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Posted: 7 years ago
What we learn from history is that we actually donot learn anything. 
This fact stands very true for of all of us and so is in the case of Shravan. We don't actually calculate and act according to past experiences and often act in impulse in certain aspects especially matters of love. Mostly because excitement over powers every other emotion. That fateful day when Shravan wanted to share his naive feelings of first love destiny conspired and separated them. 
But the key here is the "hatred" for his mother always taken a front seat over their love. 
Only if Shravan and Suman shall talk on the basis for Shravan's feelings either for Nirmala or for Suman only then things will sort out. 
The matter here is entangled firstly,  the hatred for his mother which is actually  because of broken trust and  the basis of newly building trust with Suman was crushed at the bud level. Besides there was a lot of peer pressure at teenage. 
So when we have a dynamic problem we have to break it into simpler parts and find solutions and that helps solve the greater problem. 
So here what should Shravan consider?  
Rather What should Suman consider solving first? Instead of solving his issues with his mother and trying to show him reality. It is important that she regains his trust. 
Shravan will only realise the fact that his mother was innocent when his father will tell him the actual course of events. So it's also vital for Ramnath to understand his mistakes. 
I don't expect a super woman Suman to sort out all the issues of every character in the show that would be stereotypic.
So,  the story should rather progress with wrong steps and realization most importantly the love of ShraMan being discovered with a great impact. 
Also,  Shravan should realise in the course of time that it is not sadness of the "truth" that bothers his father but the fear  of the truth being unveiled that dooms him. 

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Posted: 7 years ago
yes communication is important but frame of mind is too .. right now ppl  should go back to their corner and  re group  .. 
Posted: 7 years ago
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!  Nice post 

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