but still no geet suddenly heard a painful scream and saw Geet is on floor ,holding her leg . Without wasting a minute rushed to her and picked her up in hir arms shout Nakul to call doctor...

                   Geet was so lost that didn't notice the last step and fell off hurting her foot little . She was about to stand when she feel herself in Maan's arms. She dont know how to react her husband who didnt look at her for two days is holding her like this.

                          Maan took her to their room and kept her on bed slowly. He went to one bended knee and removed her shoes swear when he saw little swollen foot. Without a word he began to message ,she left out a soft moan and for a moment eyes closed and pain is gone from her foot.

               "What hell you were doing? It's not some park that you were walking carelessly. Can't you walk properly ?what if something happened ?" ...

                         she heard Maan's angry voice and opened her eyes. Truely shocked hearing his angry yet concerned tone. Maan looked at her big eyes and curse himself for shouting like this so asked softly " you ok is it hurting very much? "...

                      Geet looked at his deep black eyes which is clearly showing his fear, care for her and also something else which she not able to understand. She got hurt but seeing him feeling like he is the one who is hurt . She lost in his eyes and just nodded her head. Then Maan did the most surprising thing , he bent down to her foot and kissed softly where he was messaging earlier. Two days of frustation, insecurity all gone with his magical touch .

                   She touched his check lovingly " Main thik hoon aap pareshan maat ho ". Maan hold her plam which is on his check was about to say something but that moment Mini came without knock and Maan got up instantly and their moment broke...

                   " MK Doctor is on the way. " Geet feel like kicking MM out of their bedroom . First time Maan was so close to her and She spoiled their moment...

                 " Mini don't you think one should knock before entering anyone's bedroom"

            Mini frowned clearly didn't expect Geet talking like this...

" uum i .."

           "Just remember it next time " Geet cut off her and told her strenly...

               Mini flushed in embrassment but recover quickly and said with her as usual tone to Maan " MK woh das minute main aapki video conference hai i only came to tell you that "...

                 Maan nodded and told her to go. He again looked at her foot " i will tell Rosy to bring water for you till Doctor come. Umm you take rest " without looking at her he said then left at once. Geet keep looking at the door where he went out .

                 " was the moment real " she touched the place where he kissed ,yes it was indeed real. First time she saw the caring side of him and didnt like when he withdraw himself and became cold again...

                        " it's all that MM fault ". She will surely teach Mini where is her place and she can't rule here. ' argh blol ja ush chudal ko just think about tripleH my handsome hawtlious husband '...

      NEXT-- say sorry to her now
        " I'm sorry "... . she smiled
           hearing her voice

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Lovely update 
Waiting for next update. 
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Awesome and beutiful part..
Chalo acha hai maaneet ek dusra ka kareeba aarahai dhera dhera..
Waiting for next part..
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It's amazing.geet was angry on that mini who was trying to be over smart. How that misunderstanding happened. Geet thought maan didn't eat paratha which she madr for him but maan had eaten tjwt and scolded that mini for insulting the food made by geet. Geet wanted to see her family but savitri didn't ask het once. I really liked the way geet was.cursing laptop as.maan spends his more time witj this not with her. Omg geet fell down and her foot twisted. Maan called wow.maneet's moment.was going.beautiful but that mini came.again to.disturb them. I liked the way geet.showed mini her real place. Waiting for next.dear
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I was just thinking that how can the misunderstanding got clear so early and tada...
U revealed that it was just a dream of lover boy...
Ab Geet kya karegi ki MM ko sorry bolna padega?
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hi thanks 4 da lovely updates, well written! Maan dreaming abt Geet! Maan berates himself! Geet can't go n meet her family as dadi forbade her! Geet makes parathas 4 Maan bt his secretary micro mini as Geet calls her makes some comments! Geet sad! she thought Maan didn't have it bt he shouted his secretary! Geet falls n Maan helps her! Maan takes care of  her! Geet shouts micro mini! Geet hates his secretary! update soon

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