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it was nice and full of thriller... maan to kill GEET...OMG update soon...
Thnx will do
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Originally posted by Drashtilove

Congo 4 new story
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Originally posted by _Chinmayi_

Congrats dear It's sounds interesting Continue soon
thnx will do
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Originally posted by Drashtilove

Plz continue
will do
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congrats on the new story! intriguing prologue! update soon, well written
thnx will do
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          Part - 1

              " Just KILL her " Yash Khurana the head of Mumbai mafia aka Dark Dragon familia told his son .

                 " NO , we can't kill her " Maan said firmly .

              " what are you saying? Are you out of your mind? She was with those Black Snakes for two days . You have to kill her and as a chief of this familia i order you to kill your wife Geet now " .

               " I won't kill her or let anyone touch her " Maan shouted at his father for the first time in his life making Yash more angry .

            " Don't argue , just do what i say " Yash told him with the tone of no arguments " kill her " .

            " I won't, that's it " There is no fear or hesitation in him which somehow making his father is worried .

              Yash looked at him for some time then asked quietly " why ? " . He fist his hand together in frustration also in fear , fear that hopefully his son didn't commit the biggest sin of Mafia .

               " Because i lo..." before he can complete his younger brother jump in quickly ..

              " bro can't kill her because bhabhi has some information about those Black Snakes and one more thing dad they didn't touch her , infact their men himself told us " . Dev said in one go with straight voice so that no one could sense the lie on it .

               " Is it true ? " Yash turned and looked at his son but Maan is silent , Dev was about to say but Yash stopped him with a hard glare ..

              " i am not asking you. Maan speak up " .

               " yes Dev is right " .

              " Fine , i want to ask Geet . Bring her here now " .

               " she can.." Maan was about to argue but Dev interrupted

            " sure i will tell Mia to bring her fast " .

                  " hmm " Yash left from there , thinking of both words . It's not that he believe these two , he just thinking what he fearing is not true and if it then he would have no option other than kill the girl who can bring destruction for his son , for his familia . He is head of familia he can't take any risk , nor he can trust anyone . His sons can try to fool him but he knows his naive , timid Daughter in law would never be able to over smart him .


             As soon as he was gone Dev held Maan's collar angrily " Are you out of your mind ? What were you going to say ? " He glared him hard " that you. love .her. Huh ! love , what the hell you think of yourself ? Don't behave like a fool . You know the consequence, if he gets to know this ,he won't just kill her , but you too " .

                 Maan pushed his hands harshly " i don't care. I won't let him kill my Geet and to save her i can kill that man too, do you get it " Maan told him in a cold voice...

                  Dev knows his big brother ,yes he can do this but what would happen after that ,whole familia would be against him and would kill him and Geet...

               " clam down bro . Don't forget familia people don't care about love or emotions . Love consider as a curse in mafia . If you behave like this dad will surely get to know that his son the next chief of Dark Dragon is in love with his wife ,then he won't spare you or Geet bhabhi . Just think reasonable . I am going to tell Mia to bring Bhabhi " .

           " What no " Maan shouted before Dev could go " her condition is not good and you want to take her before to those assholes ".

           " Bro if we won't take her to Dad, he will suspect something and understand that we lied to him . We have to do this . If you want to see Geet bhabhi alive this is the only solution . " . Dev again tried to make him understand ...

            Maan was still scared after what Geet faced and in all this he forgetting which world he is leaving . Pain , love, emotion nothing matter here . He can argur with his brother but he also knows well his brother saying right . Those people won't think a second, before killing her and even he won't be able to do anything . Only this is the solution to settle this matter for once and forever. After much thinking he nodded his head .

            " yes you are right Dev . I can't risk Geet's life . She just have to go there and tell them they didn't touch her and she knows about Black Snakes plan . Dad won't kill her . Yes my Geet will be safe. Lets go Dev "...

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Updated first part plz do forgive my mistakes n dont try to find logic and moral in this story . Enjoy guys:-)Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-05-07T07:55:08Z
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