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Originally posted by Mona_90

Intresting teaser..
Waiting for update..
hopefully today
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Originally posted by tabby999

waiting for next
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Originally posted by Drashtilove

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Originally posted by sanum23

nice teaser
geet didn't like adi left his pregnant wife fr imp work
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Originally posted by swapna.p

nice teaser..
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PART 13-Dont know when months passed and i fallen more and more for him .Cant believe Maan could be this patience with me, we do always had hot make out everywhere be it in bed or couch or kitchen but he never crossed the last line . I know he was just waiting for my aproval and its time i should let go of my fear and embrace my husband's love. I was lying on my back thinking how to tell him suddenly felt a soft kiss on my shoulder and before i understand anything his hot mouth came on mine and our making out started

ike always after sometime he was gone i know what's going to happen, he is going to take a cold shower like he did all previous night to control himself but this time i got a little courage and grabbed his arm "stay" i said . But he answered me in a low voice "if i stay i wont be able to stop myself. I...i want you so much". "Then take me " i said simply.

He looked down at me harshly ."Are you sure?" he asked totally surprised but still not sure if i really want or just saying this in the weak moment of passion .

I touched his face and said looking at his eyes "make me yours" . I heard his harst intake of breath. I said it ,i actually said it . I again looked up at him and saw raw passion for me and suddenly i felt shy all my boldness gone and closed my eyes,breathing hard .

Next second without any warning he crushed his mouth aganist mine,hard and hungry. I was shocked for a moment but then start kissing him back.- He kissed down my neck,as he ran his hands over my naked body,and soon his mouth replaced his hand.

He kissed me, sucked me everywhere like a hungry beast. He covered his body with mine and i felt the hard ,jutting evidence of his desire for me and suddenly i am afraid. I closed my eyes shut and whispered slowly "please just make it quick". He gently brushed tendrils of hair from my face and kissed my forhead "quick will be the last thing i am going to be doll" and he did kept his promise he made love to me as if i am actually a doll and would break any moment. That moment was the most beautiful moment of my life.

That night i know we didnt have sex but made love over and over again . I felt so complete in his arms that i almost confessed my feelings but stopped my self at last moment and i know deep down in his heart he also loves me----

days passed blissfully. Now my day start with him and end also i was never so happier in my life until now and all because of my husband whom i love---

it was sunday we are watching a movie or say just me and he busy with his phone. "Maan plz stop it"i said in a irritated voice. "just one last call"saying this he left the roon. After sometime he came back "okay Adi just finish the work and be careful" saying this he cut the call and sat beside me.

I looked at him and asked "you were talking to Adi?". He came closer and took my hand "ya baby,actually i sent him Dubai for an important work so he was just telling me about it". "You sent him out of country" i asked totally confused .

"yes but why are you asking" he replied as if he is not aware of anything.' Did u really sent Adi Dubai when his wife Pinky is pregnant and any time can go into labour" i asked little angrily can't believe Maan could do that , he looked at me little confused feeling the anger in my voice.

"i know his wife is pregnant but whats wrong here sending him Dubai" he replied as if its not a big deal and he didnt did anything wrong..

"Maan its gonna be their first child ,Adi is her husband he should be here plus Pinky is already facing complications she needs her husband. How could u do that?" . I asked feeling hurt by his careless act. its most important and beautiful time for them Adi need to be here beside his wife not in Dubai doing business or say killing people...

"Geet it was important thats why i sent him" i looked at him disbeliefly how could he said that and so easily gave me the silly reason of his careless act "how Adi's child is less important than ur so called work? i couldnt believe Maan is saying like Adi's child is not important. "how could u say like this? Just call him back"i told him strenly.

He looked at me for sometime than just simply said "No its not possible ,its very important he cant come before finish it".

I just couldnt sit there so got up to leave the room but he held my hand "hey relax doll you are over reacting". he said ever so sweetly

but I jerked my hand back angrily"i am over reacting what about your carelessness? You sent the man away to do some shit work when his wife needs him". he is just not seeing anything wrong in it...

"stop being so emotional and be reasonable. Pinky is pregnant not Adi . Doctor is here to take care of her" He answered causally and that make my blood boil...

"But its their first child".

"So what"

he is now getting very annoyed i could feel by his tone.

"Why not for once u think emotionally?Its important time for them they need each other Maan. Just because you are are the boss you cant ordered like this for God sake dont be a monster".

His face hardned hearing my last word i know he didnt like my calling him a monster because only people who hate him called him this I said it but can't take it back now ."you are right i am a monster so i cant do that.I am the boss and i know i did right" saying this he was about to leave but stop hearing me ...

"so you would do the same, when i would be pregnant you would choose ur IMPORTANT work other than your wife and unborn baby and just leave like Adi did...

I held my breath for answer as if my life is depending on it...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-08T01:06:30Z
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Awesome update
They become one in all sense
All went in smoothly but
Maaneet first fight
Omg hope geet notcall trouble for herself
Waiting for nextEdited by hira2010 - 2016-08-07T23:43:28Z
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Originally posted by hira2010

Am first hehehehheh
Tongue Tongue edited a little feel free to read again Big smile
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