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nice update
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Originally posted by deep002

Wonderful update dear
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Omg life is dangerous
Of maaneet
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Part 17 -      

                         Two days passed and I'm missing him terribly . In these days he never called me once nor came to meet me but i know very well he is getting every news about me by his security men. Today don't know why i couldnt stop myself and told his men to take me to our home .

                         Its bright Sunday morning so surely he is home. I just cant wait to surprise him. I can imagine my husband's surprised face seeing me although he would try hard to hide it and play causal. But Mr Khurana doesn't know that his doll now can easily read his cold face. The whole ride seems too long and finally i reached to our paradise.

                      As soon as car stopped i ran inside without ring the door bell. I ran to our room as Maan was not downstairs and entered rashly but stop rooted at my feet looking the scene before me...

                      Maan and Natasha in our bed, she is on top of him and they are kissing each other. I died a hundred times then and there seeing my husband who is my world, whom i love, , whom i was missing so badly from past two days is happy here with another woman.

                     "Maan" a painful sound automatically came to my mouth and then Maan pushed that witch so hard that she landed on floor.

"what the hell maa...? Oops Geet you he...".

I couldn't wait to hear that bitch's words which is sound so victories only look at Maan who looking very shocked and leave.

But didn't miss his angry voice "just get lost before i kill you".

                           Other time i would be happy hearing that from him for that Natasha but now it only making me more angry because he just doing it to make him innocent before me. Tears of pain, insult flowing from my eyes.

I came to surprise my husband here he gives me the biggest surprise of my life. ' What did i do to deserve that?' i asked to myself . Then remembered my Mother in law's words 'enjoy till it last '. And her warning about Maan which i denied proudly.

"What a fool i was?" she was right about my so called husband. I always thought that woman only want to make our relation weak but in my blind love i didn't see her pure concern for me. She just wanted to save me from heart break. What would i do now?i cant leave this hell also...

I feet so suffocated so went to roof. I saw Natasha leaving swear to God if there would have a gun i would kill her without any guilt. I know killing is in my blood but never felt any urge to kill someone unlike now...

I heard foot steps behind me and understand he is here but couldnt have the courage to see his face which will only remind me what he was doing at our bed. After sometime finally i heard his voice full of remorse and guilt ...

" Geet look you are mistaken, its not like what you saw? I can expla..".

"Just leave" i really not in mood to hear his bunch of lies.

"Baby pleas".

" Leave me alone".

But not he didn't instead he grabbed my arms and turned me to face him. I look at his hand which was on Natasha a while ago and jerked them away as if his hand just burned me. "Geet " he sound hurt by my action. "It was not like you thinking , just hear me once please" ...

I looked at his handsome face, the face which i wished to see every morning after i woke up and before i sleep. 'My husband no no he is a cheating bas***d'. Those lips which i thought just for my kisses, those cold dark black eyes which always became more intense seeing me all mocking me for my foolishness to trust this man...

                 "Explain. What you will explain me that how you couldn't control yourself seeing her, it was not your fault and she was seducing you and you gave in, or if not Geet then why not f**k someone..."..

"NO" he said cutting my words which is i know true. " i was not cheating trust me"...

                     " wow Maan i just saw you kissing her yet you have guts to tell me that you are innocent"...

                                           " yes I'm ,because you are taking all wrong. I was sleeping and i don't know when she came, i thought its you so.."

.       "stop lying maan"...

.        "I'm not lying last night there was a party at outhouse. She came for that and it was very late so some people stayed there ,she also may be i don't know i came late and just sleep. She came in morning when i was sleeping "...

               "What a well planned story?"...

"Geet trust me I'm not telling lie "

.       Trust is he really talking about trust, i couldn't control my self and grabbed his collar "You want me trust a basterd like you. " his face become pale "listen bab"...

.      " NO you listen to me i gave you everything ,i obey your every word then why Maan why you did that. I trusted you, i lo.."

                   no what I was going to say, this man doesn't deserve it . Suddenly something came in my mind. " from how long you are doing it behind my back? Oh my God how many times did you came home f**king her and then m..mme" oh no its horrible . i start hitting his chest feeling disgusting to myself

.                     "Hey stop " he locked my hand in his " what the hell are you talking about . Forget her after marriage i never touched anyone other than you. Trust me doll "...

                     Doll yes im only a doll to him "you gave me a perfect name Maan doll whom you played so well .Just like a doll you choose to play till you get bore then throw it way when it become old . I was such a big fool that couldn't see your real face and you know what i Hate this face , i Hate U..." Sleepy Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-09-17T23:09:01Z
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Nice update
Waiting for next update
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Omg so this is how Geet  started to doubt on maan. That Natasha is such a cheep woman. Maan explained Geet  he thought it's her that's why he was responding her. But geet's trust has totally broken after seeing that scene infront of her. Eating for next dear.
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Arrghhh this Natasha I just want to kill her.
She again played dirty...
Uff geet witnessed with her eyes maan kissing her.
Its hard on her part to trust maan again yet he was not at fault
Waiting for next...Edited by SANJANA9167 - 2016-10-23T11:38:01Z
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Nice update 
Hope Geet trust Maan
Natasha is really cheap
Update soon 
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