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awesome update...Maan Geet's moments r so good. Gift honesty.. liked Geet... now she is accepting her husband.. i think even maan is feeling for Geet.. Accepting her as his wife.. not just a girl to whome he married oh my.. Geet's mom's warning about love.. now Geet is worried about her future Thanx for pm...waiting for next update
thnx 4 comment
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PART 11- At bed i was lying on bed looking at my beautiful ring and thinking what Mama told me. Am i expecting too much in this relation? Is it wrong to want my own husband to love me unconditionally? All cant be same right. May be Mary Aunty's husband never loved her truely ,he was just a weak person with a black heart. My Maan cant be like that. After sometime he came and join me on bed , pulled me closer,as usual bite the back of my neck then suck it sensuously. " Maan" i moaned a little loudly , was expecting a little more but he just placed me on his chest and switched off the light ."good night". But i don't want to sleep, i want to talk but don't know what, suddenly i remembered something

" Maan can i ask you something?"...

"hmm" he hummed ,his hand on my back, running softly to my hair then slowly went a little down toward my butt. I hesitated a little then finally asked..

"how do you know Natasha. I saw her with you last night party?". His hand stopped there and he got quiet for sometime but said eventually

"who doesnt know her? She is minister daughter but why u asked?"...

I dont know what to say but i couldnt stop myself from asking as I just hate her to the core. Because of her my friend Neha lost her child. Natasha is a bitch,she was Neha's husband's mistress. Neha never liked her husband. He is an animal,he never care for her most disgusting thing is that he kept his relation with Natasha even after their marriage. She felt bad at first but then get use to it as she really hate him but first time i saw her happy when she became pregnant. Poor girl,her happiness was short lives. One day Natasha came to her house ,both had a argument and that bitch pushed her from stairs sadly Neha lost her child ,her only hope to live,after that incident she became like a stone. Everyone aware about that incident and no one cares but i lost my best friend that day that's why i really hate her. A small tear rolled down my eyes thinking of Neha ...

"Hey look at me " he cupped my check wiped off my tears lovingly"i really hate her Maan. She is..." ...

"Emotional less bitch" Maan complete for me also add "i know she is a f**king bitch but why do u ask?"...

I don't know how to put it ,i lowered my face and said slowly " did you hmm i mean did you ever slept ..." before i say he said quickly

" Never, yes i slept with half of Mumbai girls but never with her trust me"

i don't know what to feel about this statement, but i was happy that he didn't sleep with her. But didn't like the other truth' relax Geet it past ,you wont gain anything thinking about that 'i tried to clam my self. May be Maan realised he made a blunder so quickly add

" i..i mean i never slept with her, i never found her appealing to be with her" this time i feel good

"i really don't like her Geet ,trust me " he sounds genuine.

I was quiet for sometime thinking about his words " Maan please promise me, you will never talk with that girl or even meet her". I really want my husband to stay away from that witch. Women say she has a power to control men and no man can resist her ...

"common Geet i already said that i don't like her, even i never try to talk to her , she is the one who always throw herself on me , i can assure you that if she would even come naked in front of me i wont be able to touch that ugly bitch . My taste is not that bad. " its clear that Maan hates her and doesn't want to talk about her ,but she wants him and she always get what she wants.

"why she want you?" I am little worried now .

"because i never give her attention,so she just took me as a challenge. " he is little loud but then took a long breath , i can feel he really hating this conversation but still continue ...

"you know i never feel anything for her, i hate that ugly face in fact every time she comes in front me i feel like shoot her there but as you know i can't... And also Geet i can't stop seeing her as she attends every party of our familia and this discussion just end here " he sound quiet irritate but a thought came in my mind hearing his confession...

"what to do you think when you see me?" suddenly he became hard under me,he softly placed me on his pillow ,cupped my check a little roughly to make me look at him. I shivered seeing the dark passion which is clearly visible in his eyes"i just want to keep kissing those kissable sweet lips of your. When i look at your beautiful eyes with that shy innocent smile ,i just want to crush you against me, i want to..."

i stopped him by keeping my finger on his lips. Its too hot for me,but feeling good that my husband wants me that much, just want him to want me as his wife not some hot girl. He bent down to capture my cold lips for a long hard kiss and without wasting a minute i pulled him closer, start responding with equal passion...

After sometime i stopped but he was not done with me yet ,he crushed me with his hard body and start kissing more roughly as he is starving for years and i just let him to do what he wants...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-09T08:25:36Z
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updated thanks for ur likes and comments will try to end it soon enjoy
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Res..!!! Will read all together and comment.

Gimme a day or two Embarrassed
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very nice ud
geet mind went to Natasha and she can't stop hr self questioning him about hr but she felt secure and happy that hr husband never iked hr in fact he disgusted hr he also knows Natasha taking him as challenge to wow him 
geet liked hr husband but she want him to b only hr 
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nice update..
waiting for next update..
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Posted: 2016-06-27T04:53:22Z
loved it
so finally geet is sharing something with maan
nd thwir kiss nd geet too responding
waiting for next
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hi thanks 4 da great update! well written! Geet thinks bat wt her mom sed! she thinks abt Neha! She asks Maan abt Natasha! Geet hates her as cos of Natasha, Neha lost her child! Maan assures Geet he he hates Nastasha! he will never sleep with her n has nt slept with her! Maan kisses her! she gives in! update soon
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