Revived in Plain Sight (PaRud FF)

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Revived in Plain Sight

  about the two girls that were now standing face to face was similar, apart from 2 things, one small, and another huge difference. A different hair length, one girl with a trendy short hair cut & the other with long, messy but still beautiful hair. The girl with shorter hair had a visible baby bump, while the other, wearing traditional Indian clothes that looked misplaced in America, looked so thin no one would ever think she ever gave birth.
None of the 3 present parties understood what was going on.
And after tons of insistence from the girl called Myrah, Parvati agreed to come with them, especially when promised she'd be safe, she had been shaking like an Autumn leaf under the whim of wind from her fear.
Rohit, Myrah's husband, kept looking at her, as if trying to determine if he wasn't just seeing double; making her uncomfortable. She had a couple of photos in her hand, and as the car sped away from the hospital where the unexpected but fated meeting had occurred, the village girl fondly stated at the faces of her two rays of sun. Father and son, Rudra and Dhruv. Their love, that she was sure would remain, had kept her alive in the other side of the world for 7 years.

So, here is the prologue of my PaRud FF, my own take of what could happen post 'leap' . I tried to keep it short for more mystery, and I really would like to know what you guys thought of it, and what you think will happen next  Wink
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Originally posted by bluetitliya

Wonderful Prologue Clap .
Crisp and intriguing.
So happy Myrah is married to Rohit. Wink
Rudra belongs to Paro only ( I am a hardcore Parud fan Embarrassed)
Looking forward to the next update. Waiting to know what happened to Paro during the 7 years.

I'm so glad you liked it :D And I purposefully made her married to Rohit. For me, too, Paro and Rudra are each other's once in a lifetime!
I even called Myrah Paro in my head whenever she came on screen. XD
Though Myrah, with Rohit will have a big role to play in this FF.
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Awesome Start..,
Short & Sweet Prologue...
Myrah&Rohit r married thats cool one.,
So PaRud forever remains together..
No more MyRud thank god..
Eagerly Waiting for ur nxt update to kno abt Paro's 7yrs life&who s d culprit."?&how dare he/she separate our beloved Couple..
Thanks for Starting New PaRud FF..
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No more MyRud thank God.
You made me LOL with that line Big smile Big smile
I always thought Myrah and Rohit had physical chemistry so I decided to put them together.
Parvati will start her storytelling in the next update so stay tuned!
It was my pleasure to start a new PaRud FF. I never want the wonderful Jodi to be forgotten.
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Posted: 2016-06-24T07:45:10Z
Sounds Amazing! Looking forward to PaRud...
Please Continue Soon...
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Revived in Plain Sight - Chapter 1

As Rohit unlocked the door to the house, he could see the girl named Parvati was impressed. She probably came from a place in India where she didn't even dream of such things. Myrah invited her in cheerily.
"How about you go shower before you tell us what's happened to you? The bathroom is just over there." She suggested kindly, pointing to the end of the corridor.
"Haan, thank you."
(A/N : I can't write the dialogue in Hindi, but just so you guys know Paro can actually speak English in this, I'll explain how come later in another chapter!)
When she was cleaned up and her fear was soothed, Paro dressed in some clothes Myrah had left beside the sink - a pale blue sari. It was very oversized over her thin body, but it was better than wearing her other sweaty lehenga.

Outside, Rohit had prepared coffee for his wife, knowing it'd relax her, and perhaps stop her from pacing around while asking 100 questions aloud. But she took it in her hand and only stopped asking questions to take a sip. He rolled his eyes, though he was smiling. He went to wrap his arms around her waist. "Babe. If you pace like this you'll tire both yourself and my daughter." Myrah giggled a bit and stopped pacing to plop down on the couch.
"So, what do you think of that girl?"
"I don't know what to think, when I first saw her it was like I saw double." He admitted. "Do you want to tell Uncle?"
"Rohit! Of course not. What can he do from India anyway?"
"Well, she's obviously from there, and maybe she's an immigrant who now wants to go back to her country?"
"Hm...We can't assume, we have to ask her. Maybe it's much more than that."
Just then, the bathroom door opened. Paro came out, with the saree on and a matching dupatta on her still damp hair.
She managed a thin smile at Myrah.
"C'mon have a seat. Are you hungry?"
Paro hadn't eaten since yesterday but felt no hunger whatsoever. She shook her head.
Seeing her carbon copy was no longer scared, but remained shy, Myrah went to sit beside her, holding her two hands. "Look, Paro. I can tell you went through a lot. And I want to help you, so tell me everything."
"A-as long as you don't inform the authorities." They didn't look like bad people, and there was no way such a rich couple were sent out by the other two looking for her.
Rohit raised a brow. "Are the police looking for you?"
She knew she had no right to be, since that was a logical assumption but Paro felt insulted by that, and replied calmly. "You're not talking to a criminal, Mr. Rohit. Just to someone who's legally dead."
Surprise had the couple's jaws drop.
"What? How?" Myrah looked at her, still holding her hands.
"My name is Parvati Rudra Pratap Ranawat.
But before I married the love of my life, I happened to be arranged into marrying a traitor who snuck firearms across borders, and whom my husband, then only a stranger, had to kill to save me."
Myrah's eyes were as wide as they could get. This story was good enough for an award winning movie!
Though her doppelgnger opened up no more about her love story.
"A few years later, the brother of that traitor came around with revenge in mind. And I was, luckily, the targeted one."
"Luckily? What the hell?!"
"It was either me or my husband or my son. So yes, luckily."
"And? What happened to you to be seen as legally dead?" Rohit asked her, brows still furrowed.
"He was actually going to kill me, but his accomplice pressured him into changing the plan. So instead, he had some of my blood taken from me, in case the police would go through a DNA test to assure identity, and burnt someone's body nearby, a body that everyone believed to be mine because of the blood beside it. All while I was held captive in another city, drugged multiple times a day so I wouldn't be awake long enough to ask anything."
She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She never thought she'd escape to be able to tell anyone.
"They brought you here?"
"Yes. Illegally smuggled like an animal."
"How long has it been?"
"7 years."
"But why didn't you tell anyone?!"
"Miss Myrah, in 7 years, this is the first time I can leave the place where they locked me up. Besides, who'd believe me? I'm dead where I belong and unknown here. The best I could expect is to be sent to a mental asylum. Needless to say it'd also be putting 2 persons life in danger.
This is why I need the 2 of you to promise me, on the love you have not to breathe a word of this to anyone."

That night, while Rohit slept, unaware, Myrah figured what her last wish and good action would be.

So here is the first chapter! Still mysterious? I know. :p
I hope you all liked it, and don't you worry, more about Paro's 7 year life is to come in the next chapters.
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