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Originally posted by annirogc

Nice part. Geet misunderstood maan and Natasha. She was happy for annie but also jealous
.thnx for reading
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Originally posted by hira2010

Awesome update[BR

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Originally posted by khwaishfan


<font color="#3300ff">hi thanks 4 da pm n amazing update! welll written! Geet upset seeing Maan dance with Natasha! Hw cld he do that?? update soon</font>[/B

thnx for reading
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Originally posted by sanum23

maan took geet in party and she saw him dancing with Natasha very closely geet heart break in pieces[DIV

geet happy fr annie but shocked maan approved fr[/DIV


love marriage[/DIV

thnx for reading
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        Part 20 -

            " Geet how are you ? " ...Mrs Khurana asked me as I came out of washroom ...

             " fine " I answered simply as trying to pass her ...I really not in mood to listen her so called words of advise...

               " you looking pale ...you alright " she sound genuinely concerned..." you want to go should I call Maan " ...she looked around for Maan ...

            But hearing his name my blood boil ...I looked at dance floor where he is still with Natasha with a smirk on his face but couldnt see that wh**e face ..." I don't need your son " I sound bitter

          Mrs Khurana looked at me then where I was looking ...she placed a hand on my shoulder..." look Geet its not what you seeing .. Maan and that girl Natasha ...she is no one that shameless girl is only behind my son..he only lo..."

           " please Mrs Khurana I have no interest in your son or what he did with Natasha or anyone..." I cut her in between.. don't want to rude but now I can't take all this ...I looked at them last time and went from there ...leaving Mrs Khurana alone ...


           I came to terrace this party is suffocating me...my husband who forced me to come with him now openly dancing with his mistress without caring what would his wife think ..does he even care about my feelings ? why would he ...who am I ? your husband is like other made men in Mafia ..actually its not his fault ...you are the fool who thought he is different... you are the one who thought you can be the only woman in his life which is totally impossible..

          all Made men are same they care for power nothing else...at night they want a warm bed be it with their wife or someone else ...this marriage vows don't mean anything to them ...wife only for to give birth...nothing more than that ...

                 suddenly I heard some noise or say a woman's crying voice ...I went to other side and forzen seeing the scene before me...Neha my friend is cornered by her husband to nearby wall ...she struggling to come out from his grip ...even pushed him but he is too strong... I heard Neha saying something...

            " please stop... we are at party please not now...let me go..." but her husband John slapped her tightly...

             " shut up you bitch and stay stand ...its not first time ok ..I have no time for this drama ..." that's it I can't stay and see my friend being humiliate by her own damn husband...

               " hey what are you doing ? let her go ..."

           John turn look at me and gave a dirty look ..." oh Mrs Khurana ah boss's hot wife ...seems like you don't know this bitch is my wife and I can do what I want ..." giving a shrugged at his should he went to his task ...

            I saw Neha pleading through her eyes to save her ...but I'm so helpless ..first I thought this man would back off hearing me as im Maan's wife but he didn't...he is fully drunk and totally not in sense to listen to me ...but I tried again...

            " john I said leave her ...I'm going to call Maan better you leave her now "

                 " oh shut up..." he glared at me " she is my wife no one can stop me to f**k my own shit ..."

           " please John not now " Neha begged as tears not stopping...

            but what John did terrified us both ..he took gun from his pocket and aimed at her head ..." shut the f**k up ...or I will shoot you right there.. and no one will question me or punish me for this so better do what I say " ...

          he is not in sense and he can do what he said ...he can kill her said to be told no one will say anything ...man won't punished here for killing own woman they easily escaped saying she was unfaithful ...people would believe instantly without caring if he is faithful... its the life of women here...

           I looked at Neha who look at me then closed her eyes shut to avoid me ..how can she look at her friend when her own husband humiliating her like this ...

           suddenly I got angry ...why we girls should take all these shit from husband ...why they keep insulting us and we go with flow without doing anything ...why we only suffer in this world ...That man's mistress killed Neha's child but he didn't do anything other then blaming Neha and now there forcing her because she is his wife and this give him right to do whatever he wants ..I so hate this world hate this rule hate this man ...looking at Neha I'm sure isn't not first time not it will be last ...and this man not even care that someone is standing behind yet he is forcing her...

              I heard the sound of zip he was lifting her grown ...that's it no I won't let this happen ..I saw the gun beside him which he kept earlier...and pick up

            " stop it or else I would shoot you right here ..."

            John stop turning gives a nasty smile ..." just go its not your play thing..."

             " John I'm going to kill you if you not let her go now " I told him seriously

              " ahh you bitch go or else you will be next " ...

          clearly he is thinking a mere girl can't do anything even she is with a gun ..but I'm serious I look at Neha's hopeful eyes ...john is back to his task he again slapped her ..." stop this crying drama ...let me get what's mine. "

              ...this man won't listen for sure...and i don't know what gotten into me ...i closed my eyes shut and shoot him right there... when i open them saw he fall on Neha lifelessly... and Neha looking at me shockingly...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2017-02-24T22:50:01Z
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short update ...but see I update early...hmm less of maan but next part he will be here..if you guys forget about Neha do read part 11 page 60 you will get all about her..thnx for your likes and comments... EnjoyEdited by Keepdreaming - 2017-02-25T01:06:28Z
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Nice update
Waiting for next update. .
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Shocking update
geet killed john... now wat they will do with geet
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