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Originally posted by SANJANA9167

I read all parts in a go
I hate Natasha to core dear.
Seems like mayb in past maan said emotions don't exist,but now he surely expressed his love to geet.
Waiting for what party holds in thier love life.
thnx 4 reading
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Posted: 2016-08-12T02:37:27Z
Originally posted by swapna.p

nice update..
waiting for next update..

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Posted: 2016-08-12T02:38:19Z
Originally posted by Mona_90

Part 13
Nice part..
Maaneet apna relation ma move kar rahe hai aur adi pinky ka matter sa unka jhagda start hua hai..
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Posted: 2016-08-12T02:39:20Z
Originally posted by Mona_90

intresting part..
Maaneet ka fight finish ho gaya hai..
Maan geet ka b'day celebrate karna chahta hai but geet nahi chahti kyun ki uska papa ko beta chaiha tha beti nahi lekin maan apne doll ka b'day celebrate karega..
Waiting for next part...
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PART 15 - I really couldnt believe after years im really going to celebrate my brithday i was very excited andnervous also. After our reception party this will be the 2nd party that I'm going with my husband. Maan understood that i don't like these party so never forced me to attended , he always went alone. Even if i said i would go to give him company he never took me and would say it's not important...

In these months he never allow me to go out with my friends or even at my mother's place . Sometimes it made me very angry but i know the reason also he is going to be chief soon so enemies are just waiting for a chance to harm him and me also as I'm his wife. But he always let me arranged girls night at our outhouse and it is the only place i went after my marriage and of course his house...

As after months I'm going to a party Maan assured me that he will be with me all the time. I saw the clock still 2 hours before we need to go and also Maan have not came yet so i went to took shower...

I took off cloths and turn on the shower suddenly the door is wide open an there standing my hot husband fully naked as mine...

"u ..u came early. Hm..m just give me few minu..." words lost in my mouth seeing him coming toward me like a predator. I tried to hide my nakedness by my hands but he just reached for my hands then pulled them high above my head pressing me against the shower wall. The cold water which coursed over us suddenly felt so hot "Maan" a moaned came from my mouth as his hard body covered mine ,rocked against me with the promise of what has to come and i gave in his passion...

Maan went out first then i came to change but by then he is gone again . I saw a note saying me to go ahead he will meet me at party. Ahh i felt so angry he knows my fear how can he leave like this. Half heartily i went to get ready but surprised to see a beautiful grown with a not "for my beautiful wife " all my anger vanished and just went to get ready fast...

I was waiting for him for half an hour still Maan not came yet i tried his phone but it switched off "what taking him so long?". Then i hear the door bell and happily went to answer but my smile fall off seeing Aniee and Mrs Khurana standing at the door...

"Happy birthday Geet" Aniee came and jumped on my arms i hugged her back "thanks Aniee". Mrs Khurana wished me softly i just gave her a small smile. Today is my birthday i really wished she wont say something to ruin it...

But she did although this time its not her fault "Geet beta Maan told us to take you to the party as he has to go with his father at Minister's house for an important meeting " Minister's house mean Natasha's place all my excitement ,happiness gone . May be Aniee sensed it so said "don't worry Geet bhai would be there before we reach , he would never leave his hot wife alone lets go" i gave her my famous fake sweet smile and went out with them...

As soon as i reached there many people came to wish me, suddenly i saw my Mama , Mia and rushed to them. Both hugged my tightly ,happy tears brimming in my eyes

" i missed both of you so much "...

"ya that's why you never came to visit us" came an angry reply from Mia "...

" I'm sorry"...

"i don't want to hear your sorry tonight you are coming with us and that's it " before i can say anything Aniee barged in our conversation " it's not your di's fault ,my brother can't stay away from your sister that's why he never let her go anywhere right Mrs Khurana " i blushed furiously and noticed my mother looking at me strangely. I know she would ask something so i just changed the topic...

2 hours passed still no sight of Maan i keep looking at the door and saw still many guests are coming ,felt strange why so many people are coming this hour as party already started hours ago. After half an hour Mrs Khurana came to me "Geet its very late i think you should cut the cake". "But Maan..." . "he won't come beta " she said with a sad face 'is she really feeling sad for me' i can't believe but request her to wait for a little...

After sometime i was about to go to washroom but stopped hearing some ladies talking about Maan "what a coincidence MSK's wife and mistress both birthday at same date". "and he is celebrating both" saying this they started laughing then other add "but he is only attending Natasha's birthday guys". "what's his fault no one can ignore Natasha" again first lady said with jealousy " did u guys see the bracelet he gave her its so gorgeous... Also..." i couldn't take anymore and went from there. I understood those ladies were at Natasha's party that's why many people came late to mine and they are telling the truth. How can Maan do that i tried hard not to cry for that man who doesn't care for his wife ... ...

This time when Mrs Khurana told me to cut the cake i didn't refuse at all and went with her. I just want to hurt him, i know he said me not to go anywhere but first time i refused to obey his words and i went to my mother's place with them didn't even care to leave a message on his phone...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-12T04:21:23Z
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Posted: 2016-08-12T04:29:52Z
phew updated I think many of u lost interest so cut shot the story hopefully will finished it within 5 parts. Enjoy
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Posted: 2016-08-12T05:01:35Z
Awesome pt
maan restricted hr going anywhere bcuz he have many enemies but maan was so late in hr bday party and geet 
overheard some gossip from ladies that he's in Natasha's 
party hr bday is today she get hurt and wen her mom asks her again to come with hr geet said yes and went with her mom and didn't left any msg fr maan
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Posted: 2016-08-12T05:05:40Z

I know its not the truth

I hope that maan and geet will sort out everything

cont soon
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