Fan Fic- Nasha Aur Masti

Posted: 2005-06-21T17:54:16Z
Hi You guys this is suganain... I have written another fan fiction called Maine Pyar Tumse Kiya, but I got fed up continuing that story line so instead I'm starting a new one with more teenage friendly story.. No no... EKTA watsoever... But a fun-filled story..Called

Angad & Kripa Nasha aur Masti

My Story-line

Angad and Kripa are two lovers that have loved each other since childhood.  Angad a big superstar lives in Mumbai with his family.  Kripa still lives in Nainital (Angad & Kripa's Hometown) Angad comes and meets Kripa every weekend and Kripa's family knows about their love.  Even Kripa's bestfriend Harshini knows.  Angad's family does not know, and when he comes and meets Kripa every weekend he makes an excuse to his family and his friend Manan covers up.  Angad decides to bring Kripa to Mumbai and make her a star like him. 


Angad's family would never except Kripa as their bahu.  The Khanna Parivar wants Angad to get married to the Bose daughter's girl Mishti.  Only for one thing because Mishti's family is filthy rich.  Angad does not know that this is the reason.   He knows they also would never accept Kripa because she's not rich.


Angad- He is all about love, his love is Kripa ...He talks to her through chatting and e-mail and is also his childhood friend.. they are a hot couple that everybody talks about.  Angad is a very naughty and mischevious boyfriend and tries to find time to make-out with Kripa.... Embarrassed which happens alot in my story..

Kripa- she is all out modern girl.. yes she believes in marriage.  But her out-fits are indo-western.  Meaning not fully indian nor fully western.  She loves Angad like crazy and they are a hot couple in Nainital.  She is "gorgeous and the most fascinating creature Angad has lain his eyes upon" angad himself quotes.

Harshini- Kripa and Angad's bestfriend helps them out. and her beau is Prithvi ..many double dates with Angad and Kripa

Prithvi- is Kripa and Angad's bestfriend..Harshni is his girlfriend.

Misti- Totally loves herself ...and is in love with Angad.. well not really she only wants to marry him because she knows she will become popular to be called Angad Khanna's wife.  She hates Kripa and tries many shemes to destroy her rep. 

Naina Khanna: runs the music business of the house and is the one controlling the affaies of her son.   She and Angad have a horrible realtionship.. but Angad deals with it just so he keeps his repuatation of being a family man.  Naina is a total b***h..she also has a very dark secret that noone knows about..

Karthik: He is an average looking guy and is the ladli of Naina of the family. He is jealous of angad and always thought that angad was given more importance than him. In love with Kripa , He is now determined to pull Angad down at any cost as he if he takes away Kripa from him then he will burst.

Anitah, Manan and others have same descriptions like in series.  Oh yeah and in my story their is no dadi.

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Posted: 2005-06-21T18:00:54Z
I like it. nope, I love it.  I waited so long for you to continue your other fan-fiction but you stopped in mid-way. Now what's gonna happen to that fan-fic. you left it where kripa tells angad she doesn't love him. Please yaar continue that story. If you can't tell me, then I'll continue only if you won't mind. I wanna give that fan-fic a nice ending with angad-kripa being together. Big smile
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Posted: 2005-06-21T18:05:39Z

i love it....


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Posted: 2005-06-21T18:46:34Z
Angad & Kripa Nasha aur Masti

you guys i will continue wrting tomorrow dont worry...i'm really tired...tomorrow i promise..

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Posted: 2005-06-21T19:30:26Z
mez=waitin fer sugarian story!!!
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Posted: 2005-06-21T20:51:13Z
please continue fast 
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Posted: 2005-06-22T13:46:45Z
Originally posted by suganain

you guys i will continue wrting tomorrow dont worry...i'm really tired...tomorrow i promise..

yeh kya matlab hai....itni curiousity badha ke, u say u will continue tom  Angry....not fair at write as soon as possible  Smile

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Posted: 2005-06-22T13:50:27Z
Angad & Kripa Nasha aur Masti

First Episode

Angad and Kripa are at a Gazebo in front of the ocean breeze making out.  EmbarrassedAngad is all into it and getting very frisky.  Suddenly the Angad's phone rings at a time when
Angad does not want to be disturbed.

Angad pulls away from Kripa-O shit Kripa..yeh phone abhi bajna hai ..jab me meri jaan ki saath romance karewho.. (Angad picks up the phone) Hello, Oh hey yaar Prithvi what's up?  Double-date with you and Harshni ..o sure 7:00pm ...Water's Edge ..ok great bye

Kripa sad face- Angad me double date aaj why?  Me to tumhari saath waqt bithana chaathi who..Angad..

Angad flirt face still kissing Kripa- O Kripa darling...u are learning to be a bigger flirt than me are begining to be more of a romantic..romance to koi tum se seeka...

Kripa nudges angad- Embarrassed Well Angad... It's only 5:00pm and dinner tho 7:00pm me hai to 2 ganto me hum romance karege...

Angad- I love you Kripa...but my lips are very dry tumse pyar ki romance ki kushbi ki......

Kripa- O shutup Angad!  Tum bhi both natakut ho..

They have a very intimate moment of hugging

So Instead of making out ...well both of them do while talking about life together and their love nasha.  How the time they were intimate and that wasnt wrong.  How they should be together forever and let no problems come in their life.

7:00 pm
Angad and Kripa reach Water's Edge and meet up with Harshni and Prithvi.

Angad gives a buddy hug too Prithvi and says- Hey Yaar Prithvi tum kaise's ishq kife goin?

Harshni Embarrassed blushes.

Kripa- Hi Prithvi (she gives Harshni a big hug) Hey Harshoo kaise ho tum? (She looks at Prithvi) Let's go to a table

The all sit down and start talking

Prithvi says- How's the reherasals goin you guys?

Angad- Well, teek chal ra hai, after all jab apni jaan Kripa hi meri co-singer hai to ishq ki songs aur dhamaka ho jathi hai.

Prithvi and Harshni Smile- Whoa to hai.


Tell me how it is anyone can continue.....or i will later

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