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Originally posted by priya_21

very nice update
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Originally posted by Drashtilove

Lovely update.
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Originally posted by tabby999

hinice updategeet is scared of maan ..she started crying too ..so maan didn't go further ..thanks for update waiting for next
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Originally posted by kamnagupta7

geet doesnt want tob intimate with maan so soon.she wants to give this relationship some time.maan also give her time to adjust.
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Posted: 2016-06-04T07:12:03Z
Originally posted by sanum23

superb udgeet was scared but she's ready to go head but maan surprised her he mighty dangerous but not fr hr he didn't like to force him self on hr
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PART 7 - "Dont worry i wont do anything. I like willing women in my bed but dont think i wont take whats mine. I am just giving u time to adjust so not get use to sleep like this, very soon you will cry in my arms" he kissed my back "good night doll" ."I am not some girl but you wife"before closing my eyes i told him firmly he just hummed... After sometime i felt hot breath on my neck and understood he is in deep sleep but my condition was not good. How can he expect me to sleep when he is almost naked... Devil surely he did it purposely or he always sleep like this 'oh no' ...

but i couldn't stop thinking one thing why he didn't touch me. I saw clearly how much he wanted me...i never thought he would stop at any cost but he did. Seeing my tears he didn't touch me... He is very arrogant but also right we have to consummate our relation sooner or later so better i get use of his touches, kisses... and one thing is clear that i don't hate him anymore but respect him a little. May be i can make this relation less miserable by patience with him but can i expect Love... with this thought finally i slept...

Next morning i woke up first and saw him still sleeping hugging me tightly. I got up slowly didn't want arrogant killer to wake up. I fresh up and went to kitchen to make something ... I was very hungry and remembered i didn't eat anything since last night . I made a omelet for myself and start thinking what to make for my husband...

i don't know what he likes so thought to make another omelet for him . Suddenly someone hugged me from behind i was about to scream but stopped remembering my husband. Of course no one would dare to touch MSK's wife...

I clamed myself 'he is your husband Geet . Get use of him make it easier for both' and honestly i didn't dislike the hug in fact he is smelling good may be he just took a shower... but the problem is his upper body is bare and he just in his towel that making me little nervous...

."Good morning doll" he leaned in to my neck, moving my hair out of the way as his lips nuzzled my skin. He kissed the back of my neck also bite softly then again kissed the place where he bite. He did same in car and last night also. What is with him? why he keep doing this ?'may be he forgot he is a killer not a vampire, but is there any difference between them? both are hungry for blood'...

"Don't ever wake up before i" he told me softly yet sternly then again bite there a little harshly. I felt little pain and also something else but couldn't dare to say anything , just nodded my head as agreement...

"what are you doing?" he asked still not realising me. "amm i am making omelet for breakfast" don't know what happened he released me and stand beside me...

" you know cooking?..." he asked surprisingly...

I just shrugged my shoulder 'yes knowing cooking is not a big deal but the other thing is familia women don't cook may be that's why he is surprised'. Suddenly i feel to surprise him more "what do you like to eat?" he gave me a look but said "pasta". "ok fine just give me 20 minutes"...

I love cooking although women here pass their time in shopping and gossiping at parties not in cooking. First time i was cooking for my husband that's why i was quiet excited. I really want to surprise him...

When i came with pasta he was busy with his phone . I kept the bowl on table and serve him first . He picked up his spoon and start eating. Then looked at me surprised "you really do cook that too so delicious..." i released the breath ,didn't realise that i was holding. Mama and Mia always praised my cooking but hearing it from my husband its totally different. We silently ate our breakfast after finishing i was about to go he pulled me... and i end up on his lap...

"whattt?" ...

He touched my checks "i think you deserve a reward after all you made such delicious breakfast..."

i was breathing hard he was so close to me . Before i can answer his lips are on mine . He was kissing me slowly not like last night rough kiss. After sometime i felt relax and start enjoying the kiss... but couldn't had the courage to response. When he broke the kiss i was in another world ,the man surely know how to make women weak... "oh Geet i can't wait to make you mine"i opened my eyes hearing his harsh voice ,quiet shocked seeing our position and also felt he quiet hard under me.I tried to get up but he was holding me tightly. He was about to kiss me again...

"give me your phone" i said hurriedly ...

"What?" clearly didn't like the inturrption and his grip was not that tight so i get up quickly ...

"i want to call Mama please give me your phone" i said slowly...

"No" he simply said then get up and left ...

I was little hurt by his behaviour 'i just ask for his phone what would have wrong if he gave me' ...

Whole day i didnt see him although we are in same house . I can clearly see how this relation will be, just like my parents 'no care,no respect,no communication'. I hardely saw them talking and same thing is happening with me which i really don't want...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-09T07:32:17Z
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Next - I couldnt ignore that witch the Minister's daughter Natasha . Her look clearly say that she wants Maan at any cost...-------- After sometime i noticed a group of men looking at me and Maan was also there. He said something and a loud cheers broke down but which make me angry was that Natasha also went there and said something to his ear.Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-06-08T08:15:04Z
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awesome update
maan care of geet I guess ..that's why he didn't force her or giving importance to her wishes (OK all but small small wishes)
he was clearly surprised by geet's cooking and praised her also ...woow ..he is not like other men in his family .
geet is making an effort to adjust with her husband ..
maan denied to give geet his phone
and geet got hurt but I guess he is going to buy a new mobile for her .
continue soon...
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