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Will be waiting
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Thnx for ur likes and comment
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Next day when i woke up he was already gone,i freshen up n went to kitchen,saw a middle aged woman,she must be housekeeper. She saw me n smiled sweetly,instantly i liked her."Good morning Mrs Khurana,what would u like for bf?."Plz call me Geet"i said politely "and just tea would be enough". ...

After breakfast i unpacked my suitcase,then helped Lily in cooking,although she said no many times,n then we had launch together . At noon she left and i became all alone in this big house ,was getting bored so thought to watch tv.

I was so engrossed in movie that didn't realise when Maan came. He sat beside me n gave a small peck on my cheek, i turned n said with a big smile "finally you are home,i was missing you" i added quietly...

"First time someone is happy to see me,in other case people always get scared thinking may be it their last day "he said with a stren face but i know he just teasing. I think i can read my cold husband. "I'm not other people, I'm ur wife "i answered him. "hmm i also thought the same so i did a husband work" ...

" husband work?" i asked quiet confused. ...

He took my hand and gave me a small box."a gift!" i really surprised because just yesterday he gave me two gifts, now again. I opened the box thinking must be another big ornament but shocked to see a beautiful ring,with a small diamond at the center.

"i know you didn't like my yesterday gift,so i brought this for u" he said simply as if its not a big deal but for me it is. Maan really trying to be a husband. I picked up the ring n gave him,he looked at me little confused"U didn't like this "he looks clearly disappoint at himself,so i said quickly

"no,i loved it i want u to make me wear it"...

"oh" he totally relieved hearing me. I forward my hand n he placed the ring to my finger"its really beautiful ,Maan thank you"i said genuinely. But he looked at me little guilty "what happened?"..

." Ah i want to confess something"i nodded to encourage " yesterday i brought that jewellery to impress u, i mean to manipulate u , i thought u would be happy n we would u know what i mean".

" U mean i would let u have sex with me "i finished for him. I should be angry hearing that but i was not because he was honest with me and honesty is very important for any relationship...

"n this "i asked pointing at my finger" why u brought this?". " just want to do a husband work,trust me" he said like a small child to convince me n i did believe him ...

"but it would be great if my wife do something to show how thankful she is"there come the devil. I gave a small peck on his cheek, but he frowned "i didn't ask for this,a proper wifey kiss"

i blushed furiously n nodded no "fine i will show u what is proper kiss"saying this he picked me up and placed me on his lap,before i protest he bent down his mouth hovering a mere inch above mine,his hand slide over my jaw,to the back of my neck. His fingers plunged into my hair n pulled me to meet his mouth. I sighed against his lips n let myself melt into his chest..when he broke the kiss we both were breathless,he rest his forhead to mine whispered. "This is called a kiss my delicate doll" i tried to get up from his lap but he stopped me

"stay,i am liking this position more"i turned red hearing him,he is so shameless n as he said he kept me there until dinner. After that he went to attend some call...

I remembered i didn't talk to mama after reached here,so i called Mama. "hello Mama Geet" i said when she picked up "Geet!" she was so happy hearing me but then asked worriedly "How are you dear?Everything good? Maan... is very harsh on you?" i felt she is worried...

"Mama relax i am fine, trust me. Maan is not like what we thought,don't worry I'm totally good here" i said quickly to calm her down...

"oh dear i was so worried,glad that you are okay"she quiet relived hearing me"Mama you're worrying too much"."yes dear I'm, after all u married to MSk not some ordinary made men"...

We talked for some time then i asked quietly "Mama do you remember,when i was 16 you said me once that in our world Love is a curse. Why it is?"...

She took a long breath then said "yes dear love is a curse. You remember Mary aunty?"...

"Yes your best friend,who suicide when i was 16" still remember that sweet lady ,she was my Mama's only friend. She seems very happy with her husband but don't know why suddenly she killed herself...

"no dear she didn't suicide. She got killed by her own husband kasheb"...

I shocked"What?But why?"...

"Because she loves her husband and he too fall for her. Then he realised she has become more important to him than this familia,which is not right for a made man.Thats why he killed her,giving poision in her food. Made men are not capable to love.They think Love as a big weakness"...

I looked at my ring n said "all are not same right Mama"may be she sensed my inner feelings,said quickly ...

"dont dream which will give you just pain,Maan is not just a made man but the future head.So undoubtly familia would always come first for him"she explained but my poor heart didn't want to accept this"Geet love is a curse,remember this" she said sternly before hung up...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-09T08:12:35Z
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Lovely update
Waiting for next update. .
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simply fabulous
loved it
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awesome update
I m loving this side of Msk''s . he can read her well ...and geet also started liking her husband and understanding his unsaid words .
geet's mom told her "love is a curse for them" but its not necessary that everyone have the same fate . loved maaneet's moments .
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awesome update..
continue soon..
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awseum update
love is curse for familia men

bcoz their familia is their first priority rather than their own wife or kids
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