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Posted: 2016-08-08T09:56:19Z
Nice update
Waiting for next update
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Posted: 2016-08-08T09:59:37Z
nice update .
so finally geet given him the permission to go ahead in their relation . and maan passionately make her his in all sense .
in some matters women are more emotional than men ..and exactly same thing is happening here .
maan is saying practically and geet emotionally ..coz somewhere she is imagining herself in pinky's place . continue soon .
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Posted: 2016-08-08T10:41:38Z
so finally they become one in all sense nd geet angry on maan for sending adi to dubai when his wife is pregnant nd omg geet question maan waiting for maan answer
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Posted: 2016-08-08T10:50:47Z
Finally Maaneet became one!!!Embarrassed
Geet falling for him more and more
Maan sent Adi to Dubai..and Geet is not happy with that
They had a little argument
Eager to know what will be Maan's reply for Geet's question!!
Loved this update Smile
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Posted: 2016-08-08T19:40:36Z
Originally posted by hira2010

Awesome update
They become one in all sense
All went in smoothly but
Maaneet first fight
Omg hope geet notcall trouble for herself
Waiting for next
thnx 4 reading:-)
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Posted: 2016-08-08T23:22:09Z
Superb..finally geet gave him herself fully..both r hving beautiful time together..
Maan sends adi for imp. work while pinky is preggy!! Geet asks maan if he'll do same to her..wat would be his answer..cant w8. Update nxt soon
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Posted: 2016-08-08T23:36:11Z
PART 14- Next morning when i woke up i find myself alone in our bed, truned to his side and understood he didnt come home last night although i know he was at outhouse for his meeting may be he choosed stayed there last night rather than came here. I wonder if last day fighting was the reason of this...

I recalled our yesterday first fight where i first time realised where i stand in his life. Yesterday when i asked him the question whom he would choose he didnt trun around to answer just simply told me in a cold stern voice "emotion doesnt exist in our world" and by that he left right there and didnt back at home all day. I thought he would come at night but he didnt ,he preferred to stay at outhouse not in their home where his wife was waiting for him...

Do i expecting too much in this relation or i was misreading him in these months. 'No this cant be true' i shook my head 'may be i over reacted yesterday. Pinky is my best friend so i got too emotional' i thought lying alone in our bed, but couldnt satisfy myself. After months first time i start to think about what Mrs Khurana and Mama said about Men and this hell...

I took shower and went downstairs for breakfast, surprised to see Maan sitting there waiting for me . "Good morning" he greeted me softly. i dont know how to react so just nod my head and sit down for breakfast ...

Whole time we both are silent and there a thick tension in the air. I was about to go after finishing breakfast but felt a tug in my hand . I looked and saw Maan is holding my hand tightly then slowly made me sit on his lap. We keep sitting like ages without talking just looking at each other to find solace . After sometime he just hugged me tightly "oh doll plz dont fight" with a kiss on my hair he released me . "Dont drive yourself away from me" Looking at my eyes he said painfully.

I quiet surprised hearing his word 'when did i try to get away from him'. But before i say my thought loud his lips claim mine for a sweet longing kissing . He was kissing me like as if saying sorry for yesterday...

After ages he released me but kept his forehead to mine "Maan i didnt..." "sshh" he put a finger on my lips "lets not talk about last day please its gone baby ". No i want to talk what happened but then dont know why stopped my self. He pecked my lips softely " lets make plan about tomorrow's big day" .

"plan?tomorrow? "what big day? I frowned in confusion...

"Dont try to make me fool because i know tomorrow is your birthday" he smirked as if he had discovered something important ."Oh so what? " i replied uninterested ya i know what is tomorrow but why he is getting so excited about my birthday. This time he frowned "Geet baby im talking about your birthday which is tomorrow and there you are not even a little bit excited"...

I got up slowly and said honestly " it gonna be like a usual day like others so whats so special about it . I think its late you need to go" i tried to let him out because i really dont want to talk about my birthday or make any plan. In these year all my birthday went as quiet as other days. I never celebrated it after my bitter experience at my 10th birthday. First time that day i saw my father's real face and true hate for me as being his daughter. He wanted a boy not a girl . Every birthday it always remind me how unworthy i am for my father and from that day i dont celebrate it or not even like talking about it.

Maan saw my sad expression and asked fully concerned "hey whats wrong?". I shook my head "nothing".

But he looked at me sternly so not seeing any options i admitted "i never like celebrate my birthday". "why?". I think sometime a for a proper answer then said the truth "My Dad never wanted me and also i never celebrated it so " i tailed off...

Maan cursed something under his breath which i didnt get. " Lets not talk about what u did or didnt before marriage. You are now my wife so this time your birthday will be celebrate and thats it " he finished with a Stern voice .

"But.." i tried to protest but he just kissed me hard ...

"no discussion over it . Tomorrow is the big night and whole familia will come to celebrate it ". I really dont know what to say . He cupped my face "you are very special to me and your birthday will be celebrate like a queen"...

I lost hearing him saying me 'special' am i really that special to him , so worthy to him. I just hugged him without saying anything. May be i didnt misread him all along he did care for me,even love me i just need to be patience with him and give him time to realise his feelings...

After sometime i broke away, he wiped the tears from the corner of my eyes which i tried to hide, then tipped my chip up with his fingers and bent to kiss me. His lips moved possessively over mine. His toung pressed inward tastime me. Then slowly released "wait for me on bed" saying the naughty yet firm statement he went out and i kept looking at his back thinking about his earlier remark about me ...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-08T23:54:01Z
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Posted: 2016-08-08T23:39:28Z
Updated again just want to finish it asap. Few more parts left will try to end in in this month next part hopefully friday. Enjoy:-)
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