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By Abhishek Panchal

Part 1

College life is full of fun...its the time where we realize that now the times up for much innocent works!!..we get the idea of how the real world is..we always thought that its a garden of roses colorful and bright but every coin has two sides...as well as our life...we can consider the roses but we cant ignore the thrones!!!...

it was my first day at College...of certain undesirable reasons i didnt got a nice college...but the thing i got in it is so valuable...because of my less interest in studying for a long time i got one A Grade College where else i should have got A  ...as my dad has that reputation to...

Today i met VIKRAM after a long  time do can you imagine buddy!! my bestest friend vikram who left the school when we were in 7th grade...hashh what a feeling it was...we have to catch up so much..he was the topper of his new college!! hmmm thats him the studious!!

soo buddy i think thats it for now i guess you'll be full of pages per day as am gonna do a lot of things!!
I closed my diary and sat there looking at my computer screen hmmm...so my college days started!! Best of luck am god knows whats in your basket of life!! i told myself and drifted of to sleep..good night ram!!

hahahahahaha...its amazing fatty!! you are the same as you were in the school!!! my friend neha said...well i guess neha to joined the same college...neha to was our batch mate..she always calls me fatty!! that feels embarrasing..but its neha whom i cant even handle...let it be she is a darling friend to me thats enough...

i cracked few jokes thats enough to make them laugh out loud!!..its in my nature well i have a good sense of humor i guess!!

the group of us 3 were sitting together with some new faces to...

ahem ahem...we heard a voice all of us looked at the direction to see YADAV sir were standing at the door..he is our chemistry teacher...so friendly and quite funny in accent...we got separated as its strict rule girls and boys should be seated separately...soo neha got on the bench in our front..and me vikram and few guys with us too...the lecture started he took the first chapter CHEMISTRY IN DAY TO DAY LIFE!! 

may i come in sir?? an soft voice came from out all the heads turned towards the direction..OMG!! Beautiful  the word slipped my mouth!! 

what did u said?? vikram asked me taking me out of my trance..

ahh nothing as i myself dont remember how and why i said that...

yess miss!! sir said.

sir is this 11th K div ?? she asked in a soft and polite voice there was a certain fear in her voice which fully describes her innocence!! she was soft heartened!! YES ofcourse it is please be seated..sir greeted her and she entered holding the books in her hand cling to herself for her dear life...!!

ufff...what just happened...she is just an ordinary girl but somethings there with her that makes her different i dont know buddy but she was looking soo sweet!!
oh no this is not the track i have to move on control ram!! buddy help me to control myself!!
i closed my diary..and lay down on my bed...sleep was a long await for me as it was waving its hands towards me from afar to take itself...i was just neutralized on the bed...trying to get a sleep the thing that kept hovering me over and over was a girl in pink suit standing there on the door with a fear in her heart that if someone scares her from back in fun she would die of the sudden  sound!!! her sweet face with no makeup she was not the one of 0 figure but she was not to plump on her appearance..!!!

grrr...i woke up with a jolt...what a dream!! i was dreaming about her??? no way ram its not you...really...am not the one to check out a girl..propose them and do all that stuff!! then why am so attracted towards her?? no this is the end!! ram you have to stop...

I came in the college as soon as i entered the campus vikram took me with him and we sat on the bench in front of the ground...we talked about some boys stuff games...movies..etc...i just turned my gaze for a second there she is ..she walked with grace he hair on one side.. dressed in a white kurti and jeans she walked looking down towards our class..

chal.. i said instantly and dragged vikram with me... we walked exact few steps behind her..there i saw her hair man they were thick a long till her waist!!...we entered the class..she stopped at a sudden i dont even realized and thud i collapsed with her thankfully we were walking at a slow speed...it  was just a soft push but she touched my arm to take support!! oh gosh her hand...they were small and soft...i so can feel them though my shirt..she composed herself quick and said a quick apology so as i apologized immediately...we entered our class...

its been a year buddy...!! my first year of junior college is coming to an end!! today is the last paper ENGLISH i mean come on who does keep this subject at last?? its my favorite but am not in a mood to write it..me and vikram sat at our usual place the bench in front of the ground...discussing about some grammar portion...my mind kept revolving aound her!! its been two weeks our exams started but i didnt got much time to meet her!! as our div were different she was of J thats BIOLOGY and i Took BIFOCAL thats K i only get to see her in the common lec thats PCM..we dont even had an proper introduction..i only got an glimpse of her name thats PRIYA!!! that to i heard it when one of her friend called her for something...

there she is...she came up with her friend..now she dont looks down...as there is certain confidence she got..she made few friends...to...she walked with them towards the waiting area..they were smiling...and for a fraction of second she looked at me!! and looked down quickly...whoa what was that?? a chill ran through my body as her eyes met mine!!!..i cant drown in my happy thoughts anymore as vikram asked me a doubt and got me engaged in it...after i cleared it...he said tumhe hi dekh rahi thi!! 

what kon?? i asked as i dont know

wahi jise tu dekh raha tha!! he mocked giving me that very well known smile of his..

me kisi ko nahi dekh raha tha..i tried to change the topic...its ok wese bata du jab tu samja raha tha wo baar baar dekh rahi thi tujhe..she was looking at u then down then again at u then again down...i think buddy she is interested in u..he completed

oh gosh really?? it can be vikram theres nothing like it plz let me concentrate!! i changed my expression...and got my face buried in the book...a smile crossed my face thinking about her looking at me...

THE exam went superb as my mood was sooo good!!!...i got out after the time was finished i saw more then half of the class was empty as they gave the paper and went...vikram and few fellows were sitting we gave the paper and came out...there was a certain energy in me that in ran down the stairs fast...vikram followed me...as soon as i came in the campus i saw the college was less crowded...a thought ran my head she is gone!! which made me sad its the last day then the vacations!! with a sad face i came home...

how was the paper my mom asked me..
it was nice...and then we chatted for few mins..


oh god thats my worst enemy i was tensed..i didnt studied much my aim was to get passed out then i can study in 12th...my heart beats raised as i entered with my mom...teachers gave me a simple smile...i took my reuslt i topped!!! no way...whoa hooo...i was surprised...really..i didnt even thought to get a first class..but here i got an excellent class..then i came to know it was the average of the whole 11th...hmmm..my friends were happy and repeated same song PARTY PARTY!

yes of course i said...ram you have been tied for the rank!! vikram said with whom?? i asked...before he could tell i interrupted..let it be man you all are getting a treat thats it lets gooo...we had a lots of fun together...

the admissions were done for next year it was our early vacation classes that our college took initiative of...classes in the month of may!!!! its stupid but we have to attend it..me and vikram entered in our class..there were no much students...hmmm that was a bore..my eyes searched for only one person but she to didnt seem to be here..

the classes went on for 15 days and we got a holiday of half of the month and the college would start on 1st on june...it was the last day the first lec was done next was physics i didnt had the mood to attend it..so grabbed vikram out of the class as we started descending the stairs there she entered climbing up with her friends she gave me a look and she went up..again same thing happened same feeling...that was sleeping these days woke up...my heat went calm...my mind chilled out..i again climbed up the stairs and attended the lecture..with her..virkam was shocked with my behavior...i kept on stealing glances at her...she was wearing a stylish kurti green and cream color combination i guess she is fond of such outfit..hashhh my day went good as i saw her...again vacations came..

i didnt even got a chance to speak with her...i dont even know her surname...the thing we did all the year was stealing glances at each other...and many times i to observed her checking me out...!!! same way the second year to went...i thought to take this sort of confused feeling the next level by just having a simple intro!!..but that to didnt had in my luck!! i joined classed for my boards...that went straight from morning 7 to eve..i didnt attended much of the lectures...and didnt met her at all...soon the tension rise its only one month left for the boards i didnt even showed my face to the college...i was full with my studies...as i have to score hard this time...


students were soo much excited and anxious for the day..finally the guest of tension was leaving the house of our minds...as the time passed and reached the ending...every students hands trembled in joy and as soon as the bell ran everyone yelled in joy!!!!!!!...

i was sure am gonna nail it this time...we friends met up for a reunion...our college didnt had a farewell party thats strange...

time turned in days...days in months and finally it was time for results...

98.60% !! wowww...thats it i was happy my happiness touched the skies it knew no boundary...my family members were happy too...

we were called up to collect our result...all the students gathered up..i knew i was going to be showered with wishes but nothing of it happened!!! what the hell everyone were gathered around the notice board i checked it..the years toppers name was engraving on it...the peon was doing the work...he started the letter with "P" !! what..he completed the first name PRIYA!! omg..she topped again how can she?? i got 98!! man thats shit!!

i turned to other side as i heard a huge applause she entered the class...and everyone went whistling up...teachers congratulated her...she was dressed up in a dark blue top and black jean looking dashing!!...but how much marks she scored???

98.61% i heard a voice.. i looked at the side...what she got 0.01 % more then me!!! thats really a bad luck man...congratulations students my thoughts were disturbed by the announcement...

everyone looked at the deck as YADAV sir gave an inspirational speech...

he concluded..theres nothing beign first and second but this time something happened which didnt happened in the history of this college girl topped with just 0.01 % thats amazing so big round of applause to priya shubaugw...i didnt heard her name again as the class roared with claps and whistles...she climbed up the stairs..and gave a speech in which i was not interested for the first time!!

Ram!! i heard my name am sorry if it hurt-ed you but what to do its not in my hand that am 0.01 % smarter then you she concluded and everyone laughed as well as a smile appeared on my face...wait a min she knows my name!!! omg..she walked down...

so students its the the last day but not the least of your junior college..i announce the farewell party of the batch of 12t std on this coming sunday!!! everyone cheered up...but but but..you should be accompanied by a partner...everyone went in shock but had a mischievous thought to...

in a hurry the students broke apart asking everyone desired person of them for the party...my mind and heart knows where i should find mine...i walked straight to the topper...will you come with me in the farewell i saw rajat came and asked her the question...grrr i hate him really i observed him he always tried to talk with her!!.. if i count i didnt even talked hundred words with her!! he talks a lot...i felt sad as i thought she would say yes to him but i heard...no i have been asked before!! she replied i felt happy he walked away but again i felt sad whom asked her first as its been just a minute sir announced she looked at me..

who asked you first!! i asked in a curious tone...feeling irritated with the fact that she would come with someone else...

i thought you would ask...!!!! she replied...for few seconds it didnt caught me but when i realized i was shocked to the core she asked me!!

nahi puchoge?? she broke the chain of my thoughts...

ha jarur...kya tum mere sath chalogi??? i asked her sheepishly as am a rockie in all this ofcourse...sham 6.30 ko college k samne wale bus top pe milna she said and walked away!!!! oh god whoa hooo...i did a happy dance in my heart

MY heart stopped as i looked at her!!! oh my god she was looking angelic!!!!!!!!!! in a baby pink color night gown...oh god hold my breathe we were matching i had a black tux on me a pink shirt and matching tie on it...thanks to my dad he made me wear pink...me like a gentlemens son!! walked towards her and asked for her hand...thanks to dad i learned all this from him only...she gave me a shy smile that made my heart melt uff this is love!!! yes i realized i love her...i really really do!! i know its not the age but we can give it time!! cant we??

we walked in the auditorium i saw everyone's head turned towards us more towards priya as she was the center of attraction!!! i felt jealous as few of the fellows were gaping at her!!

YADAV sir didi formal welcome the certificates were given to us...no more students were called on the platform in the theory section as we both only did topped in all the subjects!!! i was the topper in physics maths CS my subject and she was topper in BIOLOGY English her fav and also in chemistry...thats were she got a point percent more..the prices were distributed and soon the party started with rocking songs...everyone were dancing and its my week point..i love to dance getting my head turned down..but she was a bit shy and i cant keep her alone with these all beasts waiting for a chance to get her alone!! vikram  tried to drag me in but i denied then neha came and she dragged priya...fo few minutes we both denied but then gave up and started dancing to the beats priya was dancing smooth a slow...but then she got quite comfortable as me and vikram kept guarding the girls she danced freely that made me feel happy the smile on her face was bright she was glowing like a star!!

soon slow songs started everyone were in a romantic mood at this age!! it made me puck but i controlled we took seat at the drinks exhausted with the head spinning dance that we did...we were having soft

drinks...i saw priya was just looking at few of the couples dancing having there hands around each other...

lets dance ram!! she asked me!! that was really shocking but i agreed...

the romantic music played as i place my hand on her back it was really awkward...but then she smiled that made me feel good...

we swing in the mood as our proximity went a lil close...this is the time i told myself...

priya!! i called her hmmm...she just moaned

i...I.. I love you!!! she was surprised and her expression was so relief for me..she smiled in joy as she felt the same... i love you to!!! she replied and hugged me..ohhh that felt heavenly!!! 

soon we broke the hug...our faces were inches apart...god knows what made me  do that...but i did it.. i kissed her!!!! oh noo this teenage hormones killed the mood..she was shocked as well as me...we realized that the lights were on and every head were focused on us!! that was embarrassing...and awkward and more for priya...

priya!!! Ram...we heard our names called out...we turned and saw my parents so as an old man...papa priya whispered...oh hell!!!! thud...he slapped me hard and dragged her inside the building as the principle said...this going to be bad..i looked at vikram and neha who were tensed to...

i walked in and my parents too..they were shocked...

aapne apne baccho ko ye sab sikhaya hai!! the principle yelled at our parents...

ye mere bete ki galti nahi hai my papa bugged in...ye jarur is ladki ne kiya hoga..aaj kal ki ladkiya..amir ladko ko fasati hai..usse aacha agar padhai pe dhyan de to behetar hoga..my papa kept on insulting her!! that hurt

papa esa kuch nahi hai plzz aap humari baat suniye..i tried to pacify...

me janta hu ye esi ki chal hogi bata de ram!! my papa asked...

aap meri beti par iljam lagane se pehele apne bete ko sambhaliye...her papa yelled meri beti sahi aur galat me farak janti hai

to kya mere bete ko baaho me kana iski samaj dari hai..my papa interrupted him

meri beti ne nahi aaapke bete ne hi fasaya hoga meri beti ko he tried to defend her...

ah haaa...me janta hu tum jaise logo ko bloody middle class...he greeted his teeth in anger..oh no its going to far...plz papa aap baat suniye...he slapped me...tu aaj se isse kabhi nahi milega ram...aaj se tere har faisla me lunga samja!!!! my dad yelled...and dragged me out..i turned and saw her for the last time she didnt even looked at me..she was crying contionuosly!!

PRIYA!!! i yelled as i woke up...

ta ta ta ta.. ta ta ta ta..my alarm buzzed i got up...rubbed my face with hands and got up from my awkward sleep...on my chair..its been 13 years...i never saw her!!! i tried my best but she disappeared..away..my papa sent me away for my further studies so that i can forget her..but they dont know...once a damage done has always its marks left and she was and is the sweetest damage done to my heart!!!!!!...

when i'll find her???

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Part 1 Pg 1
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Posted: 2016-05-22T02:53:56Z
me first...

will comment after detail reading.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-05-22T03:17:46Z
nyc start...raya fl in lv n cnfsd it. bt dey sprtd dat day only..13 yrs passed...i hp ram wl fnd her soon...
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Posted: 2016-05-22T03:28:26Z
superb absolutely brilliant. kya likhate ho yaar. kamaal kamaal. too gud. thanks rayaland for posting this story.
pl continue
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-05-22T05:50:59Z
very nice start
pls continue soon
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Posted: 2016-05-22T10:51:10Z
I have almost cried while reading the end part, It was amazing from the start to end of the part. Hate Ram's father how can he insult Priya like this. Anyways just loved it, please continue soon, waiting for more! 
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Posted: 2016-05-22T13:33:35Z
thnku all for all the responses!!/. :-) rabiya! uee maa..this much involvement! :-P really thnks... but its a fiction girl...!
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