#2 TaaRey Fic : Her Dark Lover

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Ch 11 : Possessive {Scroll Down}

Ch 12 : Angry

Ch 13 : Tempting

Ch 14 : Sensuous

Ch 15 : Dangerous

Ch 16 : Bossy

Ch 17 : Sweet
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Ch 11 : Possessive

A chill ran through her as she stepped inside the club with Kate. She had never been to a club before. The loud music and crowd, made her feel nervous where as the smell of alcohol made her feel nausea. And add to her nervousness, she hadn't told her parents about attending kate's party, instead kate and she had lied to her mother that she is going at kate's place for dinner, her mother was reluctant but agreed after lots of pleading from Kate.

Taani prayed to her god to not to let anyone know about her little lie else she will be in great trouble.

"Taani, you should have worn the dress i brought for you." Kate said to her.

"No. That was too short and i am not comfortable in wearing such dresses, and also mom dad would have got suspicious." Taani answered her, Kate gave a short nod to her. She led taani to the private area of the club where she introduced to her to her friends.

"Kate, you have talked to bhai and Rey, Right? They agreed to let me attend your party, right?" Taani asked her as soon as the thought of her brother and Rey crossed her mind. After their ring shopping, Rey had dropped her home and left for some important meeting.

Kate bite her lower lip and cursed herself for her mistake, it had slipped from her mind to ask swayum or rey about this matter.

"Sorry! Sorry, taani! It slipped from my mind, but you don't worry, swayum or rey won't say anything, I will talk to them." Kate assured her while taani was shivering, literally. Only god knows what they will do if they get to know she had disobeyed them. It won't be a lie if she say, She was scared of their anger.

"I need to go back home before they find out." Taani said to kate who tried stopping her but before she knew, taani started to walk toward the exit.

"Hey, baby-girl! Wanna dance?" A guy block her way and asked for a dance. She scrunched her nose in disgust as the smell of alcohol hit her nostrils.

"Leave my way."  Taani said to the boy and tried leaving, but the drunk boy held her wrist. Panic filled her and she struggled to make him leave her hand. Tears formed in her eyes when the boy tried to come close to her, which she hated.

"Didn't you heard what i said? Leave my hand." Taani struggled in his grasp when she felt someone pulling her back from the boy's grasp and before she knew, someone had punched the guy making him lose his grip on her, and before she could react, she was wrapped in arms of someone, it didn't took her second to recognize the touch of her love. She knew its him. She turned her head side ways and look at him, shiver ran down her spine seeing the anger in his eyes. She knew she is in trouble now.

Rey was seething in anger when his gaze fell over taani entering the club along with kate. Didn't he told her to stay inside the house? Then why did she disobeyed him? The fact that disobeyed him, made him angry toward her. He was about to go and confront her when he found her walking toward the exit but a guy blocked her way, which made his blood boiled. Without wasting a moment, he marched toward them, followed by swayum who was equally angry.

Taani watched as her brother stepped forward and punched the guy right across his face. Then he grabbed his collar and pulled him up when kate came there and was shocked to see the scene infront of her.

"Swayum! Stop it!" Kate shouted and pulled swayum away from the guy who ran away from there without wasting a moment. Swayum shrugged her and turned to his sister who was standing near Rey with her head hung low.

"What the hell are you doing here, taani?" Swayum growled in anger, causing her to jump on her place, in fear.

"Swayum, I brought her here. I am sorry, I didn't asked you before, but i didn't thought its something big." Kate said to him, surprised seeing him so angry over a small issue. Swayum glared at her, angered with her for taking it so lightly.

"Her life is in danger and you think its not a big issue?" Swayum hissed in anger, kate flinched back.

"Swayum, Relax! I am taking her with me. Don't spoil your mood." Rey said to swayum, then he turned to taani, he get hold of her wrist and walked away from there, leaving her with no option but to follow him silently.

"Rey-" She tried speaking but he ignored her and dragged to his car, in parking area. Rey opened the passenger seat side door for her.

"Get inside." Rey mumbled in low dangerous tone. She felt shiver ran down her spine, she could feel displeasure and anger in his voice.

"Rey, please listen to me-" She pleaded to him, to listen to her so that she could explain to him, but he wasn't interested in any conversation.

"Get inside the car, taani." Rey gritted his teethes in anger, taani jumped on her place and obeyed his order. She quickly sat inside the car and Rey closed the door. He hoped in and drove away from there in full speed, scaring her further more. She had always been scared of his anger, its scary. And now she herself is the reason of his anger, she had upset him and she doesn't have any idea how to rectify her mistake even though it wasn't completely her mistake.


Second Thread!! Thank you so much guys!

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Congreat for 2nd thread wow Awsm update
Rey angry taani de I hope rey apne anger kuch
Wrong na kar de next update soon...
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awesome update
ray was angry with tanni
waiting for next update
update soon
and congrats for new thread
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Awesome update..
Congrats for new thread...
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Congo for second thread
As for the update it was suberb
Rey nd swayam r so angry towards taani
Hope rey doesnt hurt her by his words
Nd all bcoz kate forgot to inform them
Taani's mom nd dad would b displeased with her for lying to them
Update soon
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Congrats for new Thread... Clap Clap
Awesome update... Clap Clap
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Pls. Continue soon.. Wink
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Amazing update 
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