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Posted: 5 years ago
Hey, Asians!

It's been a while, hasn't it? Don't worry though, we haven't forgotten the forum at all LOL
Things are in the planning stage for the upcoming contest(s), so watch this space Approve

Anyhoo, let's get on with the topic for today. As you all may have noticed, we recently posted a Suggestion thread and there were lot of approvals for the discussion topics. 

So here we are!

Our discussion topic for this month is based on the idea of inspiration. 

Be it on IF or Tumblr, we come across some absolutely amazing signatures/avatars. They are so pretty that we are tempted to create something quite like it. It inspires us, which is great. Be it a test style, signature style or just the concept of the signatures, taking an inspiration from someone or something is great. It just goes on to broaden our PS experience.  

But how much is just inspiration and how much is over-inspiration? 
How can we limit the difference between the two? 

There's a big difference between the two concepts, Inspiration is being inspired by someone's style and giving it your own touch to it. Whereas over-inspiration is plainly copying the style with no credit to that person.

However, sometimes it's hard to differentiate between the two concepts. For example -  If one person has "come up" with a new signature style, how can you determine that someone else hasn't thought of that style before? It's a tricky question to answer to.  

So what do you have to say about this topic? 
How would you describe the two terms? 

Let us know your thoughts.

Until then,

be good.
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Posted: 5 years ago
Nice topic 

my personal views:
Sometimes people learn new things by experimenting e.g. blur or the coloured borders around sigs or font combinations that look nice can be genuinely just a coincidence or even just inspired. 
over inspired would be using the exact same thing trying to replicate a sig overinspired or if a person gave out their most used textures and someone imitated their sig style 

Colouring cant be inspired i think, unless the sig maker has used a psd the other sig maker has shared. similarly, i dont think someone can be overinspired if they have they same texture/ texture use unless the original sig maker gave them the texture

As you said there is a thin line. sometimes even i feel someone else's sig is inspired by another sig makers everything is the same looks like another person has made the sig. 
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Posted: 5 years ago
Hmm, interesting topic! There is a difference between getting inspired and overly inspired. Getting over-inspired might mean like having a similar layout of an edit which resembles another author's creation. 
Posted: 5 years ago
 inspired is the feeling you get when you see hOW AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS NABILA'S TAG IS AND YOU JUST CAN'T GET OVER HER TALENT AND YOU GO  IN A CORNER AND CRY. nabila, you're the real mvp! xo <3 
Posted: 5 years ago
On a serious note, I really feel that the thin line bw 'inspired' and 'over inspired' differs from creator to creator. I've seen people who don't consider their text style/ image placing being copied as 'over inspired' where as there are the ones who are really sensitive about it. It's actually pretty subjective so you better do some research about the creator and stick to the lines she created for her edits ya  <3 
The topic's amazing, great work AS team! <3
Posted: 5 years ago
Inspired : When you love someone's way of doing something which fills you with enthusiasm and you tends to do the thing in your style getting inspired by.
Overly Inspired : It clearly means plagiarism. It is like giving different characters in the story but the plot is stolen.
Posted: 5 years ago
Hey I didn't know that such topics were existing on A&S shop? Shocked
great job !!!Big smile

well here are my viewsLOL

getting inspired is when you have a template and you try to do "the same" but with your own skills.

getting over inspired is when you clearly take the same colouring , texts , pics and all and you don't give proper credit... I guess getting over inspired leads to plagiarism naa? especially in stories? Confused
But even for creations we can't copy someone's at 100% there will be always this something missing.


Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks Arpi, tumhari sangat ka asar hai Day Dreaming

If I had to differentiate between the two words, I'd say that inspired for me is wanting to become a super power but over inspired is when I nuke the world for it and not apologise.

Also it's a prejudicial notion too. If you are a beginner, lesser known photoshoper and you get inspired you'll be called out in a not so nice manner but if you are established, you'll have the benefit of doubt in your favour because as someone who has achieved the PSer fame people would avoid your glitch becuase they would think you don't need to be "inspired" and the result is just a coincidence.
Thus a newbie gets the tag of over inspired and an oldie loses nothing much most of the time and passes by as "might have got a bit inspired."

At the end a moral fibre helps everyone. You'd know if you got inspired or not so just put a credit up. With practice and patience you'll achieve the status quo and understand why people get touchy with these words.

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