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Ch 29 : Addicted To You

Rey took taani to an isolated area of the beach where hardly people come. It was peaceful environment, soft wind was caressing their skin as they walked barefoot on the sand, waves touching their feet.

Taani was stealing glances at him, he looked lost in his thoughts. Her lips curved into a small naughty smile and mischievousness playing her brown orbs. She bend down little and splashed water on him, taking him by surprise.

"Taani!" Rey turned to her with surprised filled eyes which followed by the beautiful sound of her laughter. Surprised by her playful mood, he himself couldn't help but get along with her act and splashed water on her. Taani stuck her tongue out at him and ran away from there

"I am not gonna leave you." Rey muttered under his breathe before he ran away after her to catch her while she ran away, she was enjoying teasing him.

Rey smiled hearing the sound of her laughter. He was happy to be the reason of her smile. Rey increased his speed and got hold of her arm. He slide his arms around her from behind and twirled her around as he lifted her off.

"You can't run away from me." Rey whispered in her ear. Taani shudder in his arms, his close proximity always has this affect over her. Rey made her turn around to face him.

Taani look into his eyes, a small smile tugging at her lips. Not being able to withstand his intense gaze, she lowered her eyelashes making him smile. Rey tighten his hold around her and pulled her up close to him which earned a loud gasp from her.

"Rey." Taani whispered softly. She was confused with new found Rey, who is warm and friendly toward her but at the same time, she likes him this way with her. Her traitorous heart cherish every moment spent with him.

"Yes." Rey whispered back. He smiled down at her softly.

"We should go back. Ron will get worried if he didn't find us there in party." Taani said to him.

"He knows you are with me, so relax and enjoy." Rey answered her. He lifted his hand and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. Then he did something that shocked her, He picked her up in his arms in bridal style and walked inside the water.

"Now this is what i call revenge, princess." Rey winked at her as he dropped her in water and started splashing water on her.

"Rey!" Taani gasped in shocked. She balanced herself and ran after him to hit him while he ran away, laughing his hear out. The little chase continued until he let her catch him and they continue splashing water on each other like kids.


"I am tired!" The trio exclaimed and fell over the bed at night.

"But it was fun though-" Rey mumbled and the brother-sister duo couldn't help but agree with him.

"Di, what do you want to do tomorrow?" Ronak asked his sister.

"Shopping!" Taani exclaimed excitedly while the boys groaned hearing the wordshopping. But since it was taani they were dealing with, they couldn't say no to her any wish.

"Don't worry. I won't take whole day. Just few hours and you don't have to carry my bags too. " Taani added, giggling softly seeing their expressions.

"Good!" Ronak sighed in relief.

"I need to take a shower. You guys order food, i will be back in a while." Taani said to them, she got up and went in washroom to take shower.

"Rey bhai, i will be back in sometime."

"But where are you going?" Rey asked him.

"I have to go to meet the girl i met in the party." Ronak told him with a smile.

"The one you danced with?"

"No! She was damn clingy. It was the girl i met after you & di disappeared from the party. She is cute." Ronak told him.

"Good going, champ." Rey shows him thumbs up. Ronak smiled and exit the room.

Rey got up and changed into his track pants and vest then ordered their dinner from room service. 


Rey was seated on the bed, busy in his cell phone when the door of the washroom clicked open and taani stepped out of the wash, wearing one of her cute PJs.

"Where is ron?" Taani asked him as she noticed her brother's absence from the room.

"He ha gone out to meet his new friend." Rey chuckled.

"New friend? Who?" Taani raised her one eye brow at him questioningly.

"Its a girl whom he met today in the party." Rey answered her. He grabbed her hand and made her sit on the bed beside him.

"Did you enjoyed today?" Rey asked her softly.

"Yes. It is my first trip without parents and i am certainly enjoying it alot." Taani answered him with honesty. Rey smiled, he slide his hand in hers and held it. Taani was surprised by his gesture yet again, but didn't said anything ad sat there as serene silence engulf them.

"This is best trip of life." Rey mumbled in barely audible tone.

"You said something?" Taani, who couldn't hear clearly what he said, asked him confusingly.

"Nothing." Rey gave a small smile to her.

"Rey, you must have gone on many trips before too, right?" Taani asked him, starting the conversation.

"Yeah! Before mom & dad shifted to london, we used to go on many trips, but recently mostly trips were with the team dazzlers and some where with my high school boys group." Rey answered her.

"You have friends apart from college dance team?" Taani questioned since she has never seen him hanging out with anyone else apart from his dance team friends.

"Yes, Taani. I do have friends outside the dance team. But since most of my high school friends are in different fields, we don't get time to meet each other." Rey explained her, taani hummed in response.

"I was part of a huge boys group of the school. Whole school used to worship us." Rey chuckled, remembering his high school days.

"And let me guess, you were the leader of that group." Taani giggled, it was no hard thing to guess since he was born leader.

"And you are absolutely right there. Tell me something about your school days." Rey said to her.

"I was the topper of the school. I didn't had many friends since i was kind of socially awkward back then, but i did had few friends. And i was pretty popular since i was good in studies and also, i was trusty's daughter." Taani replied.

"Wow! I didn't knew it, miss topper." Rey was impressed by her and was happy to know more about her. The more he was getting to know her, the more he was falling hard for her.


Thank you so much guys for 3rd thread.

And please do leave your feedback on ch 29 :)
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LovelyUpdate. ...
Really beautiful taarey moments. ...
Continue soon. 
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very lovely update
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Super update 
Tr part nice 
Waiting for confession 
Continue soon 
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Wow wonderful update
Taarey water scene
Taarey talk school ka bare main Awsm
Next update soon..
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loved their water moment
hayee ron found a girl - frnd
i have jst que
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Fabulous update..
Loved it...
Update soon...
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