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Posted: 2016-05-07T08:21:39Z
Nice prologue.. Intresting and dangerous part 1.. Waiting for next...
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Posted: 2016-05-07T09:27:11Z
hi nice update, well written! Poor Maan! His Dad wants him 2 kill Geet. Geet is his wife! Maan refuses and is abt 2 say he loves her bt Dev intervenes n handles the situation n lies! he explains 2 Maan! Yash will kill Maaneet!
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Posted: 2016-05-07T10:03:13Z
read first part ..
maan familia is weird ..he father want to killl geet but maan want to save her ..
dev planning for geet ..hope nothing happen to her 
thanks for update 
waiting for next ..
p.s try to put a bit longer part ..
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Posted: 2016-05-07T12:13:38Z
interesting start
maans dad wants to kill geet 
man wants to save her
dev helping him
nice part
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Posted: 2016-05-07T12:20:56Z
Nice start. Yash wants to kill Geet as she was with rival gang for two days. Maan refused to kill her. When he was about to confess his love for her when Dev interrupted. He lied to his father that they can not kill her because she has information about rival gang and was untouched by them. Yash agreed and wanted to listen this all from Geet.
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Posted: 2016-05-07T18:59:01Z
yash wants to kill geet
but maan loves his wife...dev helping him...grtt
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Posted: 2016-05-07T21:52:09Z
Everyone present in the hall Geet's father Yash and some important. Mia along with Geet slowly came "sit" Yash told her Geet sat slowly . Her eyes are cold ,there is no emotion. Maan tried to read her eyes but for the first time he couldnt. He just praying Geet will tell what Maan said to her earlier . "i will just ask once and i want answer . Did they touch you?".

Geet didnt answer so Mia said quickly " they didnt touch di" her father signaled her to keep quiet...

"Do you have information about Black Snakes?". Geet again silent "yes she has" again Mia answered didn't care about her father's angry look...

Yash looked at Geet and told firmly "why are you silent ? If you didn't answer we will kill you now." "woh di is scared tha..." But before she complete she stop hearing Geet "kill me". This is the first word Geet said.

All are shocked . Mia was going to Geet's side but Ajay hold her hand tightly. "kill me Maan" Geet again said looking at Maan without any emotion. Maan at once picked up his gun and aim at her "i will ,i am just waiting for dad's permission"

he looked at his father and said "dad should i" his father looked at him with pride "no you don't have to kill her . She got information and more over she is not touched". Maan nodded and put his gun down...

" so meeting is over ,all can go". He looked at Geet and said "you are going to future chief's wife so try to behave like this. Go" . Mia came almost running and took Geet's arm made her stand and leave and Maan keep looking at them.

"so i think we should also leave chief" Ajay said polietly " hmm go but do teach some manner to your younger daughter. Next time i wont tolerate these kind of behaviour" Yash told him strenly...

"sorry chief, i assure you mend her way before marriage " ." she have to or else there would be no marriage you get this" Yash said made his point clear. Both shake hands and Ajay signaled his wife Rano and both leave to pick Mia...

" i am so proud of you my son" Yash said looking at his son"i am seeing myself in you . You will be a good chief just like me. Although you gave me little doubt when you said earlier you wont let that girl killed but now all cleared . You are a true made man." He hugged his son proudly. Maan controlled his anger and Dev winked at him.

When their father left Dev jumped "wow what a acting lover boy". "shut up Dev and move i have to go". "yes i know you have to go to your darling wife but first lets finish some business " Dev said stopped him but Maan has other plan so with devilish smirk he said"then i will tell Adi to drop them home what say?".

"no" Dev almost shouted "i will take them. I mean your wife need you go ". "Are you sure you don't want to talk about business. " Maan asked knowing answer "yes you go . Your wife need you" Dev said quickly before his brother change his mind. "correction you need to talk to you fiance who doesn't like you" Maan said with a smirk and leave...

"she likes me" he heard Dev shouting ."keep dreaming you asshole" he shouted back. ...

In maaneet's room Mia is trying to make Geet understand ..."Di i have to go. Please promise me you will take care of yourself and wont do anything like you did a downstairs" saying this Mia hugged her sister tightly...

" i love you di . Your are the most important person in my life . Please promise me you wont do anything stupid". Geet just nodded her head...

Mia kept looking at her ,she doesnt want to go but she knows her father that man wont let her stay. "stop this emotional drama and lets go Mia. We are leaving" an angry Ajay told her from the door.

" Dad cant i stay one more day please . Di is not well. She needs me." "NO" came an instant reply" your sister is not dead . She is fine now . Stop all this."

Then he looked at Geet and said angrily"you let me down . Why cant you just kill yourself before those basterd kidnapped you".

"Dad stop it".
"Shut up mia . Do you know first time a Dark Dragon woman got kidnapped". He told her angrily.

"it was not di's fault they kidnapped her. Surely our so called security is so weak thats why they could did this. Stop blaming di" Mia replied angrily.

Ajay grabbed his daughter's arm tighty"dont raise your voice girl" and looked at Geet "i dont want to hear any complain . If i hear than i will kill you with my own hands . Am i clear?" ...

" Who the hell are you think yourself Mr Handa " . An angry voice came from door...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-09T02:20:07Z
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Posted: 2016-05-07T21:53:34Z
Without turning Geet knows who is here"who give you the right to talk to my wife like this" Maan asked angrily. His eyes were spiting fire" wio mai... ii i ".

Ajay tried to speak but Maan put his gun on his forehead "Don't forget she is MSK's wife. No one talk to my wife like this . Get it". Ajay just nod his head "leave before i shot you" ...

Ajay knows how is Maan's anger so without saying anything he left taking Mia with him...

When they were out Maan locked the door hugged Geet instantly "oh baby i was so scared. I thought i would lose you.". He kissed her whole face madly then suddenly he remembered and grabbed her tightly"What were you doing there? I told you so many times what to say but you just kept mum and suddenly said me to kill you . Were you out of ur mind ha?" ...

Geet came out of his grip and asked" why you didn't you shot me? You have the perfect opportunity to kill me then Why you lied about information? I don't know anything about them"...

"i would kill myself but cant never kill you Geet"...

"stop lying".

Maan cupped her face lovingly and said looking at her eyes " I am not lying .You are my world"...

Geet pushed him "stop lying you cheater. I hate you, i hate u , hate u. Do you hear me".

"no " Maan came rushing to her"no don't hate me" . He touched her face said pleadingly"please say you don't hate me. You cant hate me Geet . You saved my life ,took bullet for me. You cant hate me you lov...". "I just wanted to be dead". Geet said before he complete.


"Yes Maan thats the truth".

"Liar" Maan said gripping her hair tightly jerked her toward him touched her lips roughly with his finger "you hate me so much that downstairs you wanted to die in my hands" then his hot lips replaced his finger. He kissed her roughly"tell me Geet?" He asked her between kisses. Soon she was melting in his arms...

Maan picked her up and took her to bed ,lie her down and came top of her. His lips again found hers both were kissing each other passionatly. His one hand went under her shirt touched her breast thats broke Geet's trance "stop" Geet said loudly. "They touched me" . "Another lie". Maan said with small smile"no one touched you Geet. You are mine"...

He again kissed her hard "stop lying doll". "I am not lying" Geet told stubbornly" they raped me". Maan touched her breast sequezed roughly "they didn't do anything. Their own man told me". Maan answered with a glare.

" oh that's why you choose to come to your property to claim your ownership rather than going to your sexy mistresses ." Geet said with a little smile which tore Maan's heart." stop insulting yourself. You are my wife . I am just yours."

" No i lost you the moment i saw you kissing that Natasha" ...

Geet couldnt believe she loved this man even still loves him although she saw him cheating on her with that bitch whom she hates most . She add painfully "infact you were never mine. That's why you were with her even when those men came to kidnap me. Its better i go forever so you can be happy with your wh**e. You don't have to meet her secretly". Geet couldn't forget that moment when those bas***d came to kidnap her in their own house, she was so scared and called him but heard Natasha's voice. "just let me go"...

Maan lost his control . He grabbed her face and said in a cold voice "i told you before ,telling you again there is nothing between me and that wh**e. I never touched her trust me . I hate her to the core". Geet said nothing Maan understood what she is going to do...

" if you do anything to harm yourself, i will kill your family" Maan said without no emotion on his face. Geet looked at him with horror" n...o no you cant"...

"Yes i can"...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-09T02:28:10Z
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