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Will be waiting
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Originally posted by tabby999

hinice updategeet wants her husband love and is scared of natasha..maan too doesn't like her ..hope geet gets what she wantsthanks for updatewaiting for next
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Originally posted by .CookieMonster.

Nice update
hate dat bitch natasha
poor neha
m so glad dat maan too hates her
thnx dear
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Originally posted by T.Peru

Nice updateGeet start to like Maan Thanks for PM Update soon
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PART 12 - Life was passing beautifully also our bonding was growing stronger day by day. Then one day we have to go to KM for dinner, i didnt want to go but i know Maan wouldnt like that , thats his childhood home, they are his parents ,dont know about his Dad but he loves his Mom a lot still i feel there is a invisible distance between them...

I was very nervous,i never saw them after our reception, which i am glad. I dont like his father and dont know i think his Mom doesnt like me that much. I took time to get ready as wanted to look best. Dont want to disappoint them at my first meeting in their house. They live just few blocks away from ours,so it took few minutes to reach there. Its very big house. Maan's Mom and sister Annie welcome us. Mrs khurana hugged Maan lovingly clearly she loves her son "Missed you son" kissed his forhead then looked at me "how are you Geet?"she asked as she looked at me from head to toe. "Iam fine"i answered quietly ,a little uncomfortable by her gaze , may be my sister in law Annie sensed that so she came forward as a saviour. She took my hand and pulled me in"Mom let them come first na" i instantly liked her...

We didnt intract much earlier as we didnt meet often, She is my age but she is a widow ,few months ago her husband died in a mission. When we went inside Maan went to meet his Dad. I kept looking at his back till he went to a room which is visible from there. "So Geet how is life going"Mrs Khurana asked in a sweet tone,i looked at her and said in same tone"fine". But looks like she didnt believe me but didnt ask further and went to kitchen and i was very greatful for that as i really dont get her double meaning words...

Half an hour passed well as me and Annie got busy in talking. She is a talkative girl but a sweet one also. I asked her about her husband and surprised to hear that she is happy that he got killed "why should i be sad for that bas***d, its not like he loved me or i . I was his wife but he just always used me to satisfy his hunger beyond that we didnt share any relation. I am happy that he is gone as now i can live peacefully till Dad marry me off to another bas***d like him" just then i realised in this world women treat same, be she is a made man daughter or chief's daughter...

"enough of this Geet ,lets talk about u" she changed the topic ,i am also glad for that that sad look doesnt suit her cute face,then looked at me teasingly"tell me about you and your new life,hope bhai is not too hard on you"i blushed furiously,i didnt feel creepy because i know she just teasing me unlike Mrs Khurana...

Before we can chat more her phone buzzed and she left. Just then Mrs khurana came with juice "here" she gave me the glass i smiled polietly but her next word wipped my smile " what kind of magic did you do on my son? He couldnt stop looking at you" she pointed toward the room where Maan went to meet his father.

"He is discussing something important with his Dad and Dev but his all attention is here ,i notice from kitchen every now and then he is looking at you. How did you do this Geet?" she finished with a small smile ,i didnt know what to say so gluped the juice in one go. I was praying in mind to let Annie come soon,i really cant stay more time alone with her dont know why she always make me uneasy.

To change the subject i said quickly" house is really beautiful" she smiled sweetly and gave me pasta ,i dont like pasta still tried to eat but she noticed my discomfort "dont you like pasta,its Maan's faviourite". "no its taste good"i quickly said."oh Geet dont lie,i can see it" she took the pasta from my hand and placed it on table then took my hand "lets go i will give a tour of this house" i almost regret for praising it earlier but smiled and got up. She shown every room then finally came to Maan's room ,its very big room. I saw a picture of him hanging on wall, a young Maan. I almost smiled ,he is looking so handsome...

"you are glowing Geet" i stop smiling listening Mrs khurana then realise where i am and with whom. "its new ,i mean its rare to a woman smile whole heartly seeing her husband pic . Good that my son is keeping you happy." She came infront of me and add slowly "do enjoy it Geet till it last " confusion flicked on my face ...(continue below)Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-08T05:38:03Z
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What did she mean by till it last, he is my husband , we are going to stay forever. Seeing my confused face she continue "oh common Geet dont say that you dont know made men and their habit . They dont stay with one woman for too long, even married men are same, so sooner or later he is going to replace you with others" Shocked would be small word what i felt . How can she say something like this that too for her own son .

"Dont be shocked "she said ever so sweetly, but it hit like a poision "everyone know about Maan and his reputation with women. He never stay more that week with one girl. So what he is married, he is still a made man, betraying is in his blood". It hurt too much listening to her but i didnt believe her . I trust Maan he would never do that,so what he is belong to this world he is different and he is mine and will be just mine. I dont feel like answering the woman , who is my husband's mother,still saying so bad about her son.

So without saying anythin i was about to go but stopped at her next words "dont let your hope go too high because when it will break you wont be able to bear it. Yes i am saying such thing about my own son because i know the reality of this hell, love doesnt exist here the sooner you accept the truth it will be easier for you to live" . I turned around and said confidently " i trust my husband and he will be one woman man rest of his life"

but i couldnt say about love ,may be she is right i wont find love here but still deep down in my heart i am hoping for a miracle . Before she can say more Annie came and took me with her to show her painting and i was glad about that. Rest of the evening went well as Mrs khurana didnt try to give me her so called advise. After dinner we left from there but i couldnt stop thinking about what Maan's Mom told.

As soon as we entered our home he pulled me closer and capture my lips to his, start kissing hungrily "you are looking so beautiful doll, whole evening i couldnt stop looking at you " he said roughly aganist my lips then resumed devouring my lips , raining a trail of heated kisses over my jawline and down to my neck . I threw back my head and moaned when his teeth nipped the delicate curve of my shoulder... Dont know when he took me to bed still kissing my lips passionately. In no time he is bare and also i am half naked as we start making out roughly..."you are mine just mine " he said between kisses ,i hold his hair and pulled him to face me and asked "are you mine?".

He didnt answer just kissed me so hard that blood start coming from my lips "forever,forever baby, you ruined me for anyone else" thats it i got my answer ,i dont care what his Mom said i know he is saying truth and he will be mine forever . Someday he will surely feel love for me... Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-08T05:35:00Z
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Phew long update i know less maaneet but promise next part will be full of maaneet. Thnx for your likes and comment . No update before Eid advance Eid Mubarak. Enjoy guys
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Why everyone hell bend that geet believe that her husband is not one woman men
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