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PART 6 - After 20 mins the car stopped at a very big mansion called 'Dark paradise' . Finally i reached my husband's house . Maan's house is very big and full of security . We stepped in but i was so scared to look around . My mother in law lead me toward a bedroom... after reached there i understood its Maan's room and from now on ours ... with this thought my eyes directly went to bed . May be my mother in law noticed it so without saying anything she just ordered me to change into something comfortable ...

"if you don't want to disappoint your husband wear something nice..." saying this she left the room . After that her words sink into me . She wants me to prepare myself for my wedding night ...'

change my foot , i wont...' i just sit on bed then suddenly a disgusting thought came 'how many women he bedded in this bed...' i couldn't sit there then noticed a red couch so move there quickly . I don't know when i slept in sitting position and suddenly i woke up , seeing the unfamiliar room i got confused...

"you are in Mumbai at your husband place..." a voice came behind me i almost jumped then turned slowly and saw Maan ...

He was sitting on bed and looking at me intently . I remembered i am married now and he is my HUSBAND... 'Husband oh no why i wake up , it was better i slept' i thought worriedly...

His eyes scanned me from head to toe with a hungry look . I shivered , surely he wants me and how am i going to stop him ... He is handsome actually very handsome and very hot also most of all he is my husband but still a stranger ...

Its not like i dont want to consummate our marriage , i just want sometime to know him . How can i allow him to touch me when he terrifies me so much ... I know love is impossible but at least i want my husband to respect me and care for me . After sometime he got up and came toward me like a predator . I was so scared to even move... He came more close , our body almost touched each other then he touched my chin and made me look at him ... I was shocked and scared seeing the dark passion in his eyes ...

" you are the most beautiful girl i ever with ..." he said huskily but it was like a slap for me because 'i am not some girl that he came to bed i am his wife...' he kissed the corner of my lips i fist my hand in my side controlled myself to not to do anything stupid ...

He leaned down and kissed my throat . I almost jumped "relax..." huskily yes demandingly he told me then after some wet kisses he came to lips . He touched my lips with his finger softly " this is the most beautiful site in the world ... I couldn't stop myself from looking at them. May be after tonight i wont be able to stop kissing these petals..."

before i could register his words his hard lips are on mine . I tried hard not to cry but i couldn't ... He was kissing me passionately his one hand was holding me tightly and other was roaming freely to my back and i was just standing like a rock ...

After sometime may be he felt something wet so he stopped kissing and looked at me confusingly "what's wrong...? Why this? I told you already that you dont have to afraid , i would be gentle" ...

" I dont want this... " i said slowly more tears were coming ...

" You dont want your husband to touch you" he asked clearly shocked "and you think this..." pointing at my tears " can stop me from claiming what is mine . You are wrong doll . You know the rule right..."

yes i know the f**king rule but didn't answer just stayed like this and feeling like a fool ' why the hell i cried before him and why i am not stop crying ... This monster will take me with or without my wish ' i remembered Mama's advise...

"fine i am ready..." i told him looking directly at his eyes . He looked at me for sometime then suddenly picked me up . He took me to his bed , i kept my eyes shut but when after sometime didn't feel anything so i opened them slowly ... and saw i am alone on bed . I scanned the room and saw Maan was removing his clothes , his back is toward me . His back has so many cuts . May be he realised my staring "sleep before i eat you..." he said without turning . I quickly grabbed the duvet and pull it till my chin and shut my eyes tightly ...

After sometime i felt him came on bed ... Without saying anything he pulled me toward his body and hugged me from back but most horrible thing was he was just in boxer ...

"uuu told me to sleep". "Yes sleep" he said simply "but you are, i mean put some cloth..." i said quietly and was hoping he wont get angry but he just hugged me more tightly ...

" dont worry i wont do anything ... I like willing women in my bed but dont think i wont take whats mine . I am just giving you time to adjust . So not get use to sleep like this . Very soon you will cry in my arms..." he kissed my back senseourly "good night doll..."Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-09T07:22:05Z
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Updated was busy so a little late enjoy
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Posted: 2016-05-29T08:36:49Z
Sorry for geet
Poor she bond with maan 

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Posted: 2016-05-29T08:45:34Z
superb update.loved it
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Posted: 2016-05-29T09:06:28Z
Nice update geet was hell scared coz till be night when maan will claim her her mil took her to their room geet was very scared she felt disgusted to think how many woman he was with she slept maan was intently looking at her he wanted to claim her but geet wasn't ready he was kissing her but geet was too scared to respond maan stopped geet didn't wanted to be weak in front of him but maan took her in arms slept hugging her he wanted to give her time to adjust but he will claim what belongs to him 
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Posted: 2016-05-29T09:44:03Z
Originally posted by Mona_90

Okk.. Waiting...
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Posted: 2016-05-29T10:31:23Z
Great update 
Poor Geet scared of Maan
They didn't move forward in their relationship 
Thanks for PM
Update soon 
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Posted: 2016-05-29T10:55:34Z
Superb Update

Geet hates the fact that she is married to someone that has already bedded many women and she thinks no matter what he'll claim his rights surprised but I was glad when Maan actually made her sleep for some reason he telling her he wants willing women in his bed its almost like he is covering his true self because if that was all he wanted then surely he would have claimed her I think he saw her frighten and didn't want to proceed further
I'm already waiting for the next update
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