OS - BALH Anniversary special. PART 2 UPDATED ON PG 5

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RaYa SS : Life's Second Chance.


Part 2 - BALH Anniversary special.

OS - Part 2


OS - BALH Anniversary special

OK for this OS I won't do my any bakbak let's go straight on update not waiting without much time. Just want to tell this is BALH Anniversary special... I know I m late by posting this but really stuck with some work so couldn't make it sorry Naseem I when not commented on thread will do that that right away... so now enjoy this one...

The actual scene starts from where Priya was back from Dubai after 5 years with Peehu seeing her alive Ram got too much angry & knowing that she is starting business with Rajat as name of Priya Sharma he got more hurt & angry. He decided to bring Peehu in Kapoor mention as soon as possible he can. He started his all legal activity against Priya to get his daughter back to him seeing all this Priya decided to give up on custody case of Peehu as she didn't want Peehu to go through all legal activity which can harm innocence of her childhood. She sadly given her custody to Ram but with best wishes to him that he get his daughter's full love.

There after getting Peehu's custody Ram felt Priya's pain as mother but his anger & ego stopped him to confess & accepting it... there Priya was very alone without Peehu after having her whole family still she felt all alone without Ram & Peehu next to her. There after having her father & her whole family still Peehu was feeling all alone b'coz her mother was not next to her & on that Ayesha's rude behaviour was making her more alone & scared but she was not even able to tell this to her father as in front of him Ayesha was well behaved to her but in alone she always makes Peehu scare & tell her not to tell this to Ram or she will harm her & Kush badly.

Now Peehu started to stay quite & her all cheerful nature just vanished she always looked like scared of something she left her all time eating habits too due to that her health started to get ill which of Ram was aware but unable to find the reason.

One night Peehu & Khush were playing in their room Ayesha came after the party all fuming in anger as her so called friends taunt her regarding Peehu & Priya saying now she is no more Mrs. Ram Kapoor as Priya is back with Ram's own daughter & Ram loves her kid Khush as his own but he is not biological dad of Khush so she just left as Ram's kids nanny only. She fought with her & drink unlimited in party in anger. She could barley stand on her feet. She was all in anger as was late night everyone was retired to their respective rooms & Ram was not yet back from office so Khush & Peehu was all alone in room. She came in kid's room & closed the door.

Ayesha scolded both kids very badly & slaps them too in drunk state even warn them not to disclose this to anyone not even to Priya & Ram abt this either she will make their worst state then this. Kids got sacred more than Khush Peehu was affected as she was away from her mother & getting scold by Ayesha daily she was getting weak already. Ayesha went from there to her room no one was there beside kids to console them... claim down them... it was getting very late Khush tried to made Peehu sleep but she wasn't getting sleep was completely scared & just laying closing her eyes still Ayesha's words & scary face was roaming front of her eyes. Here Ram came very late so he just looked in kids room & both kids were laying on bad closing their eyes so Ram thought they r sound sleep but he didn't knew both were very much awake so he thought not to disturb them as it's really late so he just went to his room to catch some sleep.

When next morning Somaya went to kids room to wake up them for school Khush got up after calling 3 or 4 times but Peehu was not getting up so Somaya went to near her sit on her bad & touched her forehead to wake up her but she got shock seeing Peehu's head is burning with fever even her full body was burning in fever she tried to wake up Peehu but she was not opening her eyes she got scared that till last she was all right then what happen all of sudden in just one night.

There Somaya runs to call everyone first to Ram's room & told him abt Peehu's fever all rush in to kid's room here Khush also got scared that's why when everyone asked him he didn't said anything abt Ayesha he was just silent crying for Peehu. Here Ram called best of best doctor for Peehu but in sleep Peehu was just mummring her mother's name. Doctor were trying their best to get down her fever but every ting was going in vain until then NeVi also reached there as Somaya called them too. Everyone r really worried fir Peehu specially Ram.

Peehu: mumma... plz mumma don't leave me mumma... I need you... I miss you mumma plz come back to me... mumma... mumma... plz mumma... (Peehu started stammering in sleep thinking thinking abt Priya Ram heard that & git all shocked.)

Ram: doctor do anything you can but get back my rockstar to me. (Ram in much anger & sadness asked to doctor to use his all power to get back Peehu too normal.)

Doc: I can understand ur state of mind sir but sorry Mr. Kapoor she is having a high fever I have tried my best but still I m not able to do anything for that b'coz might be my medicines r not her cure its her mother's affection which can make her batter now as she is missing her mother too much. So right now if anything can do to get her batter it's her mother's love,care & affection not anything else. So I advise you plz bring her mother here she can only sooth her illness or else her health could be worst then this. Anyway I have given her injection hope her fever claims down soon & once she wakes up feed her after that give this medicine & plz call her mother she is repeatedly calling her in sleep & kids only do that when they really needs her mother. (Doc advised Ram & Moves out from room leaving Ram in thinking.)

Neha was silent spectator here she very well knew Ram he won't ever call Priya in his ego nor any other person of house due to get scared by Ram &  by seeing Peehu's state it was got difficult for Neha to hold back she immediately called back to Priya & told her everything abt Peehu.

Here Priya was really restless from morning like she was getting negative vibes that something is there which not right with her loved one is & when she got call from Neha in early morning her fear was getting more worst after hearing abt Peehu Priya with Nuts while crying moved towards KM.

Priya & Nuts reached KM she just enter in house & runs towards kid's room. Ram was already there sitting next to Peehu holding her hand in his he even had tears in his eyes. He was cursing his ego & anger for not able to call Priya when their daughter only wants her mother next to her. Priya enters in Peehu's room while crying & taking long breath Ram got up seeing Priya there he was angry to see her there but when she runs to Peehu he just got up from there & stand some steps away from mother daughter duo. He was still angry with Priya but he was also aware of the fact that how much Peehu need Priya at this time. There was no one expect these 3 in the room.

Priya: Peehu... Peehu... baby... see I'm back to you... princess get up baby see I'm just next to you. (Priya took Peehu in her embrace & hold her close to her heart she even kissed her many time on her face while crying her pain was clearly showing on her face.)

Priya were crying continually hugging Peehu not leaving her for second when KK enters in room seeing PriPee she even got warm water in her eyes everyone here crying uncontrollably. Here getting Priya's warmth & touch Peehu opened her eyes little bit while smiling lightly.

Peehu: mumma you came back... you came back. (Peehu had her light smile around her lips seeing Priya next to her holding her in her arms she felt secure there.)

Priya: yes princess I'm back to you just to be with you my baby. (Priya light kissed her forehead while holding her again hugging her to her heart.)

Peehu: now don't go leaving me mumma... plz don't go... (Peehu pleaded to her mother in half concious state while holding her in her little arm hug while falling in sleep again.)

Priya: I won't go my princess I won't go I promise to you... (Priya's tears were continues falling from her eyes same was happening with KK & Ram both couldn't stop their tears from falling.)

Ram is silent visited all this he was feeling ashamed for separating Priya & Peehu from each other after knowing the fact they simply can't live without each other. He even understood if he wanted his rockstar back he have to keep her with her mumma he just can't separate them for any reason. There Priya kept Peehu again on bad but she was unable move as Peehu has hold her very tightly next to her with the fear that she will might be leave her alone again. Here Ram & KK moves out of the room seeing the mother daughter duo next to each other happily.

KK: Ram I know right now in anger u won't understand anything beta but no one can understand batter then you that what is mother for her child... 20 years ago Niharika separated me from you & we know what we had lost in that even we still r paying for it no one is happy in this house now don't repeat the history here beta give your child what she wants b'coz if this time we lost na we will lost everything which won't be able to repay ever again. (KK kept her hand on Ram to console him while walking in corridor Ram took deep breath hearing after his mother.)

KK left for her room Ram moves back into his room... in their green kingdom were everywhere was just Priya Ram was feeling her in each corner of room the big picture of their on wall up the bad was reminding him all his past beautiful moments spent with her. His eyes were brimming in tears it was getting unable for him to control his pain anymore. He just burst out while crying bitterly. He knew very well what KK said was right he have no right to separate a daughter from mother at the age when she needs her mother the most. Now he has to correct this for his rockstar to get her back to normal... for his love... his life which is Priya as however he shows his hate to her & be angry with her but the truth is just that he loves her... love her eternity & unconditionally & until to when he will be live like this he knew very well one or other day he is going to forget everything & his all anger going to be melt he can't live without his soul which is Priya. Then he will bring Priya back into his life as after knowing she is alive he can be angry with her but now he even can't think of living without her for any moment so he decided what will be his next move.

Here it was been evening slowly Peehu's fever was coming down. It was replacing into normal temperature just b'coz of her mother's warmth around her whole day Priya was setting next to Peehu holding her silently crying for seeing her princess in such pain. Ram was locked in his room thinking being claimed how to solve the matter& make everything correct in all senses. In KM everyone was coming to watch on Peehu in little time of gap as they were sure that when Priya is there they did not need to worry abt Peehu she is in safe hands. Ram enters into Peehu's room where she is sleeping holding Priya even she also fast asleep lying on bad next of Peehu. Ram looks at both & automatically his lips craved into smile seeing his both angle sleeping peacefully hugging each other tightly. A feel of satisfaction he felt in his heart. He moves closer to Peehu & kissed her forehead while having tears in eyes.

Ram: rockstar papa loves u the most he will do anything for you & your happiness just get well soon baby. (Ram wishers slowly just looking at Peehu he had tears in eyes & senses someone's precancerous around & got up from sleep & frond Ram front of her.)

Priya: Mr. Kapoor don't worry she will be fine soon. (She tried her best to console him.)

Ram: thank you Priya if you was not here today might be Peehu... but thank you so much for coming here for Peehu. (Ram's voice hot soften she could sense that he is not not angry with her anymore & more on that she can see a father in so much pain.)

Priya: for Peehu I can bare anything Mr. Kapoor she is not just my baby but she is my life if anything ever happen to her I won't be able live after all she is the only one who me I can say my own else I don't  have anything in these world. (Priya said while looking at her princess but Priya last words brake his heart as how can she says she is no one in life rather than Peehu when he is all all alive for her just her but then he even realized he is the one who made her think like that.)

Ram: don't worry Priya we r there for her until we r there next to her we won't ever let anything happen to her. (Priya nodded her head in yes Ram felt light he knew thus this is this is the not right time to take their dispute talk further as he will wait for right time.)Priya is she eat something? (He asks with concern voice looking at Peehu.)

Priya: yes some time ago she waked up she had some soup & her medicine then falls in sleep again. (Priya answered smiling looking at him.) Mr. Kapoor I want to talk to u something. (Ram could sense the seriousness in her voice.)

Ram: even I wanted to talk to you it is that... (Before Priya ask him to that she is leaving he wanted to ask abt his thought but before he could ask anything Peehu wake up hearing her papa's voice.)

Peehu: papa when you came? (Peehu asked her with all her innocence in her eyes.)

Ram: when you were sleeping baby. (Ram said while holding her small hand in his palm.)

Peehu: I missed you so much papa plz don't go leaving me all alone. (Ram could see pain & fear in the voice which is liking his heart seeing her in such state he claim he

I'm I'm down to talk further.)

Ram: I promise rockstar I won't go ever leaving you alone until u don't get batter I will be always next to you 24 hours now u sleep when u will wake up we will have dinner together. (Ram claim her down with his soft caring voice & his fatherly warmth Peehu smiled looking at him.)

Peehu closes her eyes holding RaYa's hand in her both hands & falls in to sleep soon due to medicine doses. When they heard a knock on door both looks at the door were they found Somaya standing there Ram asked her to come in with pleasant smile.

Somaya: Bapa Bhabhi's bags has arrived I've kept them in ur room. (Somaya said with pleasant smile looking at RaYa.)

Ram: yes thank you Somaya. (Ram greeted her with his smile again.)

Priya: Somaya what r u my bags doing here? (Priya was all shocked & confused hearing so she can't wait to ask her this.)

Ram: I will answer of it... but not here I don't want Peehu to disturb in her sleep come let's go out. (Priya had no any other option then following Ram as she even didn't wanted Peehu to get disturb.)

Priya looks at Peehu & think it's not right to talk here front of Peehu so she agreed to Ram & moves out leaving Somaya next to Peehu. Ram took Priya in to their green room. Which Priya had decorate by herself every inch of the room was making Priya remembered all the beautiful moments she shared with Ram... they were the unforgettable moments of her life. Priya were lost in her thoughts seeing room & their pictures on walls & tables. Ram smiles seeing Priya lost.

Ram: remember I wanted to talk to u something this is what I wanted to talk to you. Priya I wants you to stay in KM. (Ram made the the straight forward as he was not ready to hear no from Priya.)

Priya: what? (Shocked) What r u talking Mr. Kapoor. (She got dumbstruck hearing this as she didn't expected this from him at all she wanted to talk to him to take to Peehu with her for some days to Sharma house once she will be all right she will sand her back here but what Ram said is unexpected for her even she can't do that too as being with Aayesha & Ram in same house will going to be worsen the things for everyone.)

Ram: what I'm saying I only wants to be happen... see my happiness is in Peehu but her happiness is in you she can't live without you Priya so I have decided for some days you will stay with us in this house until Peehu gets batter then you can decide by ur own what u want to do... (Ram didn't wanted any further argument on this matter so he thought batter to leave before she could say anything as he know he can't ever win over with her from arguments.)

Ram left the room as soon as he completed Priya wanted to tell him something but he didn't here he got down from stair. Priya runs behind him to stop but he reached to leaving room. There Ayesha comes there fuming in anger to meet Ram she sees him & stops him to talk.

Ayesha: Ram I want to talk to u something important. (She stop him from going but Ram is not really in mood to talk to her.)

Ram: not now I'm getting late will talk later. (Ram completely wanted to avoid her but she wanted to talk to him at any cost.)

Ayesha: why u asked Priya Di to stay over here. (Hearing Priya's name Ram turn back to face her.)

Ram: that is none of ur business this is my house & I will decide who will stay who will leave so u keep in ur limits. (Ram came into his RB mood he was very much angry on her for puking her nose in his matters.)

Ayesha: I know my limits Ram I'm ur wife & as long as u have the right I also do as being Mrs. Ram Kapoor. (This was the limits for his anger he can't control it now Aayesha has crossed all her limits today.)

Ram: Ayesha we both very well knew what is the truth of our relationship so I don't think I need to telling you all again so I'm warning you for the last time stay in ur limits b'coz in ur thinking u might be having the title of Mrs. Ram Kapoor but in this house... in my life u r nothing more than Priya's sister so mind ur words and u might be forgot but I still remember what ever now we r suffering today it's all just b'coz of you if you had said the truth in court that day then this was never ever have been happened today. Priya was in this house as Mrs. Ram Kapoor were she actually belongs even don't forgot I just did contract marriage to you to save Priya's honour & Kush's innocence as whatever you did u don't deserve the forgiveness from anyone at lest not from me so never forget ur place in this house u r here just to take care of Kush & if u still can't do that I have a solution for it too. Even if it's a talk abt being Mrs. Ram Kapoor then when she was not here still u never had that place in my house or life... and now when she is back then just forget abt it... for this so called society... for this house... for our families... & for ME she was... she is... & she will be the only Mrs. Ram Kapoor for forever so just keep in mind & stay in ur limits. (Ram moves into his study in anger he was just boiling in it.)

Priya was the one who was witnessing all this by her eyes she was shocked seeing Ram & Ayesha. Now seeing all this she was sure nor Ram have feelings for Ayesha neither Ayesha have any feelings for Ram... for them both this is the contract marriage. Priya was lost in her thoughts but before she could think further Somaya came there to call her as Peehu was woke up & asking for her Mumma only. Priya immediately moves to her leaving all the thoughts behind.

Next some days go like this only Priya was taking care of Peehu along with whole family & Ram. She was sleeping in guest room along with Peehu for first 2 days as later Khush also join them for sleeping as he was not getting sleep all alone but actually he wanted the mother affection which was Peehu getting from Priya & the rest part of this Priya knew Khush needs mother's love & she even treating him just as her son only. Ram were upset as Priya sifted her bags into guest room as he wanted her to stay in green room bug he decided to give her time & to himself too so his anger get completely melt just love left in his heart. Here Ayesha got big assignment in London due to Ram's influence as he wanted her to go away from his family so he can spend some quality time with Priya & kids also can make everything correct between him & Priya.

Here it's been 2 week passed with passing days Ram was getting happy day & night seeing Priya front of him even his anger was also melting & the lot love was again shining in his heart for his lady love. Priya too was noticing such changes in Ram's behaviour towards her he started to care for her even in front of family too... Priya's heart gets happy but then she suddenly realized the reality that this all things r just for some more days once Peehu be mixes up with family nicely & Aayesha will be back she will gonna move to Sharma house again as this is not her house any more. She was just happy thinking Ram is not angry with her & still they can friends' lifetime.

Here Ram's mind was going on different track after the time he spend with Priya & kids now he is happy to feel that dreams of having happy family is going to be fulfil soon with Priya & their kids.. Peehu & Kush... He will soon going to break the contract he made with Aayesha & give her whatever she will want but now he badly wants his rightful family with him at any cost. He even that day went to home early to spend his time with his own family his life's happy time.

-: Back at Kapoor mansion :-

Peehu: mumma we r going for Kulfi treat tonight right? (She asked her with smiling face.)

Priya: yes princess we will go first you both come here & have dinner then only. (Priya was holding holding her holding her both holding her both kids either side of her & moving towards dinning dinning table. )

Kush: mamma you won't eat with us? (He asks her innocently while sitting in chair.)

Priya: no not right now mamma will eat when papa will be back you too seat here & eat first. (Priya made both kids seat properly on chair.)

Peehu: mumma why u waiting for papa always as he always come so late & you don't like to eat late still waiting for him. (Peehu's question bank started Priya took deep breath thinking of it.)

Kush: Peehu is right mamma you should eat early or ur health will get effected like you said for us. (Kush told her while smiling innocently.)

Priya: nothing will be going to happen to ur mamma baby it's just that when Papa comes back it gets really late & all the people on house had their dinner so Papa gets all alone so mumma just giving company to him that's why & now if ur quiz show is over then can we have dinner. (Both the kids giggles & turn their faces to have meal with smiling Priya.)

Ram: can I also join with u all. (Until ll now Ram was the silent listener of this conversation he feels happy thinking Priya still loves him so much.)

Peehu & Kush: Papa... yeahhh (Both the kids jump from the chair & runs towards Ram for hug.)

Priya: areh how come u came early today? (Priya asked him smiling while moving to them.)

Ram: I had not much work today so thought to have dinner with kids... so can we have now? (Ram said while smiling looking at them.)

Everyone settle down on dining table to have food Priya enjoyed Ram too had happy times with kids. She thought she can watch all these just for some days then she is again going to be away from her family... from Ram again... here Ram was happy to have Priya back in his life now he was sure it's just talk of some days & they r going to be one forever & this time he will make sure no one try to makes them a part. Ram smile thinking of his own thoughts seeing him smiling Priya also smiles thinking of his & kids happiness. After the dinner Family no 1 went for their Kulfi treat. They really had great time together even enjoyed fully. Now it's time to get back to home so they entered into house with smiling faces... both the kids were very much tried after lots of masti & chatting. Here RaYa were also tried & wanted to get back on bad as soon as possible.

Priya: come on princess it's been really late now no more question just get back to bad. (Priya ruffles kid's hair & ask them lovingly.)

Peehu: ok mumma but I have one wish. (She ask while smiling very innocently.)

Ram: what is that rockstar Papa will turn ur every wish into reality. (Ram knee down front of her.)

Peehu: Papa tonight I & Kush wants to sleep with u both in ur & Mumma's room. (Peehu asked very innocently while smiling but RaYa just looked at each other with shocking faces.)

RaYa gets shocked hearing Peehu's wish sharing house was easy for them but sharing same room... same bad with each other in night was really getting awkward for them as now it was really getting difficult for them to hold their emotions for each other & now on this being in single room together will make really hard for them to control their feelings.

Priya: Princess I think it's really late & Papa also must be tried so we will sleep with him some other days let's go to our room come. (Priya tried to make her understand but Peehu was not in mood to listen her mom really.)

Kush: no mumma not any other day today only as whose knows when next time Papa will come early as he always come after we fall into sleep so we want today only. (Peehu asked stubbornly to Priya as she really want it to happen Priya looked helplessly at Ram.)

Peehu: yes Kush is right mumma it's should to be in today only Papa plzzz... (Ram even looked helplessly to Priya he was all confused seeing puppy faces of kids.)

Ram: ok as you wish rockstar. (Finally he agreed to fulfil his kids wish with smiling face.)

Peehu & Kush shouts in happiness then hold RaYa's hand & pull them inside their green kingdom. RaYa had no other option they even followed the kids Priya wanted to ask Ram but as kids was there she felt to be quite & talk on this latter on. Here RaYa reached to the entrance of the room kids push the door & it got open both the kids were happy to enter in room. Here Priya were delight to see room was so perfect just the way she had left it 5 years ago Ram has collected her memories so nicely & kept in their Kingdom wisely. She was came in thus room some says aho but she didn't got much chance to observes the things so closely which shecwee dping right now. After entering here all the memories with Ram flashes in front of her one after one... their first meet & first fight after that Ram mistakenly proposed her in hotel... all the TV news reports & his proposes her for marriage... & the list goes on which ends on the night when they become soul mate in true sense... the day of the 12th March... every special moment he spend with Ram... her life's best moments... Ram smiles seeing Priya smiling & lost in her memory lane with their kingdom he also went on some past memories whole smile not leaving his lips for once.

Ram: Priya it's really late I think we should sleep now. There is some cloths for kids change them into night suit. (Ram asked her politely while looking at kids who were playing & jumping over the bad.)

Priya: ok I will go to my room to bring my night suit. (Priya also replied casually but her words made Ram angry as how she can say any other room as her own when her room is just this were she belongs with him.)

Ram: no need in this your room's cupboard there is some of ur cloths r still hanging you can wear one of them. (Little big in angry mood stressing the word Your Room to her... she got his massage loud & clear she understood Ram didn't liked of her going in other room.)

Ram sees kids were talking on bad to each other he smiles to them & went towards washroom for change into his night suit. Priya moves towards rest room where the cupboard & bring kids clothes she shut down the room door & change kids into night wear. She made them sleep on bad & moves towards rest room to change. She looks at washroom Ram was still inside & no chance of his to coming out soon as she hears water tap noise. She open her side of cupboard looks at it with one eye sight as nothing was changed in room nor in cupboard at all it was all the same like 5 years ago she left it. Ram have secured her memories so well... she had tears in eyes as she left the person who is the only one who deserves true love in life but after promising him still she even couldn't able to give it to him. She felt really guilty for it she even had tears in eyes.

She wiped her tears & bring out her nighty with over coat which is Ram's favourite. She removed her cloth still taking glances at washroom door is it opening or not but till then no trance of Ram. She wore her overcoat & turns towards the door to move out. She sees kids has captured the centre area of bad so now she was in thoughts that were to sleep she prefers the couch as best option. She was abt to move towards couch to prepare her bad when she heard sharp voice from behind & which she knows the owner of the voice very well she closed her eyes controlling herself.

Ram: don't you dare to think of sleeping there... & if you forgot I must tell you that you was the only one who said now on no one will ever going to sleep there not me neither you. (Ram asked her to sleep but stressing his every word as he didn't wanted to create scene in front of kids so he just tried to convey his massage to Priya this way.)

Priya wanted to protest but seeing kids r looking at them she felt to be keep quite & looked into the matter later on as it's not the right time. She just moved towards the bad & lay down right side next to Peehu. Here Ram also moved towards bad switching off the lights he also lays down next to Kush on left side of bad. RaYa puts the kids on sleep & Priya covers themselves with duvet both were looking at each other but they knew with kids they won't be able to talk privately & more on that Priya really don't know do Ram wants to talk with her or not... same here Ram was in thought what to talk with her how to make everything correct as his anger were never leaving him whenever he sees Priya he really feels bad that just b'coz of Priya he missed Peehu all childhood special moments but his one part of heart were still curving for the love of Priya. He still wants her in his life for forever now still he was all confused between his mind & heart while in their thoughts RaYa without knowing fall into sleep along with kids & with new dreams in eyes.

Next morning it becomes really late as after 5 years gap RaYa were finally sleeping peacefully at the place we're they actually belongs into each other arms as kids were left the room early morning leaving RaYa all alone. Here it's been full sunny morning when sun rays fall on the lovely couple who is sleeping holding each other tight in their arms even snoring sound not disturbing her sleep as she was carving for this from last 5 years to have her love around her protecting her in his strong arms tightly securing her from each & problem of the world. RaYa are enjoying being so close to each other after so many years both had a little smile around the lips.

Priya is laying on centre of bad on her back & Ram laying on his chest half over her his right arm resting over her waist tightly holding in his embrace there Priya's both hand on his right hand over her waist. Priya's face moved little bit towards Ram where Ram's head laying on pillow but very close to Priya's neck it is like he kissing Priya's cheek lightly as his lips r touching her cheek.

RaYa is in deep sleep have no clue what is happing around her first Priya woke up from her sleep & found her in her love nest first. She smiles seeing around but when reality stuck her she turn her face towards her side & found Ram sleeping peacefully hugging her so close to him. Priya got shocked seeing such as she never expected it. She looked at Ram for sometimes she found Ram's slight smile around her lips she is happy as at least she could able to give him some happiness. She knew this is wrong as it is not her place but she couldn't stop herself just to adore her man. She knew this is not going to happen ever again so she just wanted to enjoy this moment for her test of her life by admiring her love in between her arms she even noticed little smile on Ram's lips.

 Then she moved little bit so that she could move out from his grip but his grip on her was very tight so her moment disturbed his sleep he even open his eyes & found Priya next to him. Here Priya is all scare might be he will scold her... or blame her or taunt her for putting him in such situation. Here Ram just lost in her eyes he forgot everything his pain... his anger... just pure love is showering from his eyes which Priya can easily find but she were scared also as when Ram comes to reality he is not going to leave her so easily after this.

Priya: Mr Kapoor I'm sorry... it's that I don't know how did I came here... how did all these happen I mean where the kids went so suddenly... (Priya is getting nervous like she is first time so close to him & even stammering in fear of getting taunt by Ram.)

Ram: ssshhh Safai kyun de rahi ho Shikyaar ki kya maine. (Why r you clarification did I complain?) (Ram smiled why saying so both lost in each other eyes... they had perfect eyes lock for long time after long gap while being in each other arms.)

Ram still sleeping over her their eyes met & got locked on each other both didn't wanted to broke it but Priya came back into reality & turns her face from Ram. He understood things still needs time but from now one thing was sure he can't live without her at all whatever he have to do he will get her back into his life again with all her respect as a wife now he can't stay away from her anymore.

Ram got up from her removing the duvet which were covering them half. Priya corrected her cloths & she also moves out from bad. Ram straight goes to washroom to get ready for office where as Priya moves out to check on kids but at the moment she step out from room she saw that Nuts coming out from kids room with smiling face seeing Priya coming out from Ram's room.

Nuts: good morning bhabhi h r u? Hope u had peaceful sleep last night. (She smiled broudly with teasing tone looks at Priya which Priya understood very well.)

Priya: Natasha... kids were also with us last night. (She said with little fake anger as inside she was getting shy.)

Nuts: ohh I was just asking as in early morning kids step out of room na so was hoping something but I guess nothing has happened like that ohh poor destiny. (She said in equally teasing tone in funny way to teas her more which Priya didn't like much.)

Priya: Natasha first you tell me where is kids? They need to get ready or they will be late. (She said in angry tone looking straight to her.)

Nuts: don't worry bhabhi Somaya has made them ready & right now she is feeding them breakfast I was even going there only you go get fresh up bhai & you come fast for breakfast. (Nuts said so in fast & runs down the stair while saying so.)

Nuts runs towards dining area saying just that... she is terribly missing kids from long time so that's why she came to meet them in early morning before they go to school but she was happy after the getting big surprise which she got coming here that RaYa were sharing the same room last night. She smiled to herself & seat on dining table next to Somaya as kids were went to take their bags from room. Somaya observed her extra smile & wonder what happen to her.

Somaya: what happen Nuts today u r looking really happy what the matter did Kartik gave you any surprise. (While teasing her with naughty smile around her lips.)

Nuts: yes there is surprise but not from Kartik it's from here... see today is the one of the best day what I have saw in today morning was the best part ever. (Nuts explains in her exciting voice.)

Somaya: ohh really what have u see today morning? (Somaya looks confused hearing Nuts which Nuts senses well so she started to explain.)

Nuts: its that Ram bhai & Priya bhabhi were sharing their own room last night. Now I'm sure all the disputes between them will be solved soon. (She answers being really happy to see her bhai will finally got what he deserves a loving family.)

Somaya: don't put ur hopes much high Nuts Peehu told me that last night they shared same room due kids insists them to do not by their wish so still nothing is ok between them. Even u know what that last night I had conversation with Bhabhi she said once Aayesha will be back in week she will going back to Sharma house. (She explain to Nuts with sad & unhappy face.)

Nuts: what r u saying means Priya has decided she will leave bhai & Peehu all alone also that for Aayesha no way I'm not letting this to happen.(She got angry knowing the whole truth she was very upset with Priya for this.)

Somaya: but what we can do yaar it's their choice either they want to stay together or not. (She said said in sad angry voice as she is not able to do anything for her bapa.)

Nuts: they wants to stay together but they not trying to accept it due to their anger, ego we have to make them realize & I have a plan too. (Nuts said in determined voice as as she rally have some strong eons to make this happen.)

Here Priya enter into green room she went into restroom to take her cloths of last night so that she can go for bath in her room. There Ram also came out from washroom & Priya eyes falls on him she immediately closed her eyes while turning around now her back is facing to him. Ram looked at Priya and thought what happen to her he was in just towel around the waist.

Priya: sorry sorry I didn't know u will come out like this I think I should leave now. (Priya closed her eyes & starts to move towards door to get out of here as soon as possible.)

Ram: wait where r u going & what's wrong in my attire. (Ram asked her to stop & moves in front of her with nusghty smile.)

Priya: Mr. Kapoor u r standing front of me like this & asking me what is wrong don't you have any shame or what. (When Ram come front of her she just turn back again looking at other side.)

Ram: ohh but tell me one thing which man gets shy like this front of his wife after they have kids? (Ram asked geeing naughtier while teasing her with smile Priya turn back to him with Sherni looks.)

Priya: ya right no man gets shy front of his wife & ur wife is Aayesha not me that's why stop all this. (Priya reply with hurt looking straight into his eyes but this words hurt Ram too he got into his RB mood.)

Ram: Priya in this world only u r the one who thinks this fake marriage is truth & no one else belives on it not even the world b'coz whole world know Ram Kapoor loves only his wife & that is Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor & no one else it can be. (Ram moves closer to her while saying so in angry mood Priya moving back after some steps her back hit to the cupboard door she is all scared that what will be Ram's next move but she reply ed him back voming in sherni mood.)

Priya: yes u r right Mr Kapoor but this all thing can't denies the truth that Aayesha is ur wife & legal wife b'coz when u had married to her for this law I was not existing in this world so as per society... as per law... as per custom she us ur wife & ur any justification on it can't change this truth... just like I can't change that I had did a mistake 5 years ago by leaving you all alone... by snatching away ur dream... ur biggest happiness to be the father of ur kid. I made u away from Peehu for 5 years... I made you away from ur right on ur kid for 5 years... Peehu's all small & big things which you have also right to live ur way I had took that away from you. I just thought that if I will go away from you will move on & will live ur life with happiness b'coz I never wanted to see u cry whole day for me I don't want to see u in such pain... I won't able to see you killing yourself everyday seeing me behind the bars without my any fault... & more on that do you ever want that ur child... our child get born behind the bars without any fault no never... nor you not me we both never wanted that to be happen never ever. (She just burst out her all pain front of him while having tears in her eyes Ram also could understand her pain he is still very close to her holding her bu her arms.)

Ram: didn't you had trust on me Priya I could have did anything to save you... to save child to from going through all this difficulties. (Ram asked in painful voice his eyes even started to get wet all along with Priya but this is not just enough to repay the mistakes they had did.)

Priya: yes I had trust on you & I have still trust on you I know you Ram whomever you love u give everything to them even ur blind trust too... & to whom you hate u leave no stone to destroy them like you r dong with me... (She were still continually crying bitterly seeing her kn such pain Ram also suffering.) you took away my life from me just to satisfy ur anger... ur hate... ur big fat male ego... fine whatever I did I do not have any justification for it b'coz it was wrong... it was my mistake & whole life I will gonna suffer of this guilt that I have took away ur life's biggest happiness from you & trust me I ready to suffer I will live my whole life without Peehu & without y... (She paused before completing it but Ram understand to whom she refers.) That will be the only punishment of my... but for my happiness I will never snatch Aayesha & Kush's happiness never ever. (She removed Ram's hand & runs out if the rest room while crying leaving Ram with his tears.)

Ram is still standing there thinking "Yes Priya u r right what mistakes we have done is done we can't justify them but now I promise I will make correct everything for us."


To be continue...

Note: - I just wanted it to end in one part but seeing story demand it made me to divide into 2 parts so last part will posted soon until then enjoy this & comment...

Edited by leena04 - 2016-06-28T17:58:54Z
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Posted: 2016-06-04T00:06:31Z
yahoo..me first. will give detail comment after reading
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-06-04T00:34:41Z
superb. I had tears while reading. the pain of all three..Priya ram and pihu has beautifully penned down. waiting for next. pl update jaldi
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-06-04T04:06:20Z
Wow yaar awesome os leena di after long time u update now plsss update next part plsss sooon
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Posted: 2016-06-04T10:22:16Z
Superb start..
Waiting for Raya to get together soon...
Please continue soon
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Posted: 2016-06-04T11:21:40Z
Superb story pls continue soon
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Posted: 2016-06-05T14:02:06Z
superb write up ClapClap
can relate to all the 3 characters coz their emotions are penned down so beautifully ..plz update the 2nd part soon ...
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Posted: 2016-06-05T23:44:38Z
Superb update...
very nicely n emotionally penned down RaYaPee pain..
Ram wanted to b with priya bt his ego n anger will not allowing him..
n priya for her sister n kush n for society..
waiting for next update.. continue ASAP...
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