OS: Pihu's Day out to Ram's Office

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Hey Guys, here is my first OS


It was a rainy morning, an alarm buzzed making Ram and Priya stirred from their sleep, they were lying cozily. Her back against His broad chest, his arm around her waist both sleeping soundly when the alarm buzzed. "Ram please turn off the alarm" Priya said in an annoying voice, hiding her face in the other pillow. Ram gets up to turn the alarm off, when Priya turned her head and said in a groggy voice "why are you up so early? Its only 8, let's have some sleep." Ram rolled on the bed and hugged Priya "Hmmm today I have a very important meeting, I have to go." He said while nuzzling her neck and caressing her stomach, Priya who was in half sleep hearing it first open one eye and then open both and pushed him "But today is Saturday, you promised to take Pihu and me out for a movie" she pouted while throwing her arms around his neck, hid her face in his chest. "Haan I know but it's important, Vikram called me last night to inform about this meeting and before I could have told you, you were asleep." Ram explained, kissing on her neck. "Okay, you go get fresh, I will take out your clothes." Priya said, pushing Ram aside getting up from the bed tying her hair in a bun, She walked to the closet.

After a good breakfast, Ram stood up to leave, he took his blazer and wear it. Priya gives him his wallet, car keys and brief case. Pihu with her chubby little body came running to her father and wrap her arms around her father's legs "Papa can I come with you?" she pouted. "Rock star you will be bore there, it's a boring meeting, no fun, no eating and no playing. You stay with mamma, papa kaam khatam hote hi app ke pass bhaag k ajayeinge. What say?" Ram said kneeled on the floor, taking Pihu in his arms. "Papa please I want to come with you, like Sheena goes with her father." Pihu stubbornly said. Ram try to make Pihu understand, even Priya said no to Pihu. She looked crest fallen and pouted her cute little face, showing her disappointment. Her Father couldn't able to see his princess sad so he immediately lifted her in his strong arms.
Ram: "Chalo say bye to mamma"
on this Pihu's face brightened with all the love for her papa, kissing her mamma on her cheek and say bye to her.
"Chalo Priya, we will be here by 11." He kissed her and say bye to her.

Ram was engrossed in meeting, going through the files, listening the suggestions where as Pihu was immersed in Ram's mobile, sitting on the sofa next to her father playing games on his mobile when Ram's mobile beeps, it was a text from Priya "you told me, you'll be home by 11, look its almost 1 o'clock. Pihu bhi bore horahi hogi" Pihu saw her mother's message and without disturbing Ram she text back in a slow speed looking for alphabets on the keypad, pressing one at a time. "Mamma Pihu here, Papa is busy in meeting and yes I am getting boreL" Ram's phone again beeps within a second but Ram was occupied by the clients. Pihu gets up from the sofa and walked towards the other end, Ram keeping eye on her time to time, he was relieved that she is not getting bore, he tried to finish the work fast but it was impossible because of some issues clients are talking about. While Pihu answers her mamma's call.
Priya "Bacche, are you getting bore?"
Pihu (sadly): "Haan mamma"
Priya (sternly): "I told you not to go, it will be unexciting there but you never listened to me."
Pihu (guiltly said): "Sorry mamma, but sheena told me it is fun there. She is such a liar"
Priya: "Pihu, aise nahi kehte." And a wicked thought come to her mind, she said to Pihu "Acha Pihu, let's play a game"
Pihu (innocently): "what game mamma?"
Priya naughtily: Pihu, app apne papa ki photo capture kar ke mamma ko send karo or phir jo comments mai app ko message karungi wo app papa ko batana. Theek hai princess?"
Pihu getting excited on playing a game: "Okay, mamma."
They hung up the phone, Pihu stood facing her father, secretly takes his picture and send it to her mamma. On receiving Ram's photo Priya laughed, seeing his concentration on files, his finger on the side of his head, tie a little loosen, sitting just like the way he use to sit, one leg on the other one. His hair a bit messy but making him look super-hot, lips pressed in a thin line and forehead lines formed in a wrinkled, she thought if he would have been here, she would have kissed him right there. She smile on her thoughts and text back Pihu "Princess, say Papa you are looking hot" pihu calls her mother and said "but mamma how can he be hot? Papa roti hain kya jo wo hot hain?" Priya laughed hearing her little princess trolls, "No baby, I will tell you about this later, bas app papa se ja k ye keh do ok?" Pihu told okay to her mamma and cuts the call. She walked to her father, a little confused but nevertheless plays the game. "Papa?" Pihu said, taking her father's face in her chubby hands, she asked him most seriously "are you hot?" Ram who wrapped his arms around her, answered coolly, "No bacche, I am not hot, but why are you suddenly asking this?" "Mamma told me, papa is looking hot" Pihu's voice echoed through the room. Ram coughed, looking both shock and embarrassed, his clients were staring at him, some were looking equally shocked and some were smiling secretly. Ram after composing himself "Mamma? Par wo to yahan nahi hain." Pihu dramatically slap her forehead "Papa mamma called on your phone and I received it". "Hmm" was all Ram could said at that moment.
After a little while, when pihu got fed up with the meeting, she told her father to go back home, she is feeling sleepy. Ram spoke "baby, only half an hour more, then we will drive to home", he make her sit on his lap, pihu placed her head on her father's broad chest and closed her eyes.
Ram was listening attentively to the client when they heard a snoring voice, the people in the room looked here and there, but Ram it was his daughter's snore, he laughed a little "sorry guys, it's my little one." Pihu was snoring loudly, clutching her father's coat, her mouth opened a little, the clients advised Ram to go home and they will continue the meeting later. Ram took his little bundle in his arms, placed her head on his shoulder and walkout of the room.  

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Posted: 2016-06-01T22:34:40Z
so cute yaar. lovely. I just love ur writing. pihu so sweet. and Priya is naughty. waiting for next. pl jaldi Karo ha
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-06-01T23:25:28Z
Awww sooo sweet n cute update plsss keep writing n plsss continue naa
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Posted: 2016-06-01T23:32:54Z
Soo sweet n cute update...
waiting for next..
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Posted: 2016-06-01T23:42:32Z
Pls continue soon 
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Posted: 2016-06-02T00:52:00Z
Cute nd lovely update soon..
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Posted: 2016-06-02T04:49:26Z
such a cute OS... pihu is such a darling ...n naughty priya LOLLOL
nice one ..do write more Smile
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Posted: 2016-06-03T05:28:10Z
Missing your writing but u back with an awesome piece of story. It was so good loved it very much.
So cool and realistic with daughter spend time with his father and Priya was too teased Ram through Pihu.
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