Angry Ranbir Kapoor walks off with photojournalists mobile phone at - Page 5

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Posted: 5 years ago
Wait till he has to promote a movie then he will be complete different person towards media. 

Posted: 5 years ago

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Posted: 5 years ago
the photographer just wasting his bloody time when he can ignore him...noone cares abt his pics...personal life...his career is almost gone...its waste of time...leave him alone...
i feel the photography media should change their working techniques...noone cares abt this celebs pics when people have their own life to deal which has lots of ups and downs...when there is a release...award functions...they can click pic of the loosers...otherwise don't bother when they are in privacy...noone cares abt their personal lives...

the media and celebs goes hand in hand...gone are those days when films becomes a hit w/o these celebs are media made stars w/o the media they are zero even though they belong do a popular filmy family...what needs to be done...all media personel should come together and boycott them especially RK who has a habit of stealing people's property...lets see how he react when all media boycott him and his films...if he ask the reason they should answer that he doesn't need a media or photographers to promote him...he can promote himself...

if it was me...i would have brought the police to his residence...embarass him and take back my phone...whatever queries you have on my my company as they assigned me the have no rights to take my personal belonging with you...if you want it me back for the phone...lastly i don't care who the hell you are...or you sack me from my job...there are other places i can work or do a goverment self respect is important than a looser celeb ego and arroagnce...

how many times RK will steal phones from photographer...someday...some photographers might get him arrested for stealing people phones no matter what reason he gives...

when their films needs to be promoted...they sell themselves w/o any shame...can go any extend for it...but when there is no films...they show their bloody true colours...
Posted: 5 years ago
why is the media keepig on concentrating on katrina and ranbir? its like these two are the biggest supertars of filmdom..the way they cant stop writing about these two even tho they are no longer a couple.LOL

no wonder Kat keeps getting films...the press makes her out to be some kind of sperstar

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