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    PART 16                                   " Mama is love is wrong?" i am feeling miserable to myself. I came here to punish him in truth I'm punishing myself its so hard to stay away from the man i love to hide the true feelings ...

                  "its my home its my room still why I'm feeling the emptiness ".

               "love isn't wrong its a heavenly feeling that's why it doesn't exist in hell " she left saying the bitter truth of my life. I looked at my ring his second gift no his first gift as husband. I remembered his honesty, sincerity toward our relation because of those i had fallen for him can those was just some trick to trap me to, break me...,,,.

                        Don't know when i fall asleep dreaming about him,his touch, his kiss. Suddenly I'm all awake its not a dream Maan is here, in my house,in my room ,on my bed and most of all on top of me. He looked at me so darkly that i shivered not in fear but in desire.

               Without saying anything his lips closed on mine. No i can't give away by his passion he always did this but not tonight . He kissed me so hard as if punishing me for some mistake. But i refused to respond. After sometime he broke the kiss looking at me confused then get up slowly ...

          "lets go".

                    Saying this he held my hand and start dragging me toward the door. I pulled out harshly from his grip. He can't be serious, from nowhere he would appear and drag me with him no i won't let him do this with me. I'm not some toy that he is playing with.


                 "Geet don't argue with me ". He is looking very angry what the hell isn't he the one who humiliate me in my own birthday party then why he is angry...

                      "i wont go with you and i mean it" i said looking at his eyes. "go back where you were earlier " to you natasha.. ...

                         " Geet don't test my patience just do as i say"

                 i couldnt believe he is really ordering me even after what he did. "why you came here did Natasha's party is over or she kicked you out ?"

                 he shocked hearing me obviously didn't think i would get to know his real face. "don't lie i know where you were .you were busy celebrating Natasha's birthday leaving your own wife to face the worse situation"...

             I saw a flickered of guilt in his eyes but it gone as soon as it came what i am thinking he cant felt guilty. Why would MSK would felt bad of his doing ..

             "Geet lets go home we will talk about it later ".

           "you know my answer i wont go"...

                         He was breathing hard trying to control his anger clearly no one ever said no to him " look i came here after killing some bastereds and I'm really not in mood to argue with you. You want to talk fight fine we will but in our home not here" he looked so dangerous and cold i feared for a moment ...   

                    He again grabbed my hand but i jerked his hand away , wont let him do whatever he wish " you have no right to order me around just go to your precious Natasha who is more important for you "...

                   " you stubborn woman i didn't go there to attend that bitch party i was there for a meeting "...

                   Is he telling truth or another lie "don't you dare to lie if you are not aware about her birthday how you gave her gift?"...

"Gift?" he asked total confused "what f**king gift are you talking about ? "...

                   He took a long breath and pulled me harshly " i am saying last time i didn't go to attend her party but for work ,for God sake i can't even bear her presence why i would join to her damn party and i didn't give her any gift"...

                    i looked at his eyes and i know he is telling the truth is Natasha lied? Yes that can be possible she can do anything to gain attention . ...

                      Looking at my eyes he continue" hey You are world to me, most important person in my life no one can take the place "...

                             My heart skipped a bit hearing his words is he really mean what he said? Am i that important? " ...     

                    don't lie Maan if i am that important you wont left, i was waiting for you and you didn't show up for a second" i said very hurt by his action he was the one who wanted to celebrate my birthday yet he went missing...

                          "I'm sorry doll I was coming but then Black Snakes attacked at our bar i had to go there and that took all time "... .

                         He cupped my face,kissed the corner of my lips " i was so worried for you. You even switched off your phone i was going mad thinking about your safty. Its not safe here security isn't good please lets go to our place"

                         he was worried for me he was dying to see me did he really care for me that much...( another part next post please check ) Confused Edited by Keepdreaming - 2018-05-17T02:26:46Z
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             "lets go" .

        "No i want to stay here".

          " But..." ..   

                      "Please let me i want some space Maan to sort out something between us we need this " ...   "

                 "hey i know you are angry with me and I'm ready for any punishment just come with me" he said almost pleadingly...

        My heart so much want to give in but i stop myself its for our good. This separation is needed for our wellbeing most of all its need to make him realise what i am to him, what he feel for me ...

             '' Maan please i am just asking for some time can't you give me that. "...

           he nodded his head stubbornly "no i wont go without you if you stay here i will also." ...

             "If you lo.. respect me and our relation even a little bit you would go "...

            this time he is very hurt I can see in that but he covered it quickly by a cold emotion " fine do what ever you want i am going to my house"...

              his house isn't it was OURS sometime back . He went to open the door but stopped hearing me "so its your house now"...

" without you nothing can be ours sadly you never understand it and funny thing is that you were the one who said realition built by togetherness but you are the one who want seperation" without turning he answered and left leaving me more miserable situation than i was. Am i doing it right? ...

                 Next morning i got the answer when saw his security men in my home. He arranged everything to keep me safe my safety mean lot to him i mean a lot to him and i want to go back to his arms...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-09-10T02:55:52Z
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Geet  was so angry that she left home. Maan came there to take Geet  back. He explained her why he was being late but still Geet  wanted some time to digest whole.thing. maan wasn't pleased with this but seeing her stubbornness he let her stay.next day maan appointed many guards to protect  Geet . waiting for next dear.
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Geet wants to believe maan,but she was stopping herself,s he wants to give up yet her anger on him that he choose Natasha was bugging her.
Waiting for next dear.
I was right that Natasha was playing games witch
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Lovely update di!!
Geet was angry on maan for not attending her birthday party
Geet left home
Maan came back puck her up
Geet confronted maan abt him attending Natasha's party
Maan said he went to her home for attending the meeting
Geet wanted to be!ieve him yet could not
Maan let her to stay due to her stubborness
Maan left his guards for geet's security sake!!
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Posted: 2016-09-10T05:59:02Z
Will be waiting for the next update di!!Smile
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Posted: 2016-09-10T06:03:36Z
nice update .
geet denied to go with maan ..so he arranged security guards for her safety .
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maan came to take her with him but she denies and told wat she heard maan explained hr y he didn't attend hr bday party 
but geet still didn't ready to go with him he went alone but morning she saw many guards appointed fr hr she realized how much hr safety matter to him she wants to go back to him
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