TaaRey : The Billionaire's Possession [The Billionaire Trilogy]

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- | Prologue | -

Two weeks! It has been two weeks, she was shot by her sister, priya.

Doctors tried their best to save her but she slipped into coma and hasn't woken up since then.

Little angel, Rhianna was the most affected by the absence of her mother from past two weeks. It was difficult for Rey to handle his restless daughter who want her mother, it break his heart to see her like this.

He himself wasn't doing any good. He was falling apart in her absence. He wanted her beside him. He was missing her terribly. Where as Rhianna had him, he had no one to console him. He was dying everyday, praying to god to sent her back in his life.

He cursed himself every time he remembered her state. If only he hadn't been a jerk to her that day in office, she wouldn't have left alone for home and nothing would have happened to her. He cursed himself for being the reason of her pain, always.

He wants to lay down world's every happiness in her feet, but ended up giving her pain, intentionally or unintentionally, doesn't matter. He just knew, somewhere, he is the reason, she is laying on the hospital bed lifelessly.

The cries of his daughter reached his ears, breaking the trance he was in. He cocooned his daughter in his arms who was laying on his chest.

Rey rocked her, patting her back gently, to make her stop crying.

"Maa-" Little angel pouted, looking at her father with her tear filled eyes.

Rhianna has learnt to to speak 'maa', but unfortunately, taani wasn't there to listen to their daughter calling her maa.

"Yes, angel. We will go to see maa. Come, lets get mommy's angel ready then we will go hospital to meet mommy." Rey crooned softly in her ear. He never wanted to leave taani alone in hospital, he wanted to be there, right beside her, but he had some responsibilities toward his daughter as well, he couldn't leave her alone as well, when the little soul is craving for her mother. And taani would kill him if she got to know, he left their daughter in care of nannies while he turned devdass.

She would never forgive him for that, he knew that very well.


Rey entered her hospital room with Rhianna in his arms. Everyday, father-daughter would come and spend time there, with taani.

He sat on the stool next to her bed. The man, who hadn't cried in ages, has shed tears everyday when he would come to meet her, seeing her like this break his heart into million pieces. She was laying lifelessly on the hospital bed, her face, which used to glow with happiness, was no pale.

The smile he used to love, wasn't there, leaving a emptiness in his heart.

How much he wished for her to wake up and talk to him, scold him, kick him for being an ass to her. A lone tear escaped his eye, depicting the pain and helplessness of his heart.

"I love you, taani. Please come back to us." He whispered softly, confessing his love to her for the first time. But ironical much, he never realized his love when she was with him and when fate took her away from him, he realized what he feels for her. What she means to him.

But is it too late for realization?


I am back with book 3 of the trilogy.

Hope you will like it

Please do leave your feedback :)
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Nice one waiting for the next update 
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Posted: 2016-06-13T06:05:20Z
Hey I loved it...
Please now update the chapter soon ...
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Posted: 2016-06-13T06:13:16Z
Lovd the prologue
Taani is in coma
Rihanna learned saying maa
Rey realized his love for taani
Egarly waiting for the next part
Please please please please update soon
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Posted: 2016-06-13T06:17:20Z
Taani is in coma
Cont soon
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Posted: 2016-06-13T06:17:52Z
awesome update
tanni was in coma
little angel call maa for tanni
but she can't hear that
rey realize their love
waiting for priya punishment
waiting for next update
please update soon
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Posted: 2016-06-13T06:18:23Z
Congrats for the new book.
Loved the update.
Really emotional.
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