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             Its 4 months since Maaneet got married . It was an arrange marriage . Maan is a big businessman of India and Geet just a simple girl from punjab she belongs to a low middle class conservative family . She never got chance to mingle with boys that much . Her family was very strict they never allow her talking with others even she studied in girls school and college both are very different from each other not just by class but also by nature ...

             Geet is very shy , less talkative and Maan an tough angry man but with a good heart . Geet was first very scared of him but seeing his soft nature toward Dadima and Aniee which she never saw in her family she doesn't know when she fallen for her husband . Maan loves Dadima and Aniee a lot . The way he talks to his little sis that surprised Geet because her veerji never talk to her like that . In this family she got the real love as a girl because in her family except her maa other never treated her nicely ...

          Maan was very against to this marriage . He knew very well that Geet can't adjust his higher class society... but couldn't say no because of Dadima . He thought this marriage would break very soon but when he observed Geet he start liking her . She is not like his big society selfish girl . She is simple sweet shy who loves his Dadima as her own and his Sister as her sister and friend . Maan never saw his Dadima and Aniee bonding with someone so strongly. She is not money hungry like other girls even she didn't like shopping . The more he observe his wife the more he is falling for her . Very soon he realised he married her for himself, for his family not for this so called society ...

          Tonight he wants to take their relation a step ahead but he wants to know if his shy wife is ready for that so he came early from office "good evening baby " Maan said with a sweet kiss on her check ... As usual Geet was blushing red 'how much my wife can blush' Maan thought . He still remembered that day when he first kissed her lips she avoided looking at him for two days ' God knows what she would do after we make love' ..."ji " Geet asked . Maan understood he said that little loudly so quickly cover it "hmm nothing ...plz bring coffee for me" Geet nodded and went to kitchen Maan went to their room with a naughty smile on his face...

At night Geet was waiting for Maan wearing his favourite white saree . She is very nervous and scared what if Maan doesn't like her . After sometime Maan hugged her from back and gave wet kisses on her neck very slowly he turned her around just one word came on his lips "beautiful" . He kissed her eyes her cute nose than touched her lips softly with his first he was slow but than he starts kissing her passionately. Geet try to match his passion but couldn't. After long time Maan broke the kiss and picked her up in his arms . He lay her down and slowly came on top of her Geet was breathing hard eye closed ..
         Maan again kissed her eyes wishper slowly "baby open your eyes, look at me"   how could she deny him she opened her eyes and looked at him shyly but Maan could see she is scared and nervous . He cupped her check and said lovingly "don't be scared baby . I will be gentle . Trust me. " but she is still looking unsure so he said "if u want we can sto..."...

       Geet put fingers on his lips and nodded her head " no i want this and i trust you..." Maan kissed her palm than her forhead again asked through his eyes Geet blinked and Maan got the answer . He slowly undress her and very soon both went to their passionate world... Edited by Keepdreaming - 2018-06-10T23:53:29Z
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Hi again:-) a very short story hope u guys will like it enjoy
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Congo on the new story like the concept so maaneet married geet had a very strict family but seeing how maan pour his love on his dadi and sis she was surprised both fell for eachother maan who was against the marriage but seeing his wife nature realized how sweet and gentle she is the way she respond to his kissses r just amazing maan fell for his wife he wanted to move forward but didn't how to say but seems geet has understood him wearing his fav color kissing her maan took her in his world of passion
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hi congrats on the new story! wonderful update! superbly written! Maaneet have an arranged marriage! Maan didn't want 2 get married! he though Geet wld nt adjust in his society! She fells 4 him seeing his love n care 4 dadi n Annie! he fells 4 her seeing her bond with his family n her simplicity! she is nt money minded! he wanted 2 make her his! she is shy bt wants the same! Maan proceeds 2 make her his! update soon
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Posted: 2016-05-19T12:25:25Z
Lovely start dear, waiting for more
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Posted: 2016-05-19T13:45:37Z
Nice Start do continue soon geet is too shy
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Guys i update from mobile so cant post exact story link in pms but if u guys stil want pm then mention it in comment thnx
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