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"Swaragini"which highlights the cultural conflicts between two neighboring  families, tells the story of how Swara and Ragini discover their true identities and hold on to their family ties amid fractured relationships, which are result of a certain past.

Here in this Appreciation Thread you can discuss everything related to Swara,Sanskar, VaHe & our Favorite  couple SwaSan.

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Helly Shah is Indian actress popular on television. Shah shot to fame her role of Alaxmi in the famous daily soap Alaxmi ka Super Parivar aired on Life OK. She was born and brought up in Ahmadabad (Gujarat). Her acting career started off when she was in class VII. She worked in shows like In Khushiyon kii Gullak Aashi , Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi.Currently she is playing role of Swara Bose in daily series Swaragini.

 Swara is a vibrant, fun loving and friendly girl brought up in an open minded Bengali family.


Varun Kapoor is Indian actor popular on television. He was born and brought up in Ahmadabad. Varun started his acting journey via few Gujurati films, some ad commercials. He worked in shows like Na Aana Iss Des Lado, Betaab Dil ki Tamanna Hai, Humse Hai Life, Saraswatichandra, Maharakshak Devi. Currently he is seen as Sanskar Maheshwari in the popular serial Swaragini.

Sanskar is man who has lost his soul mate who vowed to take revenge for his love. He was shown as person with negative traits who posed as mentally challenged to take revenge from his own family. Swara made him realized his mistake and with her help is trying to redeem his past mistakes.

Varun and Helly together they are known as VaHe. Varun with his awesome sense of humour and Helly with her sensibility and sweet laughter made way for tremendously cute offscreen fun. They share an amazing friendly bond.

Though Varun is Punjabi he too shares Gujju connection with our Gujarati girl Helly as both belong to Ahmedabad. They make sure every interview give fans something to smile and laugh about. Their interviews are way too cute. Whenever Helly struggles to collect words while giving bytes Varun helps her and completes sentence on her behalf.
Their bonding is so strong that sometimes both ends up saying same things.

When people work together day and night thet develop family bond.And that's what happened with Varun and Helly.Both have developed a comfort level in each other's company. Helly can say anything to Varun. Same case is with Varun he can share anything with Helly.Best part about their friendship is both are caring towards eachother.

God bless their friendship always.

Working together they have really managed to compliment eachother so well that within a short span of time people fell in love with their onscreen chemistry as well as offscreen friendship bonding. These two have perfectly managed to win hearts of fans by portraying SwaSan so effin well.
VaHe only made SwaSan what they are now. Without VaHe's brilliant acting skills we can't imagine SwaSan.

SwaSan is now synonymous with epic- this is a couple that inspires sagas to be written. They signify all that is beautiful and inspiring in love. Individually, they are two people who are compelling, but in diametrically opposite ways. That in itself is the beauty of their pairing. They are yin and yang, he is the "Shiva" to her "Shakti", they complete and complement each other like two halves of a perfect whole, but bereft without one another. Their love story is unique and in its totally unusual identity, lies its undeniable charm. They began as perpetrator and victim, but even then there was a soul deep connect that was undeniable. Destiny bound them, and shared pain forged their relation, the fires of suffering forged their bond to make it unbreakable, no matter how many times it shall be tested. They shall only emerge stronger - steel tempered and honed, like gold that never tarnishes, and like the most precious of jewels - shining bright like a star fallen from the heavens. 

It is perhaps easier to ask what Swara doesn't mean to Sanskaar, as there are not enough words to encompass all that she does mean to him. In simple terms, Swara is Sanskaar's entire universe. She is the heartbeat that gives him life, the pulse that thuds through his veins, his very reason for living and the glue that holds the fabric of his world together. She was his salvation, an angel that came to him in his darkest hour and absorbed his pain, despite the hurt it inflicted on her, but returned it with friendship, trust and thus redemption. It seemed to many that Sanskaar fell in love hard and fast with Swara. Perhaps he did- but surely when you have waited all your life for that one true mate, time must cease to have relevance? Sanskaar felt the irrevocable call of her and he answered. Sanskaar is a man who knows what he wants, he never apologises for it and is proud of his love, in turn making us proud to witness such overpowering love. No matter how angry or hurt he may be, when it comes to Swara she is his "raison d'etre" - literally the reason for his existence and no matter how much distance or indifference he he ever felt forced to pretend, he will never be immune to her. Now that his love is rightfully returned, he is happy, carefree, loving and loved- the perfect man we all know him to be.

As she was once his angel that saved him from the pits of hell, he has since been her guardian and guide. His steadfast support and unstinting loyalty was the anchor which grounded her during the terrible tempest that threatened to wash her away. When everyone, including her very own near and dear ones, abandoned her, he stayed as her rock. He is her shield and her knight in shining armor. Swara was broken by betrayal- her sister, fiancee, her very own father and family let her down in the worst possible way but Sanskaar stood by her, for her and with her. She feared his love- when we have no yardstick for true trust and love, such immense feeling can be frightening and so she refused to acknowledge or reciprocate his heartrending adoration. But his selfless devotion triumphed and she finally too succumbed to what was always inevitable. She now loves him in a way worthy of his awe inspiring love and she will now finally fight for the one thing that will truly matter to her and to them- him and his heart, which is already hers in any case, but simply being guarded by him, to protect them both in different ways. Finally, Swara's love matches Sanskaar's and the result is breathtaking.

So many of us fell in love with Swara and Sanskaar, we took them to our hearts as we would a blessing or a prayer. They are the epitome of entwined souls, each one only complete with the other. Their love transcends boundaries and needs no marriage by ritual, no signed piece of paper to make them valid. Their very spirits are merged- their union goes far beyond a physical coupling, when two hearts are joined so seamlessly and so beautifully, it is a manna from the Heavens and no man made circumstance, artifice or obstacle can put them together. They define the true meaning of a wedding vow. They had to, and will probably still have to, suffer much hardship along the way, but it is beyond certain that they will overcome, and emerge stronger. Their journey is destined with each other and their destination in itself is each other. All that they do, feel and experience will be perfect, whether in pain, or joy, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer and not even death shall part them, as some loves live on forever. 

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SwaSanVM:Aaj Ibadaat 
SwaSanVM:Jaanatein Kahan
SwaSanVM: Tu Hi Meri &Paakezah
SwaSanVM:Yada Teri
VaHe VM:Matargasthi
SwaSanVM: Ishqaana Dil
SwaSanVM:Jaadu Hai Nasha
SwaSanVM: Tum Se Hi
SwaSanVM: Janam Janam
ll Mistletoe Creations ll SwaSan VM's

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~*~ll SwaSan AT#100 ll 100th AT CELEBRATIONS  ~*~
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~*~ll SwaSan AT #105 ll Main Tera Jism Hoon Tu Meri Jaan ~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#106 ll The Only Thing that Matters..  ~*~
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~*~ll SwaSan AT#108 ll Bond of Heart A Journey of Marriage~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#109 ll Milan Abhi Adha Adhura Hain! ~*~
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~*~ll SwaSan AT#112 ll Chupke se chupke se raat ki Chadar tale~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#114 ll The Crazy Insane SwaSanians!!!~*~
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~*~ll SwaSan AT#116 ll Born For You! ~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#117 llWe love giving Baba Ji Ka Thullu :P! ~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#118 ll Ain't no sunshine when We are apart~*~
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~*~ll SwaSan AT#120 ll Inteha Ho Gayi Intezaar Ki~*~
SwaSanAT#121llRoothNa Jaana,Tumse KahunTo,MainIn Aankho MeinJo RahuTo
~*~ll SwaSan AT#122 ll As Long As I Have You..!~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#123 ll Kiss Me Like You Wanna Be Loved ~*~
~*~llSwaSan AT#124 ll Tu Jo Chhoo Le Pyaar Se  Aaraam Se Mar Jaaoon~*~
~*~llSwaSan AT#125 ll Mera mujhme kuch nahi,jo ho so tor ho~*~
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~*~ll SwaSan AT #127 ll Woh Sapna Sapna Nehi Jisme Tu Na Ho ~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT #128 ll Pagol Kothakar ~*~
~*~ll SwaSAn AT #129 ll Mere Hath Main Tera Hath Ho ~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT #130 ll Tu Mila To Jine Ka Sahara Mill Gaya ~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT #131 ll Judah Hoke Bhi Tu Mujh Main Kahi Baki Hai ~*~
~*~llSwaSan AT#132llMohabbat Bhi Jaruri Thi Bichadna Bhi Jaruri Tha~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#133ll Bichdan Tu Bichdan Bichde Toh Jee Na Payenge ~*~
~*~llSwaSan AT#134 ll I Need You...So Much Closer!~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT #135 ll Kaali Ghata Chayi , Prem Ruth Ayaai ~*~
~*llSwaSan AT#136llBatonKoTeriHumBhulaNaSake,HokeJudaHumNaJudaHoSake*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT #137 ll Dill Main Magar Jalte Rahe Chahat Ke Diye Tere Liye~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT #138 ll Hum To Adhure Yahan Tum Bhi Magar Puri Kaha~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT #139 llNafrat Pas Ane Na De Mohabbat Dur Jane Na De~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT #140 ll Akar Mujhe Tum Thamlo Manjil Teri Dekhe Rasta~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#141 ll Khafa Hai Magar Bewafa Tu Nai~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#142 llDur Jitna Tum Mujse Pass Tere Main~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#143 ll"Hoke Juda Hum Na Juda Ho Sake" ~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#144 ll Dhina Dhin Dha Sanjo Ka Sajan Agaya Kissan ~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#145 ll Hukum Tha, Me Jiyu, Lekin Tere Bagair ~*~
~*~ll SwaSan AT#146 ll Kya Kahu Duniya Ne Kia , Mujse Kaisa Bair~*~

Credit for write up bio :  www.filmyfolks.com
Credit for SwaSan  write up: tootiefrootie11
Credit for VaHe write up: MusicMyLife 
Credit for the banners : .Avengers.
               Credit for SwaSan 50th & 75th & 100th AT VM: ..NightDragon..
Credit for all the Dividers: to the uploader
Credit for all the tags : DivineDarkness
Credit for Scenes Link : Asha122

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To include your Stories and VM please scrap Me the link of your works.

If you want to include any particular siggi in AT post one (2nd siggi) please let me know will try to include new siggi for each AT. 😳

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Congrats :) Thanks for including my name in members list

Tittle suggestion - Kadi naiyo chhodna Ishq di dor na

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Originally posted by Harmony...

Congrats :)
Tittle suggestion - Kadi naiyo chhodna Ishq di dor na

Saare chhad jaayen maahi Tu na chhodna
nice one. 😳

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