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update soon...
Will do
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Originally posted by laughingpearls

beautifully written...nice update...Natasha creating misunderstanding between themmm...poor maaneet...maan explains himself... update soon...thank you for the pm...
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nice update...plz pm me..waiting for next update..
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Intresting part.. Waiting for next part...
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Nice updateThanks for PM
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Part 5 - ( PAST ) "Di you wont marry that Killer... So what he is going to be the chief the most powerful man of familia..." my sister told me angrily but we both know very well this marriage is going to happen at any cost...and We cant do anything " Mia Dad had already sealed the deal nothing can stop this marriage..." i said dejectedly...

Dad is very happy about this marriage because his position will change and he will get power not just position people would respect him more after all his daughter is gonna marry the next chief of Dark Dragon familia... It doesn't matter to him what his daughter wants. "sooner or later i am going to marry a made man so its really doesn't matter if its MSK or someone else... Mia all are killer in our world" i tried to make Mia understand because it is the truth...

"i know but di he is too dangerous, ruthless . He killed his own uncle..." Mia said worriedly ...

I know all about this but my fate sealed with him so i try to be brave although i am hell scared from inside ..."don't worry Mia i will survive" i hugged my little sis tightly to hide my fear... Finally marriage happened . All happy except me , Mia and Mama but i put a brave face for them ...

My mother knew that there is no point to fight because we girls from underworld are born to serve men so she just said "Geet don't fight with Maan . He would take what he wants may be if you act willingly it would be less painful... " i just stared at my mother . I don't hate her for saying this because i know the rule for women ...

Its not that Mama doesnt love me but she is also helpless . She did try to talk to dad but nothing done just got slapped by him...

" how dare you question my decision? Don't forget that i am the man of this man . Get out before i lost my cool" but Mama tried again " she is our daughter . MSK is very dangerous. Plz think about it" Thud he slapped her again "just shut up . Don't you see people will respect me more after this marriage and for Geet no proposal will be better than this... She will be the queen of this familia . What more she wants she should be happy now go before i beat you to death..."...

i still remembered that day " what the hell ? How can you said di something like this..." Mia said totally pissed off hearing Mama but i know better what she is feeling now " Mia whatever Mama said just for my welkbeing...". "But di..." before she argues Dad came and was looking very angry ...

" what the hell is taking so long . Guest are waiting and here my f**king family is busy in so called crying stuff... Both of you " looking at Mama and Mia he told them strenly "Dont make any scene downstairs ... Geet has got married and going with her husband house not to hell ... I don't want any drama so try to make a happy face when you say good bye... Don't make any scene which would upset chief or else i would never let any of you to meet Geet again. Am i clear?" without hearing any reply he just pulled me toward the door ...

'i wont cry ,i wont cry'... i keep chanting this in my head . When we were down he hugged me lightly but said firmly in my ear"obey your husband . I don't want to hear any complain about you . Be a good wife ..."

wow what a good bye speech for his own daughter 'forget it Geet how can you expect something nice from Dad'... "i will" i simply said then without looking back i got in the car i know if i turned it wont be able to stop my tears...

As soon as car started i burst into tears didn't care that my newly wedded killer husband sitting beside me... Its not that he cares because he was busy with his phone . When the car was getting closer to his house i was feeling very scared... because now on i have to live with this monster that too alone ...

Tonight is our first night how am i going to stop him to touch me ...fear was gripping me tighter. I totally forgot my mom and sis . Just thought about the hell that i am gonna step in ... ...

May be he noticed my pale face at once he came closer to me our thigh almost touched then he slowly bend down i closed my eyes tightly fearing that may be he is going to kiss me lips but i felt soft wet kisses to my throat then till my ear. His lips were touching my ear "relax i am not going to eat you up harshly but may be slowly... " he bite my ear lobe lightly then suck it " Don't worry i will try to be gentle my delicate doll" saying this with a soft yet promising voice he bite the place of my throat where he kissed earlier i flinched a little ...then suddenly he was gone beside me ...

I open my eyes surprised seeing him the other side of the car looking at me with a dark look on his face...and i almost shivered... 'relax Geet don't let him know that you are scared or else he would use it against you...' i took a long breath and tried hard to relax ...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-09T07:13:21Z
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Phew updated and Past will be Geet's pov. guys when u comment Plz do like also thnx enjoyEdited by Keepdreaming - 2016-05-23T01:31:40Z
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simply amazing
loved it
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