Fan Fiction Part 13

Posted: 2005-06-21T23:55:52Z

Armaan n jassi r standing gace to face... Its armaans turn first...

He goes to put in the mala but jassi moves back a few steps.. Then again he tries and nandu picks up jassi so armaan fails again!

He smiles at jassi leans over to her n wispers..

A: Aagar tumne phir see koi harkat ki tho main shaadi cancel kar do gaa... Jassi looks up at him n smiles.. armaan goes back to his place.. but this time armaan wont move foward anymore...

Nandu: Tum aaga mat jana..


And jassi moves foward and finally armaan puts in the mala n armaan dosent give jassi any trouble.. he cant really wait...LOL

------------------------------------------------------------ --------------

(ok guys i wont bore u)

Armaan n jassi r finally married...

Armaan enters his room and locks itEmbarrassed he turns to see an empty bed... he walks towards the bed.... and is just staring at it when he hears armaan screamig..


Armaan turns n sees jassi running to him from his bathroom.. she runs and falls on him onto the bed... Tightly hugging armaan... ammaan dosent know whats the matter but hugs her back... jassi is laiing on him hugging him tightly 4 a long time and then she pulls herself away... breating heavy...

A: Kya hua...

J: VO....VO....

A: Kya....

J: Vo bathroom main chocorach hai..

Armaan starts to laugh...

J: Armaan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tumhe haasi aa rahi hai..

A: Jassi tum bhi naa...

Jassi frowns at him.....  And then smiles...

A: Jassi tumhe mara hota hua kuch nahie ho saktha... Tumahara koi kuch nahie bigarsaktha.. aur yhe tho ek chocorach hai..

J: Sach...

Armaan nods...

Sudenlly jassi yells: Armaan tumahara shirt pe keera hai.. armaan screams n hugs jassi...

And jassi starts laughing.. and armaan leaves her n looks at her..

A: Tum hass kyun  rahi hoo..

J: Main maazak kar rahi thi.. And now armaan frowns at her and nods angerly..

J: Oh ho sorry...  Aacha ab bataho mara gift kaha hai...

A: Armaan looks up n smiles...he reaches into his pocket and takes out a small box.. jassi opens it.. it has a small sindoor dani in  it.. she opens the sindoor dani wich is filled w/ sindoor already... Jassi looks at armaan

J: Armaan.. Main tumahara kya karogi...

A: Mujhse pyaar... armaan takes the sindooe dani n puts it aside....

A: Jassi ab mara gift..

J: Haa..

A: Mara gift... and gives her a naughty look..

J: Armaan nahies armaan starts to lean foward to jassi...

J: ARMAAN.. BEHAVE UR SELF... and armaan stops..  and moves his head away angrily...

He is still looking away when jassi moves fowards and kisses him on his cheek she moves armaan's head n says Armaan vo... hamri kiss abhi tak poori nahie hoi.. Armaan turns at her and leans foward to jassi.. making jassi fall onto the bed.. he leans onto her and we see his hand closing the ligh!


OK I AM TIRED! see u guys later!LOL

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Posted: 2005-06-22T15:00:12Z
so should i stop writing!???
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Posted: 2005-06-22T15:09:03Z
omg that was to cool !!!!!!!!!Embarrassed
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Posted: 2005-06-22T15:15:17Z
Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!  Never!!!!  I read this while I was on my break and was wondering why no one was commenting on it.  I think everyone's pretty upset with what's going on right now and they don't want to imagine anything similar or get their hopes up.  I can understand that.  But Please don't stop writing.  You're the only one now who actually writes any fan-fic nowadays, consistently anyway.  If you go to the KYPH forum, they've got a ton of fan-fics over there and here??.....Almost none!!!   JP and usachick821 write well too!!!  I wish they'd write some out for us....I think that this would cheer everyone up!Smile  What do you think guys??Wink

Armaans4ever, plz don't stop....ur too good to stop!!!Clap  I love reading them!!!


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Posted: 2005-06-22T15:23:57Z
its great do continue
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Posted: 2005-06-22T15:53:38Z
i felt like a teenager reading this.  Embarrassed  heheeeheee...Embarrassed
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Posted: 2005-06-22T16:22:37Z
NOoooooooooooooooooooooo plz finish plz finsih!!!!!!!! COntinue!!!!!!!!
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Posted: 2005-06-22T16:31:33Z
awwww dont feel bad. there arent many people visting anywayzCryCryCry
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