OS after a long time... part 2 updated..

Posted: 2016-06-27T20:25:51Z
Hey Guys, Im back with one more OS,, Hope u guys remember me.. this is mad sakshian..

 Asusual, Os is based on last season, office wala love

Priya is working under Ram in his firm. Days are moving slowly in usual way,  Oneday Ram is late to office, and priya is not well, she was feeling feverish from night itself, but she dint care and thought she can manage without medicines, so she comes to offc. Actually she couldn't stop herself from seeing ram everyday, she is used to ram. And suhani and khush were left to their clinic. So priya reached office, comes and sits in her place, ram hasn't reached offce yet. Priya tried working but her health becomes worst, she couldn't sit, her head pains like hell, it din't stop even after taking medicine, but she tries her level best to do her work. But at some point of time her collegues, notices priya and advices her to go home, and Rishi also reluctantly agrees in her going home. So priya goes home taking an auto..

After 5 mins Ram enters office and his eyes are looking for his love, not seeing her in place he goes to his cabin restlessly. He tried concentrating in his work, but couldn't do so.. he calls rishi and ask abt the collegues, rishi informs him all are working efficiently, but only priya is not in offc and tells him the whole story happnd in d morng, he also added that priya left only b4 5 mins and she must be on her way home. Ram is tensed hearng priya's illness and sends off rishi. He doesn't knw what to do, he hurridly takes his coat and leaves offc informing rishi that he is off to an important meeting and might not return for the day, and imme goes and starts to priyas house.

Here priya reaches home and she remembers that she forgot to take an extra key when she left for the work, and she forgot to inform kush too dat she s coming home. She stands outside her locked house wondering what to do. All that she needs right now is to see rams face, since she came home without seeing his face, she couldn't put her mind in anything. She just stands outside and stares d door. Just then she hears the horn sound and turns back, priya shocked to see ram in his car waiting outside the gate and looking at her. She couldn't move a bit and just looks into his eyes. Their eyes locked and speaking millions without any word. She understood that he has come for her only, but she couldn't even move an inch. Ram again gives horn and priya comes to reality. Ram sees that the house is closed and comes out of the car and walks towards her, asks her why is she outside still, Priya tells him that she doesn't have keys wither. He just says, "come with me" and walks towards car, Priya asks where?. Ram replies, cant you trust me?. Priya cudnt say anything and walks towards the car and sits behind, ram was shocked with her behaviour but couldn't do anything, he just looks at her, but priya turns her face. Ram ignites the car and starts driving. Priya just closed her eyes and sits. Within 15 mins they reached hospital. But when ram turns to see priya, finds her sleeping. So he just opens the door and picks her up in his hands and goes inside, he knw that she must be tired bcz of fever, he can feel that thru his hands.

On seeing, Ram kapoor with his wife in his hands, his family doctor attends priya imme. He makes priya lie down in bed. After checking priya, doctor advises ram to take a good care of priya as her fever is high and also she is weak. Priya was sleeping all thru the checking. Doc asks ram to help him to inject priya by folding her sleeves, ram folds priya's blouse sleeve and doctor starts injecting priya, by then priya is awake, when she opened her eyes, she finds herself in her man's arms, hugging her to his heart and his eyes were closed, he couldn't see doctor injecting priya. Priya just smiles and says ouch wantedly, Ram imme opens his eyes and asks priya is it paing?  Priya just smiles and kept quiet. Ram couldn't understand anything. After the injection doctor advised priya and asks ram to take good care of her. Ram tries to lift priya again by keeping his hands below her knees, priya is shocked and says, Mr. Kapoor what are u doing?, ram says this is how i took u to hosp and now we are going back. Priya is blushing to the core and sd, she can walk now. But ram is adamant he says u are not well priya, don't argue. But priya is priya.. she just rolls her eyes and says, Mr kapoor please don't embarrass me and i dnt need your help. I sd i can walk, sayng that she gets down the bed, thanks the doc and goes to the car and sits behind and ram comes angrily and starts the car. Priya asusual closes her eyes thinking he will drive to her house, and sleeps imme bcz f the injection. Here ram drives to their private apartment and picks up sleeping priya in his arms and makes her lie in their bed room, which is a single bedroom apartment, ram bought this as per priyas liking. She always wanted a single bedroom flat with minimal furnitures and a single cot, priya always tells ram to buy a small cot, bcs she wants him to sleep very close to her, so they will not leave any space bw them.

After some time, Ram msgs khush, this is ram kapoor ur dad. Don't wait for priya she is with me. Khush was shocked with his msg and replied Ok dad. Tc.   Afternoon , priya opens her eyes and finds herself in a familiar surroundings, she immediately recognises the place and sits resting her head in head board, by then ram ordered food fr them frm outside and comes to priya to make her have food and medicine. Priya sits silently. Ram asks her to come out and have lunch. While eating priya asks ram, why did u take me here mr.kapoor? why dint u leave me home? Ram imme looks at her and says, u can leave now if u don't like to be here. She knows that he is still angry with her, she just keeps quiet and has her lunch. Ram gives her tablet and she quietly eats them. Ram asks her to take rest, priya goes to the room and sits on the bed. They are not talking normally, expecting the other to take the first step. Here ram switches on the tv and watching cricket without interest and priya also unknowingly sleeps on the bed. Its eveng time and priya wakes up sees the time, its past 6pm, she goes and freshen up herself and gets ready to leave, comes out of the room and says mr kapoor its time i must go home, khush and suhani must be waiting for me. ram says they wont as he already msged khush that u are with me. priya says she wants to go home as she is fine now and she has to go offc tomo. Ram angrily looks at her and says if u want u can go and goes to the room, murmuring, cant she even stay with me? she always wants to run away, why the hell i care for the one who doesn't even remember her husband? She leaves me for others, never ever cared for me not my feelings, he just closes the door and goes to bed. Hearing this priya couldn't move frm there. She could feel how much ram misses her, she decides to stay with ram. After like 10 mins, She wants to play with ram, so she soundly closes the main door, runs and sits in the hall. Hearing the door sound ram thinks that priya has really left the apartment and he hurridly comes out of the room with a sad face. He just stares at the closed door for some time and tears starts flowing frm his eyes, here priya enjoys this. When he turned his face, sees priya sitting silently looking the other side. Ram becomes more angry and goes inside the room shutting the door again. Priya couldn't control her laugh, she just goes to the kitchen and starts preparing dinner. Ram's anger had reduced by that time but he wants priya to talk to him first, he decides to sit quietly in their room and thinks Priya u wil pay for this tonight, remember there is no other place to sleep, baby u have to come to me.. wait till my turn comes.. and smiles broadly.


Here priya finishes making dinner and comes to the room to call ram. she enters the room, says ahem, ahem,, dinner is ready would u mind joing me?.. ram says, im not hungry and i want to be alone. Priya says, ok then, u have it whenever u want, let me start to my house, bye goodnight. And starts frm there, but ram says, ok wait, its really late, i wont allow u to go alone. Let us have dinner and then we will think of going home frm here. They both knew that they will be spending their night here, but just wants to tease the other. Priya served the dinner and ram eats very slowly, he just wants the time to pass, so eats very slowly and priya knws his intentions and smiles. She also eats very slowly. They both finished dinner around 10 and ram sd priya its already late, do u wanna go home now? Really wanna go? Priya hides her smile, and says, yes ram its really late and i don't want to disturb khush and suhani now, what to do now? They decides to spend the night in the apartment willingly and they knw even if they go home they cant sleep, they don't want to miss this opportunity.

Ram changes to night suit(remember it is their apartment and obviously their clothes will be thr) goes to the bed and lie down in his side, priya in the kitchen clears everything and comes to the room, goes to the bathroom, changes into her night gown, locks the doors, comes and stands near the bed on her side. She smiles and gets in to her side covering herslf with the duvet. Ram also smiles seeing her sleeping near him. They both are endlessly happy to sleep this close after months. Their backs are touching but no one sd anything just kept silent. After some time they both sleeps, and unknowingly they slept facing each other, priya opens her eyes, sees his husband sleeping sadly, she without thinking goes near ram, hugs him tightly by keeping her head in his crook circling her arms around him. And unconsciously ram also circles him arms around her, one hand behind her neck and the other on her waist. Priya smiles and just lies down hugging him, but not sleeping. Ram also suddenly opens his eyes, feeling her hugging him. They both knew that the other one is awake and just lies down silently. At the same time both hugged each other more tightly, priya kissed his neck and ram takes priya on him. Now ram is down with priya completely on him, he hugs her more tightly, priya smiles, tightens her arms around him and closes her eyes. Ram also closes his eyes peacefully, both are not sleeping, just enjoying being this close. ram starts first, "baby, how are u feeling now? Why are u not sleeping?, priya says, ram u knw very well why i am not sleeping.. ram just turns her down, and comes on top of priya,, asks how many months it has been? Priya says, nearly 6 months. Ram says, and baby u will be punished for those lost days, u knw how much missed u, missed us???? They both cannot sleep without theri daily dose of kisses. They are used to be kissing every single night and they cannot keep their hands of each other, they both have promised each other to make love atleast once a week though they have crossed 50's. So baby are u ready for ur punishment? Priya says ram, not today please, im not feeling well, someother day i promise. Ram' s face becomes dull hearing it, but thinking of priyas health he just smiles and lies down.. but priya u will be leaving to ur house tomo and i will be in kapoor mansion, when will u make time for me? i want to spend time with u so badly, priya just pulls his head to her bossom and kisses his hairs, says ram we will meet daily in offc ri8? Ram says But baby u wont even look at me in offc, u will b down always, how will u spend time with me and compensate(winks at her). Priya pulls him up and kisses him on his lips tightly, ram also responds to the kiss and after breaking it, priya tells him i will not leave home without giving ur daily dose, don't worry ram.. ram again takes her lips in him and says then abt "That??", priya smiles and hugs ram, then says everyweek end it is for u, we will come here and i will be yours, sayng this she hides her face in his broad chest. Ram hugs her even more and says for now i want u to sleep like u did always, saying that he removed her over coat, left her in her inner gown, and priya opens his kurta buttons and kept  her cheeks near his heart, both hugged each other witout any space.. and slept...

                   --------------------- to be continued...

sorry fr the mistakes, typed hurridly

Lil bit of office romance awaits u... will update once it is ready.. just uploaded till i typed..

                            Ur.. Madsakshian

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Posted: 2016-06-28T00:38:31Z
so so so sweet cute n romantic. dying to read next part. lovely penned down this part. RaYa loves each other immensely. but wants other one to make a move first. next part jaldi Dena ha. jeep posting
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-06-28T09:53:04Z

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Posted: 2016-06-28T09:58:47Z
Very cute :) 
Its romantic a read :)
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Posted: 2016-06-28T10:55:34Z
The love didn't diminished between RaYa still after 6 months of separation their love is strong like a wall. The HUSBAND in RAM was tensed seeing his wife ill and so is the condition of PRIYA was as a WIFE happy to see the concern he was showing. 
After so much time they united again and was lost in the love land with hugging each other
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Posted: 2016-06-28T12:54:30Z
nicely penned down ClapClap... i always feel that this track had a lot of potential  for raya scenes only if they were in the same frame ...anyways good to read stories on that ...plzz continue soon Smile
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Posted: 2016-06-28T13:14:10Z
Hayeee Raya soo sweet n beautiful update
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Posted: 2016-06-28T13:34:08Z
omg!! it was damn awesome!! :-D rayam. and there hang dose!! <3 continue soon plz
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